Popular Muslim Baby Girl Names With Meanings

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Islamic or Muslim Baby Girl Names with Meanings

A massive part of the world’s population is that of Muslims. The Islam religion has some very beautiful and meaningful names. Muslims are of different types and not all follow all traditions. Yet one thing common between all Muslims is the baby naming practice. As per Islam, the baby is named on the seventh day after the birth. This is also the day when the hair is tonsured as well. The religion also believes that they are called by their names on Judgement Day, so they look for popular muslim baby girl names that have deep meaning, are good and pleasant to hear. It is known that they have some very beautiful sounding names.

The naming ceremony in Islam is done by the mother while the father decides along with the mother on the name. Taqiqah which is a celebration, is also done on the same day, which involves the slaughtering of the sheep. The first practice is to call the Athaan in the ear of the baby so that the first words they hear after coming to the world are the name of Allah or God, they even say Kalimah. Babies in any religion are a blessing so the name should be kept in a prudent manner as it becomes a part of the personality. pregnancy pillow

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Top 300 Muslim Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Top 300 Islamic Baby Girl Names With Meanings

We list 300 Islamic or Muslim baby girl names with meanings in a tabular form as given below.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aafiyat Health, freedom from illness.
2 Aafreen Afareen is a Persian name for girls
3 Aamal The word means to get to work or stay in motion
4 Aamira The superior or being prosperous and abundant
5 Aaseeyah Full of yearning or thoughtful
6 Aasira Brave, strong and powerful fighter who can conquer & imprison.
7 Aatoon An Educator, Teachers
8 Abla Well-rounded, perfectly formed
9 Adeeba Polite
10 Adorina One who helps
11 Afeefa Chaste
12 Afri Name of a character in Shahnameh, Siamak’s daughter-in-law
13 Afsana Fable, Fiction, Romance
14 Ain Eye, thus “precious”
15 Aleyna Awakening
16 Alhena A ring; (A star in the constellation Gemini)
17 Allikodi Alli Flower Vine
18 Altaf Kindness, politeness
19 Amah A star in the constellation Leo
20 Amaidhi Peace
21 Ambereen Fragrance, amber, sky
22 Anisa Friendly, Sociable, Intimate friend
23 Anjum Star
24 Ansam Breath, Breath of life
25 Arutpa Divine Song
26 Arzu Wish, hope, love
27 Ashya Pious; A variant of the name Ashiya; Life and alive
28 Asima Protector, Guardian
29 Asra To travel by night
30 Awatif Kindness, Feeling
31 Ayishah the one who is characterized by success or having favorable…
32 Azarnoush Right in faith
33 Badriyah Resembling the full moon
34 Baheenah A beautiful woman.
35 Baileet One of the Assyrian Goddesses.
36 Barat Innocence, guiltlessness
37 Bariah Doing extremely well
38 Barsala Eyelashes
39 Bashnin Lotus
40 BeetaA Unique
41 Begum Princess; Lady
42 Benazir Unequalled, Matchless, Unique
43 Benazira A girl with no comparison
44 Betool Ascetic Virgin; Maiden
45 Bikhtir One who has a Graceful Gait
46 Brula Pearl
47 Bulan A moon and the month in Indonesian
48 Burum Bud, blossom, sing of Baraim
49 Busyna A worshiper and ascetic of Basrah
50 Cantara One who comes from the small bridge
51 Dafiya Narrator of Hadith
52 Dahila Flower
53 Daiba Diligent, Industrious
54 Daleela Guide, Proof
55 Daniyah Closer, nearer
56 Darsameen Valuable, expensive, and costly.
57 Darya Sea
58 Deebaa Cloth of silk
59 Dilshad Khatoon She lived between 730-750
60 Diwa Candle / Light
61 Dželila One who is respected and famous.
62 Eiman Faith
63 Eira Snow
64 Emmarie a faithful or truthful person.
65 Eshna Desire
66 Faaiza Victorious, Triumphant, Successful
67 Faatinah A woman who is fascinating people
68 Fadeelah One who is learned and distinguished.
69 Fadwah Name derived from self-sacrifice
70 Faheema Intelligent, Judicious
71 Fahmeda Intelligent and wise
72 Fahreta Fame, greatness, brilliance.
73 Fakeehah Cheerful
74 Fakhar Honor, Pride, Glory
75 Fakhirah Splendid, Elegant
76 Fakira Thinker
77 Farah Joy, Happiness, Delight
78 Farani Sunshine
79 Farhanah A very happy woman
80 Fatan One who is charming
81 Fathia To achieve victory
82 Fauziya Triumphant, Victorious
83 Fayona Beautiful, pretty
84 Fazilatunnisa A woman’s excellence
85 Feme A name of love
86 Ferwa Passion, fondness, desire or longing.
87 Feryal One who has the beauty of the light
88 Fikriyah Intellectual
89 Firuza Turquoise, A bright greenish-blue colour
90 Fusaylah A Sindhi term for some distance
91 Galiana The name of a Moorish princess
92 Gathbiyya Variant transcription of JATHIBIYYA
93 Ghalia Precious, Valuable
94 Ghaniya Rich, wealthy, prosperous
95 Ghaziyah Female Warrior
96 Ghunwah Indispensible
97 Ghusun Branch, Twig
98 Gohar Precious Stone
99 Grace Graceful
100 Gul badan Beautiful body resembling rose
101 Gulnaz Cute like a flower
102 Gulya Flower
103 Haalima Dreamer, Visionary
104 Haameda Praiser
105 Hadiyah Guide to righteousness
106 Hanifa True, One of true faith, Upright
107 Hanima A Wave
108 Havina Safety
109 Hijrah To move to another place, a migration
110 Humaira Crimson
111 Ibrisam Silk
112 Ibtissem To smile
113 Ikhlas Sincerity
114 Ilanila Moon Crescent
115 Ilhem Inspiration
116 Inaam Act of kindness, Benefaction, Bestowal
117 Inayah Concern
118 Inayatur Rahman Care of the most Gracious (Allah)
119 Ines Partner
120 Irmela One who is gorgeous, shiny, and radiant.
121 Irtiza Husain Approval of Husayn
122 Isaf Relief, help
123 Israa Variant transcription of ISRA
124 Istilah Agreement
125 Izabelle Beautiful
126 Izz an-Nisa She was a narrator of Hadith
127 Jabira Agree
128 Jadwa She was a gif, a present
129 Jamia Gatherer, Collector
130 Jariyah God Has Seen
131 Jehan Beautiful Flower
132 KalaiArasi Queen of Arts
133 Kamilah Perfect, complete
134 Kamshat Beaver
135 Karima Kind, Generous, Benevolent, Open-handed
136 Kashfia To make it evident, To impart
137 Kashira Jubilant, jovial
138 Kausar Abundance
139 Ketifa Flowering; Blooming
140 Khadija The first wife of Muhammad
141 Khafifa Small
142 Khuwaylah Gazelle
143 Kohila Sweet Voiced like a Kuyil (Cuckoo)
144 Kunsulu Beauty or beautiful
145 Kuntum Flower bud
146 Kuvira Courageous Woman
147 Laiba Female of the Haven; Prettiest Woman in all the heavens
148 Lakhsha Glittering
149 Lamees Pure silk
150 Lamisa Soft to touch
151 Layaan Gentleness, Softness, Tenderness
152 Lazim Essential, imperative
153 Limees Something that’s tender, delicate and soft to touch.
154 Lujain Silver
155 Lutfiyah Delicate, graceful
156 Maarib End goals
157 Madhulata Sweet creeper
158 Maha Gazelle; Beautiful Eyes; Splendid; Beloved to Amun
159 Mahbubah Beloved
160 Mahiba Majestic, Dignified, Magnificent
161 Mahreen Bright and Beautiful as the sun
162 Maisura Easy, Successful, Fortunate
163 Majd Glory, Honour
164 Malaika Angels
165 Manfoosah A very pious woman, she wept often for fear of Allah
166 Mardhiah One who is loved and respected by all
167 Masuma Innocent, Sinless
168 Mawaddah Affection, love, friendliness
169 Mayil Full of Grace and Beauty like a Peacock (Peahen)
170 Meharunnisa Beloved One
171 Milta Talk or conversation.
172 Minnat Grace, Kindness, Gift
173 Mirah Provisions, supply
174 Misam Impression, Mark, Beauty
175 Mounia A wish or dream come true
176 Muazah She was a narrator of hadith
177 Mubaraka Blessed, sacred, and blissful.
178 Mubera She who is innocent and respected.
179 Muida Teacher
180 Mujahida One who struggles, Strives
181 Mumina Pious
182 Munawara An enlightened and wise woman
183 Munifa Eminent, Exalted, Superior, High
184 Munyat al-Muna Wish, Desire, Object
185 Murisa One who leaves inheritance
186 Murjanah Small pearl
187 Nabeelah Noble
188 Nadheema Intimate friend
189 Naghma A melody or musical note.
190 Nahal A young plant
191 Nahleejah Down to earth, cool
192 Nailah One who succeeds
193 Najmah Star
194 Najwa Confidential talk, romantic talk, secret conversation
195 Naqiya Pure, Clean
196 Narjis Narcissus
197 Naseemah Breeze
198 Nashita Energetic, Dynamic, Lively
199 Nashwa Elated, Exalted, Exuberant
200 Nasifah Just, equitable
201 Nasra Helper
202 Nazish Fragrance, Proud
203 Nazma Star
204 Nedžara Dear or beloved.
205 Nermina A variant of Nermana, meaning hero.
206 Nesrin A field of wild roses
207 Nisveta Bosnian term for woman.
208 NoushAfrin The creator of joy
209 Nudra Rarity, Rareness
210 Nuria Light, Luminous
211 Nuzhat Pleasure Trip, Promenade
212 Pakiza Pure, chaste, polite, nice
213 Pashmina Woollen type of cloth
214 Peghra To praise or someone worthy of a praise
215 Qaaria Reciter (of the Holy Quran)
216 Qahira A woman who overpowers others and is always a victor
217 Qasira Patient
218 Qisaf Brittle
219 Qismah Destiny, fate, ordained by God
220 Qurrtul ain Gods mercy
221 Radwa A mountain in Medina
222 Raghada Comfort, Opulence, Affluence
223 Ramineh A woman of a quiet and peaceful personality.
224 Ramlah Old Arabic name
225 Raneem To recite in a sing song voice
226 Raqeema One who is intelligent and perceptive
227 Reshtina Truthful, a stern believer of truth.
228 Reyhana Sweet smelling flowers of paradise
229 Rifna An angel-faced princess
230 Rukhshana Bright, Brilliant, Shining
231 Rumaylah An ancien female Arabic name
232 Ruwaida To walk very gently
233 Saabira Patient, Tolerant
234 Saadat Blessing
235 Sagheerah Short
236 Saliha Pious, Righteous, Upright
237 Salma Peace
238 Sangina The one who is polite with everyone
239 Sawsan Lily of the valley
240 Segulah Treasure
241 Selveta Comfort, consolation
242 Serina Calm and tranquil, a girl with a calm and tranquil nature
243 Shabiba She who is like a grandmother
244 Shadee One who sings beautifuly, a singer
245 Shafinaz A pretty, lovely and kind woman
246 Shafira A nice and well behaved woman.
247 Shahay Beautiful. It’s the name of the heroine of a folk tale
248 Shahen Falcon
249 Shamsa Sun
250 Shaqraa Blond, Fair haired
251 Sharfa A woman with glowing qualities
252 Sharifa Noble, Honorable, Highborn
253 Sharmin Shy, Bashful, Modest
254 Shezmin A flower
255 Shughla Ray of light
256 Siddiqa She is a righteous friend
257 Sidida A friendly woman
258 Sobia A well-dressed woman.
259 Storai Star
260 Suhailah Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing
261 Suhair Proper name
262 Sulema Peace
263 Taadeel State of being equal
264 Tafida Paradise (egyptian name)
265 Tahiyya To support or comfort someone
266 Takseen One who provides peace
267 Taliba One who seeks knowledge
268 Tameen Protection, patronage, care
269 Tasmeekh Living in fragrance
270 Tasmin She who fulfils
271 Taufiqa Prosperity, Success
272 Tazima Glorification, exaltation
273 Thenammal Sweet as Honey
274 Thukira Coral, red
275 Tibah Goodness, kindness
276 Tumadur Old Arabic name
277 Uhud Commitment, pledge
278 Umaimah Diminutive of Umm
279 Umaira Living a long life
280 Umayrah She was the daughter of Alqamah
281 Umm abiha Its meaning is “her father”
282 Umm-e-kulsum The mother of kulsum
283 Umm-e-rumman Mother of Ayesha (wife of the Prophet Muhammad)
284 Urwa Support
285 Vardah Rose
286 Wafeeqa Successful
287 Wahabah This was the name of a poetess
288 Waheebah One who gives
289 Waiya Guardian, watchguard
290 Wajida Achiever, excited, finder
291 Wajiha High, Honoured
292 Walidah Newborn
293 Yasharah Intelligent, precious stone
294 Zabaana Flame of a candle
295 Zabia Like Deer
296 Zahaa Radiance and Brilliance
297 Zeenat Delicate
298 Zerina Name of a Shahabiah
299 Zoufishan Moonlight
300 Zulema Full of beauty.

Top Unique Islamic Baby Names For Girls

Top Unique Islamic or Muslim Baby Names for Girls

Common names are not very interesting always, as every second person has them. Given below is a set of unique names that have a beautiful connotation to them.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aadab Hope
2 Aaliya A popular name in recent times representing a high social stature
3 Abla A woman who is fully formed
4 A’dab A person who is full of hope
5 Adeeva The pleasant gentleness of a woman’s touch
6 Ahad A woman who always keeps her promise
7 Anisha mysterious or a good friend
8 Baadia Unique
9 Badai Wonder
10 Benazir Princess
11 Cancandanc Light of Allah
12 Caria Beloved
13 Daaria A river that never recedes its flow
14 Daima Someone who would be present throughout her life
15 Damira Long live the world
16 Eila Oak tree, Earth
17 Eira Snow
18 Falak The beautiful sky that glows with her light
19 Fara A popular name for a girl who brings happiness with her
20 Fauzia A woman who always finds success in her life
21 Fayroz Inspired by the beautiful shade of the colour turquoise
22 Ghushan The tender branches of a tree
23 Haaniya The gift of simple happiness in our lives
24 Huda A trending name indicating the correct way to lead a life
25 Ilhaam A girl who is an inspiration for everyone around her
26 Jahanara A strong woman meant to rule the world
27 Jannat Another popular Muslim name referencing the paradise
28 Kaarima A girl who is extremely generous
29 Maaysa A woman who has a confident walk
30 Mahaa rare gem
31 Nadima Companion
32 Nausheen The simple sweetness of a young girl
33 Nazia A daughter who brings glory to her family
34 Raaya A friend for life
35 Sarah Still used widely by many, for its reference to a princess
36 Shaaheen As royal as an eagle
37 Shakufa A flower that is emerging beautifully
38 Sofia An intelligent and wise woman
39 Tabana Bright Moonlight
40 Tabinda Shines, Bright
41 Veeya Wealth
42 Yasmeen A popular Muslim name for a girl resembling a jasmine flower
43 Zahra As vast and expansive as the desert itself
44 Zaina A simple name for a graceful woman
45 Zara The resplendent nature of a flower

Top Modern Muslim Baby Girl Names

Top Modern Islamic or Muslim Baby Girl Names

Parents of this generation love to keep names with a modern touch to them. The table below has a list of some modern Islamic or Muslim baby names for their baby girl that are trending and help in staying with time.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Abeeda The loyal worshipper of God
2 Adara A girl as pure as a virgin
3 A’idah One who is returning
4 A’ishah Life, Living Prosperous
5 Amaal The bringer of hope in the world
6 Asheeta Someone who is desired by many
7 Asma While the Hindi equivalent refers to the sky, this word refers to the quality of excellence
8 Ayesha A wife of the Prophet, who was also prosperous
9 Badyah Admirable, knowledgeable person
10 Bilkis An alternative name for Queen Sheba
11 Dania God is my judge
12 Dayesha The very essence of being alive
13 Deemah The beauty of rainwater
14 Elijah Beautiful, sweet, smart
15 Fadela Excellent
16 Faham Understanding, Intelligent
17 Farida A daughter who is the most precious one
18 Fatima A modern and common name, which is also the name for the Prophet’s daughter
19 Fayza A woman who always brings back victory
20 Feroza The soothing nature of turquoise colour
21 Haadiya The gift of righteousness granted by the Lord
22 Hina Another popular name referring to the henna in a mehendi
23 Imaan The virtue of having faith
24 Jasmine The aroma of a jasmine flower
25 Kaadira A woman who is capable of achieving anything
26 Khatija Someone who can trust blindly
27 Mehar Someone who is benevolent in nature
28 Naadiya An exotic name for a woman who is the bringer of all new
29 Naazwa A passionate and secret whisper
30 Nabila Happiness
31 Neema A girl who is a blessing from God
32 Noor The shining light sent from God
33 Onima Analysis
34 Qadira Capable
35 Qamara Moon
36 Reeda A staunch devotee of Allah
37 Sabeen Morning Breeze
38 Saida A woman who brings good fortune
39 Samira A wonderful name that harkens to a calm evening spent with a friend
40 Shadaan Someone who is always cheerful
41 Shakira A popular singer of our times, with a name that refers to gracefulness
42 Siddiqa A girl that never fails to keep her word
43 Sumaaya The one who brings endless joy and pride
44 Taima The pleasurable sound of thunder
45 Tehzeeb An elegant young woman
46 Vida The quality of obviousness in life
47 Yara As beautiful and tender as a butterfly
48 Zaayra The magnificent nature of a rose
49 Zahira She who shines brightly at night
50 Ziah She who sheds light in dark times

There is no dearth of good names in Islam. Every name seems very different and has a deep meaning to it. Some names are trendy while some have been picked up from The Holy Quran. Some sound very difficult, yet some are very rhythmic. One can pick up the muslim baby names for their baby girl as per their style and comfort. But it is prudent to understand the meaning and its connotation as Islam believes in calling the person by their name on the Judgement by Allah, their Almighty.


1. How Do Muslim Names Change Overtime And In Different Countries?

Muslims/Islam follow a unique tradition while naming their children. They usually pick up names that have deep meanings from the verses of their holy book and culture. They also pick up the names of prophets and their followers. Over time, the consideration for societal acceptance increased, thus bringing in some change. 

2. How Do Muslim Names Reflect The Culture And Religion?

Muslim names often reflect their great respect for their God and fidelity to their religion. They pick up names that ardently represent their religion and culture and that are capable of shaping the bearer into a true follower of their Creator with much reverence. 

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