Pregnancy At 32 Weeks

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fetus week 32

Week 32

Officially, you are in the eighth month of your pregnancy now, and emotionally, you’d be feeling a tad better because your baby has been good all these weeks, and even if you had to deliver now, the baby’s going to be all good and fine. Yes, this is also a period of high anxiety and apprehension, and it will stay. Try to relax your mind as much as you can. If you have been meditating, this time it will serve you really well. Take a trip to the parlour, and discuss with your partner how you want to have the delivery. There’s still quite a lot to do.

Physical and Emotional You

  • You will be thinking that you have had enough – and that you cannot bear it anymore. Hang in there, it’s the last few weeks, and take some pride in yourself – you have been good, Mama.
  • Your belly is getting bigger – infact you are gaining weight steadily, and so is the baby. Breasts are also getting heavier and denser, the gap between the breasts and the tummy is somewhat decreasing.
  • Braxton Hicks contraction would be a regular feature, and you know that if it stops when you change your posture or position, it is false.
  • Your body is preparing for birth – so yes, a lot of muscles are flexing, uterus is hardening and you are having those sensations of being delivery ready.
  • Heat pangs and heat rashes – watch them out. General hygiene is of huge importance, always and is much more important now.
  • To accommodate your baby’
  • Anything you may feel is not usual, call your doctor immediately.

Your Baby at 32 Weeks:

  • At around 17 inches and 1.8 kgs, the baby is also practicing hard to survive in the outside world. Breathing, sucking, swallowing, everything that he will need to do once he’s out.
  • The baby is putting on fat, and the skin is getting increasingly opaque.
  • He’s also moving around a lot, and your womb is a playground for him. Little does he understand how it affects you!
  • Yes, he makes his presence felt every now and then, kicking, elbowing, moving his arms, and moving his head from this to that side.
  • The baby well might be in the heads down position, readying for exit. The room’s smaller Mama!

Things to Note:

  • Paperwork – keep all of it handy and ready – your partner needs to know about this.
  • Hospital route and doctor name – when your water breaks, your husband will also lose a fair bit of his focus, better to be ready for a foolproof drive.
  • Cord Blood Bank – anyone?

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