Pregnancy At 26 Weeks

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fetus week 26

Week 26

Your baby can see now! The eyelids are open; the baby becomes more active when you go in bright light. It has become larger than your placenta. You would be probably having the monthly antenatal check-ups throughout your second trimester and is likely to continue till 32 weeks and will become fortnightly until 36 weeks.

Physical and Emotional You

  • Your unwelcome guest constipation stays and gets worse unfortunately. Remember to drink plenty of water and have food high in fiber and exercise every day.
  • The blood level has increased by 25 % since you got pregnant, and it will not increase until 35 weeks. Swelling of hands and feet will be observed. Anything that you feel is slightly above the board, see a doctor.
  • The headaches, forgetfulness, and some back pain is still around. Well, some more time!
  • Many pregnant woman experiences pronounced postural hypotension. This is a sudden drop in blood pressure. This may happen when you try to get up from sitting position or lying to standing.
  • Your family dynamics are up for a change if you have a child before; some children feel someone else is going to take over their parents and become resentful. You need to have a clear chat, and try involving the child into your pregnancy.

Your Baby at 26 Weeks:

  • The baby weights between 900 gms to 1 kg. It looks like a little bundle, though the legs and arms are formed most of the time they remain curled with their limbs tucked up under their bottoms.
  • Amniotic fluid is going inside his lungs, and developing them, as he breathes now.
  • The baby will learn to open, close and blink the eye.
  • The baby will have a pattern of movements which you would have understood by now. Some babies tend to be more active at night. The baby is building his talents as well, all inside of you!
  • The baby is growing in length and weight. A layer of fat is growing underneath which acts as an insulator.
  • As the baby grows the fluid surrounding it becomes lesser, so you experience those kicks quite often.

Things to Note:

If you are planning to buy stuff for the baby do not keep things waiting till the last moment. The weeks to come will have your energy levels lower than what they are now.

Get your haemoglobin level checked. Anaemia, deficiency of red blood cells is common in pregnancy. Eat food which is high in iron content such as green leafy vegetables, cereals, red meat and eggs.

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