400 Latest Indian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

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Tarasha Chandra

Latest Indian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Indian culture has many diverse languages, traditions, beliefs, customs, regions and castes. The naming of babies is of significance in all the religions and castes as well. Naming a baby is not easy as different parents have distinct choices. In some parts of the country names are kept after the goddess’s name as the birth of a girl signifies the welcoming of Goddess Laxmi into the household. Some prefer to keep a short name with a beautiful meaning while others wish to either keep an old name or a fusion of traditional and modern.

Every religion or caste will exhibit their unique names but there is no set criterion for the same.  Some castes or sections also keep the name of the baby starting with a particular alphabet as suggested by pandits depending on the placement of stars and time and day of birth.

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400 Latest Indian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Since there are so many names, it becomes a herculean task to decide on any one name for the baby girl. It depends on what basis parents wish to keep the name. All the names have a meaning attached to them, which makes it easier for the parents to decide. Given below is an alphabetically compiled list of over 400 Latest Indian baby girl names with meanings from all the religions as well as the regions of the country which will make it easier to make a decision.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aabha It denotes shine or glow
2 Aadhya It denotes the first power
3 Aahana It refers to the inner light, immortal, first ray of the sun
4 Aalia It refers to excellent, highest and social standing, tall, and towering
5 Aamal It means aspirations
6 Aanya It refers to a favour from god
7 Aapti It means fulfilment
8 Aaradhya It refers to being worshipped and is also a blessing of Lord Ganesh
9 Aarna It indicates water and is also a name for Goddess Lakshmi
10 Aarohi It refers to a music tune, and it means progressive as well as evolving
11 Aaruni It refers to dawn
12 Aarushi It refers to the first ray of the sun
13 Aarzoo It refers to wish
14 Aashika Is the one who is loveable
15 Aashinya It refers to a beautiful home
16 Aashritha The one who offers shelter
17 Aathmika The one who is related to soul
18 Aatmaja It refers to the daughter
19 Aaushi One who is blessed for a long life
20 Abhijna It refers to the recollection
21 Abhisri It means powerful
22 Abhithi It means the fearless one
23 Abhya It denotes one who is fearless
24 Abja Is the one who is water born
25 Adarsha It refers to the ideal one
26 Adhira It refers to lightning
27 Aditi It indicates the mother of the gods, also means boundless and free
28 Adrija It is another name for Goddess Parvati
29 Advika It refers to the world, uniqueness and unique
30 Adweta It refers to idealistic and inspirational
31 Aadya It indicates Goddess Durga
32 Adya It denotes the unparalleled one
33 Aesha It means the wish
34 Agrima It refers to leadership
35 Ahana It refers to the inner light, and the immortal one
36 Aishani Another name for Goddess Durga
37 Aishwarya It means wealth
38 Ajeeta It means the unconquerable one
39 Akaljeet It refers to Triumph of god
40 Akansha It means a desire or an ambition
41 Akshara It refers to Goddess Saraswati and also means letters.
42 Akshata It denotes sacred
43 Akshita Is the immortal one
44 Aksithi It means the imperishable one
45 Alika It indicates love
46 Alisha Refers to the one who is protected by god
47 Alka It signifies the one with lovely hair
48 Alpa It means small
49 Alpana It refers to a beautiful design
50 Amaira It relates to someone who is forever beautiful
51 Amaya It indicates the night rain
52 Ambar It refers to the sky
53 Ameya It denotes devotion
54 Amisha It indicates someone beautiful
55 Amithi It signifies the one who is immeasurable
56 Amna This also means desire
57 Amodini It refers to the joyful one
58 Amoli It refers to the precious one
59 Amrita It refers to the immortal one
60 Amrusha It refers to the Sudden one
61 Amruta It refers to the immortal being state or a state of dead
62 Anagha It denotes the sinless one
63 Anahita It refers to the graceful one
64 Anaisha It refers to the special one
65 Ananya It denotes matchlessness, Goddess Parvati, and a charming and unique one
66 Anathi It refers to the respectful one
67 Anavi It denotes the kind one
68 Anaya It signifies the favour from God
69 Andrea It means brave and courageous
70 Aneri An extraordinay person
71 Angel It denotes god’s messenger
72 Anika It denotes the brilliance and a name for Goddess Durga
73 Anisha It means the supreme one
74 Anuja It means the younger sister
75 Anushka It denotes grace and flower
76 Anushree It means pretty and a name for Goddess Laxmi
77 Anvi A name of a devi and a name of a Goddess
78 Anwesha It means the quest
79 Anya It signifies a graceful one
80 Aradhna It denotes worship
81 Archita It means the worshipped one
82 Aria It refers to a long escorted song
83 Arunima It refers to the dawn’s glow
84 Arya It denotes a noble Goddess and means a friend
85 Asavari It is the name of a raga
86 Ashita It means adored by all
87 Ashna It means a friend
88 Asmita It means pride
89 Avni It signifies the earth
90 Avnita It refers to the earth
91 Baghyawati It denotes the lucky
92 Baleen It refers to a pretty and slender girl
93 Benazir It means the incomparable one
94 Bhagyasri It denotes the fortunate one
95 Bhanumati It denotes the famous one and the one with full of lustre
96 Bhavana It refers to the emotions
97 Bhavani It denotes Goddess Parvati
98 Bhavini A name for Goddess Parvati
99 Bhavisha One who can forsee the future
100 Bhavna It denotes Goddess Parvati, and also means affection and reflection
101 Bhranti It refers to a day dreamer
102 Bimala It signifies the pure one
103 Bina It refers to the understanding one
104 Binita It signifies the modest one
105 Bishakha It denotes a star
106 Brinda It signifies Tulsi
107 Chaaya It denotes shadow
108 Chaitaly It means pleasant and one who loves pleasure
109 Chakrika It denotes Goddess Lakshmi
110 Chaman It signifies a garden
111 Chameli It signifies a creeper which has fragrant flowers
112 Chanchal It means Goddess Laxmi or the active one
113 Chandani It indicates the moon light or a river
114 Charita t denotes the with a pleasant character
115 Charulata It means the beautiful one
116 Chasmum It indicates chase
117 Chavvi It signifies radiance or the reflection or Image
118 Chetana It refers to consciousness
119 Chhaya It signifies shadow
120 Daksha It signifies the earth
121 Dalaja It means one that is produced from petals
122 Damini It refers to lightning
123 Damyanti It refers to the “soothing”; “or subduing” one
124 Darika It indicates a maiden
125 Darpana It indicates a mirror
126 Darshika One who is wise and intelligent
127 Darshita It means sight
128 Daya It refers to mercy and kindness
129 Dayamai It denotes a kind and merciful one
130 Dayita It denotes the beloved one
131 Deepa It signifies a light and lamp
132 Deshna It refers to a gift
133 Devaki It means the divine one
134 Devanshi It means a divine power
135 Devi It refers to goddess
136 Dhanashree It means Goddess Lakshmi
137 Dhara Refers to the earth
138 Dharini It refers to the earth
139 Dhithi It denotes an idea
140 Dhriti It denotes morale, steadiness, courage, virtue and patience
141 Dilshad It means the happy one
142 Disha Refers to the direction
143 Dishita It means focus
144 Divya It indicates a divine Lustre
145 Divyaprabha It refers to divine lustre
146 Diya It denotes glow or light
147 Druthi It refers to soft
148 Ekaja It indicates the only child
149 Ekani It reflects the one and only one
150 Ekanta It indicates a peaceful one
151 Ekantika It indicates the who is focused
152 Ekiya It reflects kindness and unity
153 Ekta It indicates unity
154 Ela It reflects the Oak
155 Elakshi It denotes the one with bright eyes
156 Ella It indicates light
157 Eshana It indicates a desire or a wish
158 Eta It reflects a luminous one
159 Fadheela It means virtue
160 Faiza It indicates a successful and blooming one
161 Falak It reflects a star and orbit
162 Falguni It indicates the beautiful one
163 Farha It means Happiness
164 Farhaana It means the beautiful one
165 Farida It indicates a unique one
166 Farzeen It means the intelligent and wise one
167 Fatheha It indicates a winner of hearts
168 Forum It indicates a fragrant one
169 Ganga It is the name of a holy river that is worshipped by many Hindus
170 Garima It indicates honour, strength and power
171 Gaurangi It indicates the one with fair complexion
172 Gauri It indicates a white and fair one
173 Gaurika It means a young girl
174 Gautami It signifies the wife of sage
175 Gayathri It indicates the mother of Vedas
176 Geet It indicates a little song
177 Geetika It refers to a beauty one
178 Gitali It refers to the melodious one
179 Grishma It refers to the summer season
180 Griyashi It refers to a divine and beautiful woman
181 Gul It refers to a flower
182 Gunitha It refers to a proficient one
183 Gurleen It refers to a person absorbed in the guru
184 Gurmeet It refers to a friend or companion of guru
185 Hania It refers to the happy one
186 Harinakshi It indicates a precious one
187 Harini It indicates Goddess Lakshmi
188 Harita It signifies the green one
189 Harsha It denotes pleasure
190 Harveen It refers to one who is ready to love another
191 Heena It indicates a fragrant one
192 Hema It indicates a beautiful one
193 Hemal It means golden
194 Hemangini It indicates one with a golden body
195 Hemani It reflects the wisdom or knowledge and a name for Goddess Parvati
196 Hetal It denotes affection
197 Hima It means snow
198 Hiral It indicates the lustrous one
199 Hoor It refers to a celestial one
200 Husnah It refers to a lady with impeccable looks
201 Idika It indicates the earth
202 Idris It means studious and also the lord
203 Ijaya It signifies sacrifice
204 Ikshita It signifies the visible one
205 Inayat It refers to kindness
206 Indali It indicates a powerful one
207 Indrani It is the name of Lord Indra’s wife
208 Indrayani It refers to the name of a sacred river
209 Inika It denotes little earth
210 Ipsa It means desire
211 Ipsita It refers to the desired one
212 Ira It indicates earth and also a name for Goddess Saraswati
213 Isha It means the protector
214 Ishani It refers to someone close to God and is a name for Goddess Durga
215 Ishanvi It refers to the Goddess of knowledge
216 Ishika It means the one who protects
217 Ishita It refers to wealth and superiority
218 Jagrati It indicates the awakening one
219 Jagvi It refers to the worldly one
220 Jalsa It means celebration and the chosen one
221 Janaki It is the name of a goddess and the daughter of King Janak
222 Januja It indicates a daughter
223 Janya It signifies life
224 Jasmine It indicates a shrub with a good fragrance and even famous as an ornamental one
225 Jasmit It means the famed one
226 Jeevika It indicates water or a source of life and a name for Goddess Lakshmi
227 Jenya It means something true
228 Jhalak It indicates a glimpse or Spark
229 Jhanvi Also known as Ganga ,the river
230 Jinali It is the name of Lord Vishnu
231 Juhi It is the name of a flower
232 Kahini It refers to the young one
233 Kajal It refers to confidence and hope
234 Kamya It indicates a desire or a wish
235 Karuna It signifies kindness
236 Kashika It refers to the shiny one
237 Kashvi It indicates a bright and shining one
238 Kavya It means a motion poetry or the poem with sentiments or foresight
239 Kenisha It refers to a beautiful life
240 Khushi It indicates delight, smile and happiness
241 Kiara It indicates a dark haired or the dusky and black one
242 Krisha It refers to the thin and divine one
2243 Krishna It refers to the all attractive one
244 Kshama It denotes forgiveness
245 Kshirja It means Goddess Lakshmi
246 Kyra It means the sun or princess
247 Ladli It refers to the loved one
248 Lajita It indicates a happy person, also a queen
249 Lakshmi It indicates Goddess Laxmi, fortune or wealth
250 Lavanya It denotes beauty and grace
251 Leena It refers to the Goddess Lakshmi, good fortune
252 Lekha It indicates honesty
253 Libn It indicates the white one
254 Lipika It indicates imagination and idea
255 Lochan It signifies an eye
256 Lolita It means the decorative, beautiful and delighted one
257 Lopa It refers to the wife of a sage
258 Lydia It means happiness
259 Madura It means a bird
260 Mahika It means the earth, mist and dew
261 Manjusha It denotes a lady who has a sweet voice
262 Manya It means the quiet one, who is honoured and respected
263 Maryam It indicates a beautiful woman, and a beloved flower as well
264 Mayra It refers to the beloved one
265 Meera Refers to a devotee of Lord Krishna and even means a poetess
266 Megha It means a cloud
267 Meghana It indicates a cloud
268 Mehal It signifies cloud
269 Meher It denotes the benevolent one
270 Mihika It refers to the fog
271 Mishka It means a gift of Love
272 Mitali It signifies the bond between love and friendship
273 Miti Refers to date
274 Mohita It refers to the infatuated one
275 Mukti It refers to nirvana
276 Mythri It means friendship
277 Nainshi The one with beautiful eyes
278 Naira It means a glittering and shining one
279 Navita It refers to the new one
280 Navya It means worthy of being praised
281 Nayantara It refers to the star of the eyes and also means Iris
282 Netra It means eye
283 Nidra It indicates goddess of sleep
284 Niharika It indicates a dew drop
285 Nikita It means victorioius
286 Nilima It refers to the blue colour of the sky
287 Nimisha It means the twinkling of an eye
288 Nisha It means night
289 Nitali One who is graceful
290 Nitara It signifies the one with deep roots
291 Odika It means anklet
292 Oeshi It refers to the gods precious gift
293 Ojasvi It refers to energetic and dignified one.
294 Olivia It means the olive tree
295 Omaja It refers to spiritual unity
296 Omisha It refers to smile and the Goddess of death and birth
297 Omya It means knowledge
298 Onella It means light
299 Opal It refers to a jewel or a semi-precious stone that shows colour changes
300 Pahal It refers to the start
301 Palak It refers to the eyelid or the guardian
302 Pallavi It refers to new leaves and a young shoot
303 Panini It refers to a skilled person
304 Pari It refers to the angel or fairy
305 Parul It refers to a graceful flower
306 Pavani It signifies Lord Hanuman
307 Pihu It signifies the chattering of bird
308 Pratishta One who is distinct and established
309 Pratyusha It signifies the bright morning
310 Prisha It signifies the beloved or a gift of god
311 Puja It means worship
312 Purti One who is pure
313 Qayanat It is the creator of all
314 Rabhya It means the worshipped one a princess, queen and the celebrated one
315 Raveena It refers to a bright and sunny one
316 Ridhi It refers to good fortune, prosperity , success and wealth
317 Ritvi It refers to a Indian priest , also means guidance
318 Rushita It refers to an intelligent and bright girl
319 Samaira It means the one protected by God and the enchanting one
320 Samta It refers to equality
321 Sana It refers to prayer
322 Sarah It refers to a pure and happy, princess
323 Sarakshi It means good sight
324 Sarbani It is another name of Goddess Durga
325 Saruchi It means the wonderful one
326 Sasmita It means the smiling one
327 Sejal It denotes the river water
328 Serena It refers to the quiet one
329 Shaili It denotes style
330 Shambhavi It means Goddess Parvati
331 Shanaya It refers to the distinguished and eminent one
332 Shirin It refers to the sweet one
333 Shirina It refers to a peaceful and dark night
334 Shital It refers to one who is calm
335 Shraddha It refers to faith
336 Shravya It refers to the one who is worthy of being heard or proclaimed
337 Shriya It means prosperity
338 Shubhada It means giver of luck
339 Shubhali One who can be a best friend
340 Shuhul It means kind
341 Siddhi It refers to an art or ability to succeed
342 Simrat One who remembers through meditation
343 Snigdha It refers to the soft one
344 Sragvi It means sacred basil plant
345 Srusti Refers to the creation
346 Suhani It indicates someone pretty or pleasant
347 Sukhdeep The one who brings peace and light to the world
348 Sukhleen The one on whom God has bestowed happiness
349 Sumati One who has a sharp mind
350 Surali It denotes a goddess
351 Sushali One with good conduct
352 Syati It refers to a star
353 Tanvi It signifies slender and beautiful, and is also a name for Goddess Durga
354 Tarasha It means the chiselled or intricately carved
355 Tashvi It means the charming one
356 Tavleen The one who has been captivated by God
357 Tejal It refers to the lustrous one
358 Tishya It signifies an auspicious one
359 Trisha It signifies a noble one
360 Trishala It refers to the mother of Lord Mahavir
361 Trushna It refers to hunger
362 Trushti It refers to one who is contented
363 Tusti It means happiness
364 Tvesa It means the brilliant one
365 Udita The one who can rise
366 Ullupi It refers to a pretty girl
367 Umangi It refers to the one who is full of joy and happiness
368 Urishilla It denotes an excellent person
369 Urmila It denotes the waves of passion
370 Urvi It refers to mother earth
371 Vaidehi It is another name for Sita
372 Vaishali It denotes the birthplace of Lord Mahavir
373 Vallabhi It is the beloved and the name of a raga
374 Vama It denotes a lovely lady
375 Vamika It means calm and peaceful and is a name for Goddess Durga
376 Vasana Another name for Goddess Durga
377 Vasatika It means the morning light
378 Vibha It is a name for Goddess Lakshmi and also means radiance
379 Vibhuti It is the name of Goddess Lakshmi and means fortune
380 Vidya It means wisdom and a name for Goddess Saraswati
381 Vinaya It refers to the humble and modest one
382 Vipra It refers to the bright moon
383 Vishali It signifies the creative and beautiful one
384 Vritika It refers to the nature
385 Vrunda It is another name for Goddess Sita, and also means basil plant
386 Vrutti It refers to the nature of a particular situation
387 Widisha It denotes knowledge and intermediate religion
388 Xena It refers to the brave on
389 Yadavi It means powerful and vast and is a name for Goddess Durga
390 Yahvi It means heaven
391 Yami It refers to a pair
392 Yashasvi It denotes the blessing of God
393 Yuvika It refers to a young woman
394 Zaha It means a satisfied and peaceful one
395 Zahira It means the shining one
396 Zaida It means a prosperous and fortunate one
397 Zara It indicates radiance
398 Ziana It means the bold one
399 Zivah It denotes brilliance, radiance, the light of God and brightness
400 Zoya It denotes life and love

Thus, the parents of this age are very cautious to go with a trendy name but at the same time a meaningful one. The name should reflect good attributes as they know that it is an identity for their baby and later even a part of their personality as well. 

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1. How Should I Choose A Meaningful Indian Name For My Baby Girl?

Before choosing a name for your baby, talk to your family, and understand your traditions and culture. Sit and list out a few names with unique and distinct meanings. Select names that reflect positivity. There are many Indian names that imply beauty, valor, courage, kindness, and strength. It is said that names are capable of influencing a child’s personality. Select one beautiful name that lays the foundation for your little one’s future personality. 

2. What Are The Latest Trends in Indian Baby Girl Names?

These days, parents prefer selecting names that portray strength, beauty, courage, and kindness for their girl child. A few more names are also inspired by the current popular trend and are meaningful. The latest trends include names like Aira and Aadya, associated with Goddess Durga, and depict power and valor. Names like Vrithika and Prakruthi symbolize nature. Aarna means Goddess Lakshmi and Naira means a glittering and shining one. 

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