Preparing For The Sibling’s First Meeting

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Preparing For The Siblings First Meeting

It’s time to welcome the new baby who is growing inside you for so many months! You must be exhilarated and thrilled, now that you have been through this before, and are more assured and composed at the thought of labor. You are anticipating the birth, but then, what about your first child? The sibling’s first meeting will be quite interesting.

How did you break the news to him? Will he be happy or find it difficult to adjust, or does he have a mixed bag of emotions? To ensure the smooth welcoming of the new baby, you must prepare the elder sibling to meet his younger brother or sister. pregnancy pillow

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Before You Go Into Labor

From your last experience as you know labor does take a while. Therefore, here are a few things to take into consideration:

Daily Routine

Make sure you have grandparents or family members, a close friend, or a babysitter to look after your child while you are at the hospital. This would reassure the child that the arrival of a new one does not affect his daily routine and he can still have his favorite dinner or snack like ever before.

Timeline the Meet

Timeline the Meet

Let your child know the duration when you will be at the hospital. How and when will he be meeting you again – separation from you might bite him big. Also, ensure that someone takes him to the hospital every day to meet you if that is feasible.

Pack Your Hospital Bag With Your First Born In Mind

Tell your firstborn that you will miss him, so you’d be taking a picture of him to keep at the bedside. Ask him to share a toy so that Mummy doesn’t feel alone there. Let him draw something for you.

Pick A Baby Present

What would be the best way to welcome the new born? Let your child pick a gift of his choice to welcome the sibling. He’d be more than excited at the prospect of gifting! Help wrap it and let him give it to the sibling.

Leave a Note When You Head To The Hospital

When you leave the house to go to the hospital and your oldest is not available, do write a message so that someone will read out later, mention in it that you are at the hospital and your new baby is ready to come and meet and you can’t wait to see him at the hospital!

When they First Meet

When they First Meet

Here are a few things to keep in mind when your first child meets his new sibling:

Welcome The Elder First

Let the first born know that he is always on priority, welcome him with hugs and kisses, and give him your full attention. If the new born is in your arms, quickly hand the baby to Dad or a family member near you and greet your older child with open arms before you introduce them to the new baby. This would reassure you that you’re the still same old mummy.

Give A Gift During Sibling’s First Meeting

Since you helped wrapped a gift for the new born, make the moment special and surprising by giving the elder sibling a gift from the newborn, mummy, and daddy.


Make sure you call the baby with a name or say “our baby” or “your baby sister or brother” during the sibling’s first meeting. Tell him to talk to their sibling and say “your brother or sister wants to hear you; he recognizes your voice as he has always heard you from mummy’s tummy.”

Time To Celebrate/Party

Throw a party to welcome the new one! Let elder children participate completely in it blow some balloons, blowing out candles, cut the cake, which will make them delighted that they can do so many things the baby can’t do yet.

You never know it might be love at first sight when both siblings meet or could be a cold shoulder! Be patient, and understanding, prepare yourself, and hope for the best!

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