Pregnancy At 31 Weeks

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fetus week 31

Week 31

Everytime you step onto that weighing machine, you will be sure that the baby is gaining weight steadily, and yes, so are you. You will have a love hate relationship with your body; more often feeling the pick when you feel there’s nothing that you can wear. Just a state of mind, and very well in your control. Put these thoughts aside and try to focus on so many things that need your attention. The doctor’s visits would be more frequent now, and there will be a lot happening. The baby is almost nearing the length of his birth and is rapidly fusing neurons to process a lot of information.

Physical and Emotional You

  • Labor fears would be very common now, and though we suggest that you do consult a few books and maybe talk to your OB and partner about this, it might not be right to hear the stories. Every woman has a different pregnancy, and each woman experiences it differently. Keep the drama away.
  • Back pain could increase (?) and you might be feeling very tired every now and then. Your stamina would be very less, and shortness of breath would also bother you.
  • Frequent peeing – Ah! you know the reason now!
  • Insomnia would hit you big time, and no, medications cannot be taken. You need to find your own comfy position and some sleep methods to take some rest. Sleeping on the left side with a long pillow between your legs could be tried.
  • Colostrum might start leaking, but not to worry, it is manageable. Also, you might leak a few drops of urine when you laugh or cough – normal and bearable. Panty liners could be of help.
  • Though you’d be eating even more this week, it would be nice if you could do some fish.
  • Check for iron in your body – you might need a supplement.

 Your Baby at 31 Weeks:

  • The fat is building up (he’s getting that cute chubby baby looks), the lungs and the digestive tract are functional, breathing is being practiced, and he can hear, see, taste, swallow and urinate. Wow!
  • It is important that he is swallowing and urinating regularly – too much of amniotic fluid implies he’s not swallowing enough, too little implies that he is not urinating enough. The doctor will check that.
  • The brain is getting increasingly complex, neurons are still multiplying by billions. It is also processing a lot of information.
  • REM (Rapid Eye Movement) is happening for longer periods and is a regular for the baby.
  • The baby is unable to perform gymnastics, so is rotating in the womb – and mind you, he lies at whatever place he wants to.

Things to Note:

  • Try to keep your bedroom uncluttered and serene – let that sleep (whatever little comes your way) not face any obstacles.
  • Unless sex has been waned off the list by your OB, there is no harm in getting romantic. The baby doesn’t know what you are doing, and none of his reactions imply that he agrees or disagrees to your enjoyment.
  • Books – we hope you are reading and taking in a lot of information yourself.

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