Pollution & Pregnancy: Clean Air Matters

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In a recent study from WHO, billions of people are being exposed to toxic air with pollution increasing at an alarming rate of 8% in the last five years globally. Air pollution levels have risen in recent years and quality of air is poor and has adversely affected the health of millions of people.
Due to the physiologic changes in pregnancy, pregnant women and their foetuses are among the most vulnerable.For a pregnant woman, exposure to air pollutants can have long term negative effects on the immune system, brain development and, growth and development of the foetus. Other effects also include having a premature baby with permanent physical disabilities and neurological disorders;asthma that your baby can also develop later and; delivering a child with autism, especially for women in their third trimester.
How to protect yourself from air pollution while you are pregnant:

  • If You have an air conditioner (AC) you can convert it into an air purifier by installing 3M electrostatic-air-conditioner-filter and it converts your AC into a purifier.
  • Invest in an indoor air purifier:

Air Purifiers have been created to greatly improve air quality by effectively eliminating the most harmful and bothersome particles from your home or office. I’ve found that Pureit’s Air Purifier is one of the most effective ones in the market as it combines world-class air purification technologies to help you breathe pure air. It’s Advanced HEPA Technology ensures Pure Air by refreshing all the air in the room once every 13 minutes and also removes 99% of 6 widest range of harmful pollutants in just 1 hour.
Moreover, its dual fan and dual filters help give 2X purification in less time. The air purifier measures your air quality once every 2 secs to display the Quality of Air in your room. Sensing the room’s air quality, it automatically increases or decreases the speed of purification to deliver pure air in the shortest time possible.

  • Wear a mask:

Wearing a mask is an easier step to take than waiting for air pollution levels to come down. And masks are usually effective at filtering pollutants out of the air we breathe. Invest in an N99 or N95 mask and make sure it fits snugly around your face.

  • Perform Exercises Away from Traffic Areas:

Walking is a very good exercise for pregnant female. Try going outside for walks in the morning in green areas in park or lawns. Avoid busy streets. Go for deep breathing exercises.

  • Make Your Home A Green Zone:

Few plants are easy to grow with low maintenance. Try to plant them in your home. These include:

  • Aloe Vera – it has an ability to filter benzene and
  • Chrysanthemum – it helps to filter benzene.
  • Bamboo palm – one can keep them in shady areas as well and they help to filter carbon mono oxide.

Sometimes, change can begin with just keeping yourself educated about the fluctuation of air quality levels and planning your life accordingly. Use the above tips to keep yourself safe during your pregnancy!

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