Passion Fruit (Krishna Phal) For Babies – Is it Safe, When to Introduce and Benefits

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Ambili Kartha

Passion Fruit For BabiesPassion fruit is common in tropical areas and has immense nutrition. It is smaller in size but has good vitamin content. It even has antioxidants that are good for the baby’s health. This fruit comes from a passionflower known as the Passiflora Vine. Mostly available in yellow and purple varieties. This fruit is common in Australia, Europe, Asia, and South and North America. So how good is passion fruit (Krishna phal) for babies?

Passion fruit has ample health benefits and a unique taste. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and is good for the baby’s health. This is slowly becoming popular and is a good combination to consume with other fruits. It helps make the immune system strong and even strengthens the bones.

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Is Passion Fruit Safe For Babies?

Yes, passion fruit is safe for babies. This fruit is an ideal source of vitamins and calories. This fruit is full of many nutrients and helps build immunity as well. Consuming the pulp as well as the seeds is completely safe. So you can safely give this fruit to your baby.

Amazing Health Benefits of Passion Fruit For Babies

Passion Fruit Healthy For Babies

Yes, passion fruit is a healthy and delicious option. It is rich in minerals and vitamins. It has numerous benefits for babies. Some of them are:

1. Immunity Boosting

Passion fruit has vitamin C, carotene, etc. They help to eliminate free radicals from the body and are great for building the child’s immunity. They protect the organs and help in prevention of Premature aging, heart ailments, etc.

2. Improved Digestion

Passion fruit is also rich in fiber that aids digestion. It helps regulate bowel movements. Babies often suffer from constipation. Consumption of passion fruit can help reduce constipation.

3. Rich in Antioxidants

Passion fruit is rich in antioxidants that help with the proper functioning of the membranes, which is important for the baby’s health. Antioxidants also destroy free radicals, which can cause various illnesses in babies.

4. Anemia Prevention

Passion fruit has copper and iron that boost the production of red blood cells, which increases healthy blood flow.
Improved Bone Health- Passion fruit is an ideal source of copper, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus, which help improve bone health and strength

5. Better Vision

Passion fruit is an excellent source of antioxidants and flavonoids. These components help maintain and develop the eyesight of babies.

Nutritional Value of Passion Fruit For Babies

Passion fruit has many vital nutrients for a growing baby. The nutritional profile of passion fruit is in the table below:

Nutrients Value
Calories 229
Fat 1.7g
Sodium 66.1mg
Carbohydrates 55.2g
Fiber 24.5g
Sugars 26.4g
Protein 5.2g
Vitamin C 70.8 mg
Vitamin A  151 mcg
Iron 3.8mg
Magnesium 68.4mg
Potassium 821mg


When To Introduce Passion Fruit To Babies?

Infants can start passion fruit once they start solids at around 6 months of age or above. The pulp of the ripe passion fruit and its seeds, which have fiber, are a good option for infants. However, it is critical not to give the pulp of an unripe passion fruit, as well as the leaves and skin of either type of passion fruit.

Can Babies Drink Passion Fruit Juice?

Can Babies Drink Passion Fruit Juice

Infants must not be given passion fruit juice due to the high levels of sugar present in the fruit and the juice as well. But babies can be given a limited quantity after talking to the pediatrician as per need. Passion fruit has a good quantity of sugar and that can worsen the threat of obesity, dental problems, etc.

As per research, infants must not be given passion fruit juice until they are about 12 months old. As per doctors, juices are not as nutritious as the pulp of fruit. This also must be given in the recommended quantity by the doctors.

How To Introduce Passion Fruit To Babies

In order to give passion fruit to infants, it is important to know the correct procedure for offering the fruit, the right quantity, and even the parts of the fruit that are edible and safe for the baby. The fruit must be given as per age. Criteria for babies up to 1 year are given:

  • Only the pulp and the seeds must be given.
  • Two ounces a day is more than sufficient for babies of this age.
  • The leaves and skin of the passion fruit, whether ripe or unripe, must never be given, as they are toxic.

Is Passion Fruit A Common Choking Hazard For Babies?

Is Krishna Phal A Common Choking Hazard For Babies

No, there is no such evidence that says that the seeds and pulp of the passion fruit are choking hazards for infants, unlike other fruits. However, having it in moderation is the key since nothing has been confirmed. So, until enough data is produced, it is best to have minimal quantities and avoid any further threats. Infants that are six months and older can easily consume the seeds of the passion fruit.

Side Effects of Passion Fruit For Babies

Consuming passion fruit is beneficial and shows no serious side -effects. However, having it in excess can result in the following side-effects.

  • It is common to feel drowsy when consuming excess passion fruit
  • Having excess of passion fruit can increase dilution of blood due to the presence of anticoagulants.
  • assion fruit is a big no for babies who have any congenital heart issues
  • Some babies may show allergic reactions such as skin itching and irritation, hives, digestion issues, stomach disturbances, nausea, vomiting, etc.

Passion Fruit Recipes For Babies

Krishna Phal

Passion fruit is a tropical fruit that is acidic as well as sweet. It is nutritious and rich with vitamins and minerals that are good for the baby. When it comes to feeding  Passion Fruit ( Krishna Phal ) for infants, a combination or blend with other fruits is one of the  ideal ways for the baby as it offers ample nutrition.

You can start your baby on a basic passion fruit mash. Once your baby gets comfortable, you can introduce recipes such as apple, kiwi, and passion fruit puree.

For the apple, kiwi, and passion fruit puree, wash, peel, and cut 2 apples into slices, and let it steam. Extract the flesh of one Kiwi. Put half the flesh of one passion fruit in the strainer and extract the juice. Once the apples are cooked well, put them in the blender with the juice and the flesh of the kiwi. Mix it well. This is good for a baby under 12 months and is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins as well.

The baby gets many benefits when they consume different types of fruits. Passion Fruit for infants are also an excellent choice. However, it is best to consult a doctor and get the go ahead before consuming passion fruit for infants. It is also a good idea to get their advice on the required quantity and the correct way to feed this fruit to your munchkin. Babies need good exposure to different tastes, colors, and textures so that they do not become prickly eaters and stay healthy as well.


1. Is Passion Fruit Squash Good For Babies?

Passion fruit squash is good for babies if given in limited quantities. It is best to get the go-ahead from the doctor before introducing this fruit to your baby.

2. Is Passion Fruit Good For Nine-Month Old Babies?

Yes, passion fruit is good for a 9 month old baby as long as your baby is not allergic to the fruit and does not show any adverse reaction after consuming the fruit. This fruit is safe for babies above 6 months of age and does not pose choking hazards.

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Ambili Kartha,B. Sc Zoology (St Xavier’s college for women)

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