The Baby : Week 12

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Baby week 12

Officially, your baby is 3 months old now! With time, you and your baby have developed an understanding of each other, and are more familiar. If you have had the first few weeks challenging as a parent, this week may bring some relief to you, as your baby is likely to be more comfortable in the world now. The fits of crying should be less, and you will be able to decode the cries somewhat. You have probably struck a chord with the baby and know how to comfort, relax and soothe her. Though everyday brings something new, rest assured you and your baby would have rested on a schedule that works for both of you.

Your Baby:

Literally, babies grow overnight. At 12 weeks, your baby might be able to hold his head straight up for some time, whether he is on his back, sitting with a support or is on his tummy. His hand and leg co-ordination would have increased, and his little fingers are opening up. He might do a lot of kicking, and that too strongly, owing to the flexibility of his knee and hip joints. He also may want to feed several times a day, indicating he is undergoing a growth spurt. At around this time, his sleeping patterns will become more manageable now, though we wouldn’t advise night weaning till 4 more weeks. The baby is also making his own preferences when it comes to people, he would be more attached to you and your partner, or other familiar faces. He likes the attention he gets, especially when others coo and ahh to him, and thus begins his social expeditions.

Your baby likes to hear your voice, continue talking to him, and engage him in activities like reading to him – with bright pictures boardbooks. Also stimulate his touch senses by massaging, carrying, and touching various things. You’d be also getting a lot of advice to start solid feeds to the baby, we’d say nod politely and stick to your regime of breast and/or formula feed- that’s all your baby needs as of now. If you see diaper rashes, do not panic and look for ways to combat them. Avoid going into direct sunlight, as the baby’s eyesight is also on a developing mode.

You, Mama

If you feel you are always feeding, well, just go with the flow. Your baby is growing and that is important for you. Your days and nights are in the baby’s control, but do make some time for your partner by leaving the baby in someone else’s care. A coffee treat, a dinner, a movie or some quiet time with your partner will rejuvenate you and your bond will become stronger. Make your partner take up some of the baby’s time as well, like he can bottle feed and pat him to sleep while you complete other chores. Parenting is a shared responsibility, and couples who are in this together raise happy babies.

P.S. Your baby is flashing smiles just about anywhere, and the fun has just begun! When you are with your friends, let him be with you so that he can also join in with his little words. Take him out and see how happy he becomes.

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