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Pregnancy At 41 Weeks

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Week 41
Well, the due date (so eagerly awaited) has bypassed you without a stir, and yes, it is very normal to feel impatient at this stage. All these months, it was this D-Date that kept you hooked and all geared up to bear everything that pregnancy had to offer, so certainly, this week you will be feeling very anxious and quite exasperated. However, a lot of women have prolonged pregnancies, and in any case, the baby will be born this week or the next, and your OB will be deciding whether waiting puts you and the baby at a greater risk or you should be induced into labor.
Physical and Emotional You

  • Due date was the mark, yes, but rest assured, plenty of women round the globe have pregnancies that zoom past the due date. The baby is not going to stay in forever, so just be calm.
  • Your OB will be checking your cervix – whether it has softened, dilated and is effaced. Depending on these factors, and your ante-natal tests, the OB will decide whether to induce labor or wait another week. You could also watch out for signs of labor.
  • Your mind is all “babying” up there, and ofcourse you’d be apprehensive, and might even be imagining contractions. Try to involve your mind somewhere else, catch up on movies, spa, friends – all these things which will actually not be possible in the coming few months.
  • You will be required to carefully monitor movements of the baby, and any vaginal discharge needs to be discussed with the OB.
  • All questions in your mind should be shared with the doctor. Do not fret or jump to conclusions on your own, trust the doctor and relax.
  • A late delivery increases the chances of a C section and complications. Hence it is imperative that you discuss all your fears and concerns with your doctor.
  • Though it will not break in public like the movies portray, yet the water could actually break anytime now, you will know it, and in such an event, rush to the doctor immediately!

Your Baby at 41 Weeks:

  • This one seems to like it very much inside, so much so that he’s decided to stay in for a week or two more!
  • He’s developed all his systems very well, however, he’s still depositing layers of fat – that’s one plumpy baby you are going to have Mama! Babies born past the due date tend to be more active, alert and heavier than those born earlier.
  • Any decreased activity on the baby’s part will have to be reported to the doctor – count every move.
  • Most of the lanugo and the vernix has been swallowed by the baby, the first bowel movement is getting readied up.

Things to Note:

  • Sex –if you have the energy, indulge in some lovemaking- prostaglandins in male semen are believed to have similar properties as drugs used to induce labor. Try it out!
  • Walking – provided you have the energy will also be helpful.
  • No matter what anyone says, it’s you and your doctor who know everything is fine in there. Hold onto that faith and trust.

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