Pregnancy At 25 Weeks

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fetus week 25

Week 25

How’s cauliflower for a baby? A lot of development in the lungs happens this week as the baby prepares to breathe on its own. Air sac are formed in the baby’s lungs. You are almost at the sixth month of pregnancy. Though you would have planned many things for the baby’s arrival it is time to go shopping for the baby. Word of advice: stick to basics, the little doesn’t really need a lot of stuff and his happiness is dependent on being fed, cleaned and able to sleep. Simple! Your belly is getting rounder and rounder with every passing week and Mama, you so look pregnant with each passing day now!

Physical and Emotional You

  • You might notice the gum bleeding. This is called gingivitis, the gums would be working hard to support your teeth and the surrounding area. Remember to brush your teeth twice a day. Do visit your dentist during pregnancy.
  • Progesterone and Relaxin are the two hormones helping your muscles and ligament to expand and make space in the womb. They also make the body loose hence preparing for child birth. Warm bath and massage on the tummy will help.
  • You might be finding it difficult in controlling your hunger and would be frequently snacking on biscuits and cakes. Have a fruit or a glass of milk or a cereal soaked in milk. Mumma, you need not starve, but indulging in no nutrient food items is just not a good idea.

Avoid listening to other people’s stories and unnecessary advice. As the pregnancy progresses you might start thinking about the labour and delivery. Do not get scared by listening to other women pregnancy and labor experiences, every delivery is different, and every woman has a unique experience.

Your Baby at Week 25

  • The nostrils are no longer closed; the lungs are developing quickly which will help baby to breathe on its own.
  • The baby is happy curling up and moving around. He’s still got space

Things to Note

  • Avoid passive smoking, the placenta is not able to filter carbon monoxide and it goes directly to the baby.
  • Some women experience motion sickness while travelling in car or a bus. Sit on the window side and sip cold water, or chew small amount of ginger flavoured food.
  • Though the seat belt would have become tight by now, always wear a seat belt while travelling, it is a protection for you and the baby.
  • Do not lie flat on your back as this may compress nerves supplying oxygen to the baby through placenta. Make a habit of lying on your sides, especially left side.
  • Be aware of what you eat is good in pregnancy. Avoid eating cold half cooked meat, sushi and unpasteurised milk. There is a risk of a bacterial infection called Listeria.
  • If you notice any unusual symptoms, pain or bleeding do not ignore or keep to yourself- immediately talk to your doctor, there could be something serious. Some women might be prone to premature labour.

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