Pregnancy At 16 Weeks

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fetus week 16

Week 16
I can feel a butterfly fluttering in my stomach!!!!! Many women can now experience a fluttering sensation inside their tummy between 16-20 weeks.
The placenta absorbs most of the strong movements of the baby. If your placenta is closer to your back you will experience the baby sooner than if it lies near the wall of uterus. You can sense the time of baby’s activity and rest. It can also tell when the baby hiccups. Your baby would have found its first toy “umbilical cord” which it enjoys to pull and grab. This is the time you start building connection with the baby which others do not. The baby can hear you and will recognize your voice at birth! Chat with the baby, your mommy-baby confessions is all you need at this time! This helps in building that lifelong strong relationship.
Physical and Emotional You
The tummy becomes large, and it’s not fat it’s” the baby”. Gaining this weight is good, as it shows both the mother and the baby are healthy. If you feel you are putting on too much of weight, watch out for what you eat. Getting mid night hunger pranks is normal with 16 weeks pregnancy. Try snacks like nuts, cheese, yogurt these foods are rich in amino acids. At 5 inches, the baby is also developing fats inside his layer of skin, which will act like an insulator.
The breasts continue to become large and tender, they also start making colostrum, a special kind of milk packed nutrients to sustain the baby in initial days. It is normal to experience sharp pain on your sides as the ligaments are expanding. Back pain might also start developing. Your hair and nails will be growing nicely, and your skin glows too!
Your Baby at Week 16

  • The baby is of the size of an avocado and weights about 100 gms. Underneath its skin, fat starts to form as a layer of protection.
  • The muscles have formed by now and the little one can make many facial expressions. The development of visual sensitivity is also very amazing. Babies have been seen protecting their eyes from bright light during sonography. The eyes move further and take their place and so do the ears.
  • The urinary and circulatory systems are working and your baby is able to pump about 25 quarts of blood daily.
  • During the second trimester you should get yourself checked and ensure that the baby is not showing any signs of chromosomes disability.

Things to Note
This is the best time to go out and hit the road with your partner. Do not wait till the next trimester as it could be worse, and when the baby arrives it will be difficult for both of you to slip out. So if it is a movie or a drive, just go ahead and enjoy each other’s company.

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