Pregnancy At 42 Weeks

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pregnant women week 41

Week 42
So you are one of those rare pregnant women who have a week 42nd during pregnancy. You might go crazy waiting for your baby to arrive, and you will also be tested a lot since everything is being monitored very closely now. You’d be tired of answering the calls and telling friends and relatives that the baby is still not out. However, there is no reason to panic, as this week you will have your baby in your arms.

Physical and Emotional You

  • Intensity of all your pregnancy symptoms has multiplied – you are tired and exhausted of being pregnant.
  • Swelling could pose a major problem this week – your vulval region is also feeling the weight of the baby at around 4 kgs, low and ready to come out.
  • Since your baby is probably heads down, this position is exerting a lot of pressure on your rectum and uterus. You might have frequent bowel movements and the need to pee would also be recurrent.
  • The doctor will probably be inducing labor this week, or opting for a C section if he feels there could be any complication. Very few, around 5 to 6 % of women have pregnancies that extend more than 2 weeks post the delivery date. It is very likely that at this time next week, your baby will be giving you sleepless nights and proud moments.
  • Your doctor would be checking again and again on your due date – he will also be checking for cervix for dilation and softening. Not to worry, he will not take any risk with either you or the baby. You’d also be monitored closely for baby’s heartbeat, movement, and amniotic fluids.
  • This is your last week of pregnancy, so you will have a respite that the end is very near, definitely.

Your Baby at 42 Weeks:

  • Jackfruit like, but babies do not usually become too big to be delivered.
  • The baby’s skin could be dry, parched, with wrinkles or even cracked- all because the baby’s been absorbing the vernix caseosa since weeks.
  • The baby will be more alert, and he may also have longer nails and hair, and most probably no or very little lanugo.
  • He’s probably hungry, and would want to be fed as soon as he’s out.

Things to Note:

  • Sex and walk – two labor inducing agents can be tried out if you have the mood and the energy.
  • Spicy food – well, believed to help as well.
  • Tired of taking those calls and answering “not yet”? Try switching it off for some time!


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