Pregnancy Registration in India – When, How, And Why

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pregnancy registration in India

Pregnancy registration. What a difficult-sounding phrase it is! Relax, the procedure is easy and this article will give you all the necessary information regarding pregnancy registration in India. In this country, a wide range of schemes or programs is offered by the government to expecting mothers. And as per your eligibility for the benefits of each program, you can apply for them.

Applying for these schemes is compulsory in Tamil Nadu. However, wherever you live in India, you shouldn’t miss out on the great benefits that these schemes offer. The nurses keep track of your health during the maternity days, and you also get financial aid in multiple installments. Simply get in touch with your nearest Anganwadi centers or healthcare facilities to apply for the available schemes. You can also do it online on your own.

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What is Pregnancy Registration?

The period from pregnancy to childbirth is a delicate one and should be handled with tenderness. Therefore, the government has come up with various programs to ensure the smooth delivery of healthcare services at the right time. To avail of the benefits, you need to register your pregnancy which is called pregnancy registration.

Some of the most renowned ones are RCH (Reproductive and Child Health), PMMVY (Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana), JSY (Janani Suraksha Yojana), and PICME (Pregnancy and Infant Cohort Monitoring and Evaluation). Registering under these programs offers you and your baby plenty of benefits.

Importance of Pregnancy Registration in India

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If you don’t officially register your maternity, the government won’t be able to track you during your pregnancy period. So you won’t be eligible to get a spectrum of financial and healthcare benefits at different months or stages.

Besides, some states like Tamil Nadu have made it compulsory to list yourself if you’re pregnant. If not done, it’s going to be a lengthy process to gain the birth certificate of your newborn.

Registering Your Pregnancy in India Under PICME

To register under PICME, simply reach out to the nearby government hospitals or healthcare centers. Or, you may choose to apply by yourself with the easy steps mentioned on the  PICME website. Once it’s completed, you’ll also be eligible to reap the facilities provided under the umbrella of the RCH program.

Furthermore, Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy’s Maternity Benefit Scheme provides financial help of RS. 12,000 in multiple installments. And you can also register yourself for this scheme offered by the Tamilnadu government if you’ve already done filling your information in PICME.

Registration Under Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana

If you want to register your pregnancy under PMMVY, you can directly visit their website. However, if the procedure is manual then you may have to

  • Contact your nearest Anganwadi center or a government-approved healthcare facility and get a form. 
  • Keep all the documents handy
  • Make sure that you apply within 150 days of the Last menstrual period (LMP).
  • After 6 months or 180 days of pregnancy, you’ll be able to claim the 2nd installment of your financial benefit.
  • This stage will require you to fill out another form, which can be acquired in the same way as before.
  • For the last installment, you’ll need to show the childbirth certificate.
  • The MCP that you’ll be carrying should show that they’ve gone through their immunization process – the first cycle.
  • You’ll also need ID proof and an Aadhaar card.

If you wish to register online, you can go to their official page.

How to Check PMMVY Status Online?

If you’ve filled out an offline form, an authorized person will provide you with the details. And with those, you can easily log in to the official portal of the PMMVY program. From there, you can stay updated about your status of installments. But let’s say you have registered online. Any personal identification number will do, such as an Aadhar card or a PAN card’s details.

Benefits of Registering Your Pregnancy

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Here are the benefits that you’ll get under each program

Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana supports a mother with a cash incentive of Rs. 5,000 in three installments. The first installment is Rs. 1,000 and the remaining ones are Rs.2,000 each.

Moving forward, below are the benefits that you’ll receive in your registration under the PICME scheme

1. Comfort and Convenience During the Entire Pregnancy Phase

You won’t need to get stressed about finding a good place for your checkups. Once applied, the local nurses will continually be in touch with you. They help a lot in the antenatal stage. Furthermore, these nurses also act as a guide for helping you fill in all the necessary data in the Government’s software. Therefore, you avail all the facilities.

2. Financial Support

Registering for the PICME, and DR. Muthulaksmi Reddy schemes makes you successfully receive the amount of Rs. 18,000 from the Tamil Nadu Government. The program is highly beneficial since its first installment starts before pregnancy. And it goes on till your baby is around 12 months of age.

3. Birth Certificate

Becoming a part of this scheme hands you an RCH number which comes as very useful to get your newborn’s birth certificate.

In Which States is Pregnancy Registration Compulsory in India?

Pregnancy registration in India is only compulsory in Tamil Nadu. Pregnant mothers are needed to provide their data on the RCH portal. And so, they can go on to register under the PICME scheme.

Make sure that you keep all the documents in a place where you can find them. Losing them may cause unnecessary trouble to you in availing of the benefits. Aside from this, Pregnancy registration in India is a very simple process. Moreover, everyone has different financial conditions. So, register for the particular scheme for which you are eligible keeping in mind your economic condition.


1. Why Should I Register in PICME?

If you are located in Tamil Nadu, the government has made it mandatory to register yourself under this program. Plus, the benefits that it bestows – counting the financial and healthcare ones are praiseworthy and will make your pregnancy journey way easier.

2. Is it Compulsory to Register Pregnancy in Tamilnadu?

Yes, it is compulsory to register your pregnancy if you live in Tamilnadu.

3. What Happens in The Case of Infant Mortality, Stillbirth/Miscarriage Under The PMMVY Scheme?

In the instances of infant mortality, and miscarriage/stillbirth, the program lets the mothers claim the remaining installments whenever they get pregnant with a baby again in the future. But unfortunately, if all the installments are claimed, it’s not possible to claim them one more time in the future.

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