Pregnancy At 15 Weeks

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fetus week 15

Ahh Muma!! Hasn’t this been an amazing journey till now!! Well, 15 weeks pregnancy marks the end of the crucial phase of pregnancy. It’s easier to accept that you are pregnant and the body is undergoing changes, which are both physical and emotional. The morning sickness, fatigue, nausea have subsided by now.

Physical & Emotional You: pregnancy pillow

By now most women have gained upto 2.5kgs to 4 kgs but this may vary from person to person. You feel a piercing pain in your lower abdomen but don’t worry this is normal as the ligaments are growing to support the uterus. Most women notice the size of their tummy growing now near the navel, but nothing much to worry about, you still can fit into your clothes. The chest starts growing and you can feel a heavier chest than before. Since it is getting prepared for lactation you might notice many veins. At this stage your immunity is weak and you might catch cold more frequently than usual, but nothing to worry about since this would not cause any problem to the baby. Some women also experience nose bleeding but this is normal, and will subside soon, but until then just be patient and careful. Nose bleeding generally occurs because the body pumps a lot of blood to your mucous membranes and the bloood vessels swell up. Since the immunity is on a lower side the body is prone to diseases like chicken pox, genital herpes, but chances are you might have had these diseases in your childhood so the body is immune anyway. But in case you get these diseases, must consult a doctor as it might affect the baby depending on the stage of your pregnancy.

Your libido levels will go up and you might be a little playful, it’s okay and a little act of love is not going to hurt your baby. However, your mate might not be into the mood for it, both because he might think it’s not right for the baby or he’s stressed out on being a parent. Talk to him, and unless advised by your OB, you can indulge yourself in some lovemaking.

This may be the most exciting phase of pregnancy since you start experiencing the little one growing inside you. You might notice baby making back flips. But if you are not then don’t worry , many moms notice this at a little later stage of pregnancy. Most women might have had their first ultrasound, and you would get the first visual of the fetus growing. You can also hear its heart beat now. Around this time the doctor might suggest an antenatal test to screen for birth defects. This is important for mothers over 35 yrs.

You should make a habit of eating 5-6 times a day and have food which is rich in iron and calcium. Having citrus fruits is also good for you at this stage. Exercising is a great idea now, you might enter a swimming pool and do some exercise and play with your partner.

Your Baby at 15 Weeks

Your baby is 15 weeks and is soon taking a human shape. It may be small to fit in your palm though but measures nearly 4 inches. The eyes have now taken its position and the legs have grown larger than the hands. It has fully developed finger nails too, the joints and limbs can move now. It can hear you too, you can slowly start singing and talking to it, this will help you build a life time emotional bond with the baby. It may show some signs of movement. The baby might be hiccupping a bit, which babies do before they learn to breathe but you can’t hear them as the trachea is filled with water. Your wait for it to let you feel the movements continues for yet another week.

Things To Note:

  • Every pregnancy is different and so is every child , don’t be paranoid and keep following what your doctor says.
  • Try to sleep on your side, preferable left side at this stage. Avoid sleeping on the back.
  • Try eating a variety of food, most babies develop taste for different food at this stage.
  • Do carry tissues as you can have cold or a nose bleed due to expanding membranes.
  • It is good to hear your babies heart beat as it also takes away a fear of having a spontaneous miscarriage.

So go all out and enjoy your pregnancy, and do take care of yourself and the baby.

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