Top 500 Baby Boy Names That Start With B

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500 Baby Boy Names Starting With B

Names have great significance in the life of a person. They become a part of the personality, so it is important to be judicious in deciding a name by having a thorough look at the meaning and different attributes of the name. Sometimes names are given after ancestors and famous personalities so that the child embodies their traits. Only names tell a story about a person and about who they will become. Therefore, naming a child is a very important event that deserves careful consideration. Names should never have negative meanings, as they inhibit the child from being positive. So, it is advisable to look for baby boy names that start with B to exhibit positivity.

The letter B, as per numerology, signifies emotions as well as duality. The letter B, when used for naming boys, shows a feeling of contentment as well as serenity. Usually, the baby boys with the letter B are responsible, dutiful, kind, and cooperative. They know how to deal with everybody in a nice manner. Some beautiful names with meanings from different languages and religions are given below.

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Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With B

The Hindu Dharma, most popularly called Sanatan Dharma, is a way of life and not just a religion. The Hindu boy names are common and used by people of this faith. The names in this language are derived from Sanskrit, which is one of the oldest languages spoken. It is important to know the meaning of the name before deciding on one.

The list of names for Hindu baby boys in alphabetical order with their corresponding meanings is listed as follows:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Baabla Above
2 Baabul Fatherly Figure
3 Baalaji Lord Vishnu
4 Baalkrishnan Baby Krishna
5 Baasu Prosperous
6 Baban One who conquers
7 Babeesh Kind and diplomatic person
8 Babjan Lively person
9 Bachu Childish Innocence
10 Badari Powerful Lord Vishnu
11 Badre Light hearted person
12 Badrinath Another name for Vishnu
13 Badrulla Ambitious and religious person
14 Baheen Hard working
15 Bahuleya Lord Kartikeya
16 Baizura One who looks for a change
17 Bajeesh Born to win
18 Balaraj Strong
19 Balbir Strong
20 Balendra The child like form of Indra
21 Bali Brave
22 Baikuntha Heaven
23 Balravi The early morning sun
24 Babhru Loard Krishna
25 Balvant Of Immense Strength
26 Balveer Powerful
27 Bama Son of Prophecy
28 Baha Magnificient
29 Banajit Vishnu
30 Bandhul Pleasing
31 Baahi Splendid
32 Bibhas Raga
33 Banwari Lord Krishna
34 Barid Cloud 
35 Barindra The Ocean
36 Baruni Invincible Warrior
37 Baati Distinct
38 Bheru Friend
39 Bhooshit Decoration
40 Bachanbir Brave
41 Bhupad Firm
42 Bhupen King
43 Bhuvesh The king of earth
44 Bibek Conscience
45 Bachint Without worry
46 Bal Mukunth Lord Krishnan
47 Batran Beautiful
48 Braj Place of Lord Krishna

Modern Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With B

500 Baby Boy Names Starting With B

With changing times, the choices of parents are changing as well. They prefer to keep modern names as opposed to old and traditional ones. They are on the lookout for names that have a modern touch to them. A few names and their meanings are given below.


SL No Name Meaning
2 Baaz Falcon
3 Basin Smile
4 Badru Born at Full moon
5 Bahaj Jubilation
6 Bahul A star
7 Baiju Name of Lord Shiva 
8 Bakur Thunderbolt
9 Banshik Lion, King of the forest
10 Balki Kind
11 Balli Powerful
12 Balul Strong
13 Baran Noble man
14 Banit Polite
15 Bhautik Smell
16 Banseel Brave
17 Banshik Lion
18 Bhumin Earth
19 Baqai Immortal
20 Baraj Handsome
21 Barir Faithful
22 Bidwan Scholers
23 Baryal Successful
24 Barzan Visible
25 Basan One who uproots fully
26 Bir Courageous
27 Bratish Pray of God
28 Batoor Brave
29 Bayt Home
30 Brirar With out Pain
31 Budhil Somebody who learned
32 Bhagat Devotee
33 Buvesh King Of Earth
34 Branesh Lord Of Life
35 Bharan Jewel
36 Bharg Brilliance
37 Bhartesh King of Bharat
38 Bheresh Confidence
39 Bhavin Winner
40 Bhiv Cool
41 Bhiesh Lord Shiva
42 Bhorish Wise
43 Bhrij Lord Krishna
44 Bhumit Friend of Land
45 Bhupal King
46 Bilu Respect
47 Biplav Revolution
48 Byju Name of Lord Shiva

Baby Boy Names Starting With B In Sanskrit

The Sanskrit language is one of the oldest in human history. This language helps people connect in a traditional way. This language also allows in paying tribute to the ancestors and the traditions as well. Most of the names come from scriptures, the Vedas, and the Upanishads. Some names are arranged alphabetically, and their definitions are provided.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Baduli Logician
2 Bahurja Strong and powerful
3 Baira Brave
4 Bakul Flower
5 Balaksh Strong Eyed
6 Balavat Strength
7 Balhika Powerful
8 Baliman Powerful
9 Balya Powerful
10 Badeeh Wondrous
11 Batuk Small Boy
12 Bharuk Responsible
13 Bhaavin Lord
14 Bhadrak Handsome
15 Bhagvat Holy book of Hindus
16 Bhagyam Fortune
17 Bhairav Lord Shiva
18 Bhaktar Devotee
19 Bhanuja Son of the sun
20 Bharavi Protected by God
21 Bhart Divine
22 Bhartri Worship
23 Bhasu Creator of Light
24 Bhauman Belongs to Earth
25 Bhavesh Lord of emotions
26 Bhiru Coward
27 Bhrgu Born of Fire
28 Bhudev Lord of the earth
29 Bhujan The snake ornated
30 Bhupati God of the earth
31 Bharav Bow string
32 Bhuvana Living Creature
33 Bhuvas Air
34 Bibodh Awakening
35 Bidyesh God of learning
36 Balakrit Obtained by Power
37 Bijin Cosmic Creator
38 Bhadraksh One with beautiful eyes
39 Binay Blessing
40 Bineet Well-behaved
41 Binoy Humble
42 Biraj To have a presence
43 Bishnu Lord Vishnu
44 Bishwa The whole world
45 Bodha Knowledge
46 Boudh Lesson
47 Bruhan Lord Kriishna
48 Budha Wise

Gujarati Baby Boy Names Starting With B

Gujarati Baby Boy Names Starting With B

Gujarati names have a rich history and carry good traditional value. An auspicious name is chosen from the culture, and most of these names come from Hindu deities, scriptures, and  mythological figures. Some Gujarati baby boy names that start with B are given below.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Baduli Logician
2 Bahumanya Honoured by Many
3 Baikunth Heaven
4 Balark The rising sun
5 Balashoor Strong Warrior
6 Balendra Lord krishna
7 Balendu Assenting
8 Balesh Master of the Army
9 Balin Powerful
10 Barbreek Grand son of Bhim
11 Binu Sweet
12 Bhikhu Innocent
13 Barunesh Lord of water
14 Bhagava The God
15 Bhagavant Has a Fortune
16 Bhrugesh Lord Shiva
17 Brijnandan Lord Krishna
18 Bharita Green
19 Bhashat The Heart
20 Bhaskar The Sun
21 Bhasura The Shining God
22 BhasVah Luminous
23 Bhaudip Light from emotions
24 Bhaumik Part of the earth
25 Bhavada Giving Life
26 Bhudhav Lord Vishnu
27 Bhavith Future
28 Bhavuka Sensitive
29 Bheesham A character in Mahabharata
30 Bhiimah The strong
31 Bhimaka Terrible
32 Bhishak The heeler
33 Bhoomik Role
34 Bhoopat Lord of the Earth
35 Bhoopesh King of the earth
36 Bhopendra God’s Name
37 Bhumanyu One who is accepted by all
38 Bhuvish Lord of atmosphere
39 Bhundesh Dew drop
40 Bhuvan Earth
41 Bikhyat Famous
42 Bindusar An excellent pearl
43 Birjesh Lord of Braj Land
44 Biswa The whole world
45 Brahmasu Son of Brahma
46 Brahmdeva God’s Exalted Angel
47 Brivesh Lord Brahma Vishnu Mahesh
48 Budhila Wise

Kannada Baby Boy Names Starting With B

A name is a lifelong gift. The majority of the population in Karnataka speaks this language, making Kannada one of India’s recognized languages. The names in this language have three or four parts. This also depends on the region where one lives. The first name could be anything that parents wish, it is seen that the initials of the name are the first letter of the ancestral village or the native place of the baby. The third name of the baby is mostly the name used for calling, which can be of different people, places, temples, professions, etc.

A few of the Kannada baby boy names that start with B are in the table below.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Babala Above
2 Baban Winner
3 Bablu Intelligent
4 Babul Gate of God
5 Badal Cloud
6 Badhri Lord Vishnu
7 Badri Old
8 Bahula A star 
9 Baidya Knowledge
10 Bhairab One of the Gods
11 Bala  Newly Risen 
12 Bhanan Elephant faced
13 Balakrishna Young Krishna
14 Bajinath Lord Shiva
15 Baladhi Deep Insight
16 Baneet Polite
17 Banu The Sun
18 Balambu Lord Shiva
19 Barath Art
20 Bal Murugan Young Lord Murugan
21 Banbhatt Ancient Poet
22 Bavesh Lord Shiva
23 Bavin Winner
24 Beeru Winner
25 Bhaaswan Another name for Sun
26 Bhavik Very Emotional
27 Bhraj Place where Lord Krishna lived 
28 Bhuvaneswaran Born to win
29 Biju Jewel
30 Billu Respect 
31 Bilva A sacred
32 Bhulesh Great
33 Bharu Leader
34 Bir Courageous
35 Biren Lord of warriors
36 Birju Nice Singer
37 Bisaj Lotus
38 Brij Place of Lord krishna
39 Bujji Lovely
40 Bukka Heart

Baby Boy Names Starting With B In Telugu

Baby Boy Names Starting With B In Telugu

The names in this language are beautiful and rich in their meaning as well. This language is predominantly spoken in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. In the southern regions of India, the majority of people speak it. A few Telugu baby boy names that start with B are given in the table. These are sorted alphabetically and have the corresponding meaning as well.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Bahulia Lord Karthikeya
2 Badari Lord Shiva
3 Balchandra Young Moon
4 Balarka Raising Sun
5 Balaaditya Risen Sun
6 Balan Youthful
7 Balaya Powerful
8 Biranchi Name of lord Bhrahma
9 Baldev Strong
10 Bali  Powerful
11 Bishu Lord Vishnu
12 Banesh Name of Lord
13 Bangar Gold Life
14 Banny Kind
15 Biboswan The Sun God
16 Banvik Lord Shiva
17 Bargav Luck
18 Bipul Abondance
19 Barnab Son of Exhortation
20 Basha Stranger
21 Basistha Sage
22 Bavani  The Abode of the Universe 
23 Bayju Name of Lord Shiva
24 Benu Blessed
25 Benudhar Lord Krishna
26 Bhaneeth Brightness
27 Bhikesh The moon
28 Bhanuj Saturn
29 Bhimbisar King of Gupta dynasty
30 Bhautik Natural
31 Bhayant Fearless
32 Bhim Powerful
33 Bhirav Lord Shiva
34 Bhrigu Born of Fire
35 Bhu The Earth
36 Brihit Lord Vishnu
37 Buddhinath God of Wisdom
38 Bhvish Future
39 Bodhan Kindling
40 Bichu The great person
41 Bijal Lightning
42 Bijendu Solitary Moon
43 Bhesaj Vishnu
44 Binit Well-behaved
45 Binnu Peaceful
46 Barhi Thanks
47 Bhassu Sun
48 Briyaan High Hill

Tamil Names Starting With B For Boy Baby

The Tamil language is intimately associated with its traditions and culture. The names of Gods and Goddesses, religious figures and landmarks, and other sources served as inspiration. The table that follows contains a few of the names that fall into this category.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Bargav Lord Shiva
2 BaghyaRaj King of Furtune
3 Babish Super
4 Banu Prasad Gif of Sun
5 Baladithya Risen Sun
6 Bakshu  Blessed
7 Balaa Strength
8 Balasi Flat footed
9 Balayya Powerful
10 Balji Lord Vishnu
11 Balu Child
12 Bhaswan Radient
13 Bapan Greatest of Mankind
14 Barna Young
15 Bala Guru Lord Murugan
16 Basappa Name of Shiva
17 Bala Subramanyan Young Lord Murugan
18 Basil Imperial
19 Basugan Great
20 Bhavesha Lord Shiva
21 Bebak Bold
22 Beela Honest
23 Beni Blessed
24 Bhanu Sunrise
25 Bharam Assumption
26 Bhim Powerful
27 Bhubesh King of Earth
28 Bhunesh Lord Shiva
29 Bhuvith King of Land
30 Bhuwash Friendship
31 Bibin One who thinks big 
32 Balaraman God Balram
33 Binush Clever
34 Biram Brave
35 Bisu Bright Star
36 Boopalan Mercy
37 Boumik Earthly
38 Brabhu God
39 Bhaskaran Sun
40 Burnu Tree

Christian Baby Boy Names Starting With B

Christian  infant name

Christian baby names are distinct and often draw inspiration from deities and angels mentioned in the Bible. These names have a touch of the west to them. Some of these names are listed below in the appropriate format.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Bachir Reliable
2 Badada Person with a big heart
3 Badrick Axe ruler
4 Ballard Brave
5 Bannan Commander
6 Barak Success
7 Baram Son of the nation
8 Baraz A person with high regards
9 Bardon Singer
10 Baret As strong as a bear
11 Barnado Courageous as a bear
12 Barnes Powerful
13 Barnum Safe
14 Baron Noble Leader
15 Barton Persistent Man 
16 Baruti Teaches
17 Barwyn White haired person
18 Bassett Small Man 
19 Baudet One who is always joyous
20 Baul A person who is as slow as a snail
21 Bawer A fellow faithful citizen
22 Baxter Tenacious
23 Becker Calm
24 Bedfrith Restless by nature
25 Bedric One who commands well
26 Ben Wonderful
27 Bendo Soothing
28 Benedict Blessed Man
29 Benito Blessed
30 Benjamin Son of mt right hand
31 Benjiro Promotes Peace
32 Bennett Blessed
33 Benoit Growing and Flourishing
34 Berman Steady
35 Bernard Brave
36 Bernardo Brave
37 Bobby Bright
38 Bohan In them
39 Boris Warrior
40 Bosco A shrub
41 Bradd Broad
42 Brendan Armed
43 Brian Strong man of honor
44 Burnett By the samll brook

Sikh Baby Boy Names Beginning With B

Sikh boy names are inspired by Guru Granth Sahib, which is the holy book of Sikhs. The names are also taken after mythological characters, freedom fighters, or any successful person who brings positivity into the life of the baby. In this culture, naming is not only for the baby but even for the values and history of society as a whole. Some Sikh names are given in the table below.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Baajvir King
2 Bahadar Brave
3 Balbant Strong
4 Bavanjyoth Soothing Light
5 Baldeb Godlike in power
6 Baldeep Creative
7 Birjeet Victory Of Brave
8 Balhar Devotion
9 Balhvir Strong
10 Baljeet Mighty Victorious
11 Baljita Mighty Victorious
12 Baljodh Fast at Running
13 Baljot Strong
14 Balkirt Obtained by Power
15 Balmeet Wonderful Friend
16 Balnoor Strong Light
17 Balraaj King
18 Balroop Embodiment of Strength
19 Balsinh A young Lion
20 Baltej One with glorious might
21 Balvir Powerful
22 Balvrat Worshipping the rising sun
23 Bandeep Light of the Forest
24 Banjeet Victory of Everyone
25 Banjot Light of the Forest
26 Basira Pious
27 Bavdeep God of all
28 Beyant Boundless
29 Bhagbir Lucky, Brave
30 Bhajman Praying with heart and sincerity
31 Bhajneek Absorbed in the love of God
32 Birprem Love For Braves
33 Bharpur The Perfect one
34 Bhavnik Flower
35 Bishmeet Boy who is greatly blessed
36 Bisman Black
37 Bhupat  Lord of the Earth
38 Bhuveer  Brave Warrior of the Land 
39 Bhuvna  The Earth
40 Bihaan Dawn 
41 Biplab Revolution
42 Birajit Rule over Braves
43 Birjot Light of the Brave 
44 Brajpal Lord Krishna

Unique Baby Boy Names That Start With B

cute infant

Keeping names that are different from the rest is a latest style for some neo-age parents. They are on the lookout for names that are classier, trendy, and unique. Some such names are as below:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Bagira Loving and nurturing
2 Bahurai Great Riches
3 Bahuleya Lord Karthikeyan
4 Baku Brilliant
5 Balaj Glitter
6 Bhishma Character From Mahabaratha
7 Balar Strength
8 Baswanth Protected By Lord Bhrahma
9 Ballabh Beloved
10 Banaj Lotus
11 Bandin One who praise and honours
12 Bhagan Happy
13 Bhajan Devotional song
14 Barshan Rained
15 Bhupathi Lord of earth
16 Bohti Enlightment
17 Bohdan Given By God
18 Bakhshi Gift
19 Bachittar Person with wonderous merits
20 Baskaran The Sun
21 Baviyan One who loves
22 Bavyesh Lord Shiva
23 Bejul Defender
24 Bhaakosh Treasure of Light
25 Bhaam Brilliance
26 Bhaanish Visionary
27 Bhaanuj Born of the Sun
28 Bhaasur Splendid
29 Bhadran Auspicious
30 Bhadrik Noble
31 Balhar Surrounded by strength
32 Bhagesh Lord of richness
33 Bhagyesh Lord of Luck
34 Bharnayu Son of comfort
35 Bharuk Responsible
36 Baljeewan Life with strength
37 Bhaswar Shinig
38 Bhavad Life Giving
39 Bhavalan Poet
40 Bhavarth Meaning
41 Bhavyansh Larger than Life
42 Bhivtasu Name of Arjun
43 Bhiyen Marvellous
44 Bhiyesh Lord Shiva
45 Bhuvik Heaven
46 Beneka Raj Effective

Baby Boy Names Starting With B In Bengali

Bengali names for baby boys are rich in literature, culture, and tradition. The Bengali names for baby boys even exhibit some specific characteristics. Few such names are given in the table.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Baman One with great mind
2 Bankim Cureved
3 Bapi Bank of River
4 Bappa Brave
5 Barek One who is noble
6 Barin Noble Fighter
7 Baru Brave
8 Barun Lord of the sea
9 Basanto Season of Spring
10 Basu wealthy
11 Beejay Victorious
12 Benoy Polite
13 Bharnav Sun Power
14 Biswadeb Lord of the world
15 Bhorot Protector of the world
16 Bhupa Protector of the Earth
17 Bibesh Brightness
18 Bibhas Decoration
19 Bibhu God
20 Bibhuti Sacred Ashes
21 Bidit Intelligent
22 Bidur Honest
23 Barneb Rainbow
24 Bihan Dawn
25 Bhorot Protector of the world
26 Bijit Always to Win
27 Bijon Deep
28 Bijoy Winner
29 Bikas Development
30 Bikrom Powerful
31 Bimal Pure
32 Biddut Lightning
33 Binoba Freedom Fighter
34 Binod Joy
35 Bipak God
36 Bipin King
37 Bipra Responsible
38 Bipro Power
39 Bipul Many
40 Birat Great
41 Bishoy Surprise
42 Biresh Lord of Warriors
43 Bivan Full of Life
44 Bivas Bright Light
45 Bivek Conscience
46 Biyom One who lives in the sky

Thus, most of the baby boy names that start with B are inspired by gods, famous personalities, elements of nature, places, culture, etc. The babies whose name starts with B are generally very co-operative , kind, and tolerant. The names across all languages and cultures show the same characteristics for all the babies.

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