Personal Hygiene : Begin Early

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Children have a great grasping power and the learning ability since the time they are born. If they are taught the best of everything at the right time, that is from an early age it will be inculcated in their behavior and will be displayed in their personality. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach them the basic rules for maintaining personal hygiene.
Washing Hands
Teach your child to wash his hands every time before a meal and also after it. If he has used a spoon and the hands are not dirty, then too, it is no excuse for not washing the hands after meals. He should be taught to wash his hands after using the toilet and also whenever he comes back home from outdoors.
Bathing Everyday
Your child should have his bath everyday to maintain his personal hygiene. It helps to keep him clean of the body odour as a result of excessive sweating. Change of weather should not be an excuse.
Brushing his / her Teeth
You should see that your child brushes his / her teeth every day. Until he / she is able to do it properly, you should help. Regular tongue cleaning and flossing is a must. Mothers should not be lenient in the oral hygiene of their kids as it can create a number of gums problem apart from the bad odour from the mouth.
Nose Picking and Ear Cleaning
A child should be taught not to pick nose in public as it is a bad manner .Mothers should help with the nose cleaning at the time of bath. Mothers should pay attention to cleaning their child’s ears regularly because building up of earwax can have serious consequences.
You should always check your child for using a tissue or a hanky while sneezing. Tissues are best as they can be easily disposed off while hanky’s need to be changed at least twice or thrice in a day to prevent the spreading of infection. If neither of the two is available then the child should at least cover his face with his hands.
Hair brushing
Your child’s hair needs to be brushed at least twice a day. Especially if you have a daughter, then you need to brush her hair more often as the hair tend to be longer. Neatly tied up hair gives your child’s face a clean look.
Wearing Clean Clothes
Your child should wear clean clothes every day. Young children dirty their clothes in no time so their clothes need to be changed once in the morning, then in the evening and then before going to bed.
The best way to teach your child these basic values is to become a role model for them. Children copy their parents and others at home.
If you follow these things in your daily routine, your child will automatically develop these habits by imitating you.


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