Pregnancy At 27 Weeks

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fetus week 27

Week 27
Congratulations! Second trimester is up , and you have so well managed through it! The little angel in your belly is developing at an amazing speed, he can breathe, open and close his eyes, and even suck his thumb or fingers. The baby is also developing a complex brain at this stage, and you are perplexed at your huge feet and hands.

Physical and Emotional You

  • Your lungs are unable to expand freely, and this puts a pressure on your breathing. Slow down Mama, be a little cautious of your posture and do not over exert yourself on climbing up the stairs.
  • Nasal congestion, a slow digestive system, forgetfulness, restless legs, back pains, dizziness and lots of worry – the common symptoms are still there.
  • You could feel as if ants are running on your stomach – no its just the collagen fibers that is causing the itchiness. Avoid drying products, wear soft clothes, and use a lot of moisturizer – small things will take care of an itchy tummy.
  • Of course, now that the date draws closer, there will be a lot running in your mind – a huge list of whats, what ifs, and hows. Chill. The doctors will do their jobs, and you focus on taking care of yourself and the tender bud inside.
  • Your maternity leave – you are quite close now, start off loading your work, both physically and mentally.
  • Sleep will still evade you – read a book, watch TV , have a hot glass of milk or just dive deep in thoughts- sink into the boulevard of dreams.

Your Baby at 27 Weeks:

  • 15 inches and close to a kilogram, this tiny thing is developing at a crazy pace, and some people say the baby also starts to dream at this point.
  • He continues his tryst with breathing, sucking, sleeping, waking up, reacting to light and sound, and moving around. He knows he needs all this once he is out.
  • The brain’s tissue is also developing, more and more, and the brain is trying to gain control over everything else.
  • The fat is developing beneath the skin, and the baby looks a lovely pink – so much baby like.

Things to Note:

  • Postpartum birth control – talk with your partner on your family planning views/
  • Visited your hospital wards yet? Take a round or two, see where the baby is going to see the light first.
  • Paediatric – very important. Talk to others, check out reviews, and do figure someone – once the baby arrives, he will not give you so much of time.

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