Preparing for Labor

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It’s your ninth month and you are worried about how to prepare yourself so that you do not miss any important thing while you get admitted in the hospital for labor.
The process of child birth is unpredictable but with meticulous preparation you can cut down on unnecessary chaos and feel more confident.
Know About the Caregiver:
Seek your doctor’s opinion on your pregnancy and on the chances of any complications that you might encounter. You can discuss your childbirth during your routine visits with the doctor and also learn in detail about any possible complication and how to deal with it.  You should also review your doctor’s expertise statistics in episiotomies and even compare it with others in the neighbourhood. This will strengthen your confidence in the caregiver.
Educate Yourself About the Available Birth Options:
It’s always good to learn about the available birth options for example various pain management techniques, available hospital or birth centre. You can visit the birth centre and find out their facilities like frequency of monitoring of fetus, number of regular attendants and whether the centre is equipped with emergency treatments, if needed.
Attend Childbirth Classes:
Attending classes disseminating information regarding childbirth is also an excellent way of knowing more about the process of childbirth. Many hospitals arrange childbirth classes for the expectant mothers.
Regular Exercises:
Make sure you exercise regularly during pregnancy. The exercise should be light like walking, squatting and deep breathing exercises. They build your stamina and keep you agile too.
Ask your caregiver to tell you about Kegel exercises. They are helpful in strengthening uterine support musculature, bladder supports and bowel support. It is seen that women who practice Kegel exercises find less difficulty in giving birth in contrast to those women who do not practice Kegel.
Eat Balanced Food:
Healthy well balanced diet is essential for keeping mother and baby healthy. Eat fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables to get adequate supply of vital nutrients. Ask your nutritionist to give you a diet chart.
Learn About the Signs and Stages of Labor:
Getting familiar with the signs and stages of labor is good as it minimizes the unnecessary apprehensions that may occur in their ignorance. This knowledge will help you understand what to expect in a routine labor.
Write About What All to Carry:
Make a list of all the items that might be needed during your hospital stay. You can discuss it with your mother or the caregiver.

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