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Pregnancy At 11 Weeks

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fetus week 11

Week 11

Welcome to week 11, you are at the one third of the pregnancy. If this is not your first baby you must be suspicious on its gender. It is common for mom’s to guess the gender of the unborn baby on the symptoms of pregnancy. If this is a second child, some moms worry if they will be able to love the baby same as their first one. The nature has designed us in such a way that every new born knows the art of making itself loved and every mother is filled with love to share the same compassion with her babies.

Physical and Emotional You

Many women feel more comfortable this trimester. The usual nausea has subsided and as you are not near your due date so nothing to worry or panic about. This is a right time to execute your travel plans. But while you do so keep in mind not to sit for a long time and take breaks for washroom and never skip a meal. Consult your doctor to find a physician at that place if you might need one. Do remember to carry the medical details. Try practicing Kegel exercise, it strengthens your pelvis muscles and will be very useful during delivery.

  • From this week on, you have lustrous and long hair. Hair and nails grow exceptionally more than normal; blame it on the pregnancy hormone progesterone. There is no hair fall even while you comb or shower. Pregnancy affects each and every cell of your body, hair and nails are no different.
  • If you had a break out of pimples the face will clear now. Remember to use a gentle face wash and drink plenty of water.
  • You might have lost some weight due to puking and nausea, but this time around you will start gaining weight and feel energetic. Keep a tab on your weight.
  • The happy news, this week you will not experience nausea and dizziness, your normal energy seems to come back and you can spend time on yourself than just concentrating on the baby.

Stay Fit. Maintain a good oral hygiene as you might have gum bleeding due to pregnancy hormones. This is also the right time to discuss about your maternity leave

with your boss. Also it is better to plan your budget and monetary commitments because you never know how the situation may be and you might not want to continue work for some time.

Your Baby at Week 11

Oh! The baby is growing and is growing fast. It’s over 2.5 inches, and looks more human like. The body is now less curled as it was in the previous week. The legs remain attached to the hip. He is learning to swallow, and do not worry if the head looks like its half the body length and an Einstein is on his way! This will be normal before you would know.

The ears start taking their place on the head, moving from the neck to either side of the head. The fingers and toes are formed and you can literally count them to twenty. The bones become harder though the skin is thin and transparent.

Things To Note

It’s good and inevitable to gain weight during pregnancy but to a limit. You only require extra 300 calories mommy so don’t go overboard.

If you were underweight or overweight the doctor would suggest you ways and means to reach the ideal weight during the first trimester.

PS: Every baby grows differently in the womb and outside it. The information presented here is on generic terms, and it does not necessarily holds true for everyone.

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