Safety for Kids

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Safety of the child must not be compromised

In addition to providing unconditional love and care, you must also make sure that there is no lapse in attention when it comes to your child’s safety. It is very easy for a child to get hurt even if he/she is not being naughty or jumping around. You need to childproof your house even before the baby comes in your life, and after he starts crawling and then climbing and walking. Parents need to be extremely alert as on small neglected detail could be a cause of accidents for your baby.  Here is a list of some of the most common safety hazards at home:-

1.Kitchen: It is the place where children can easily get their hands on knives, forks and scissors if they are kept within their reach. So make sure that these things remain out of reach of your kids. Also all the electrical appliances like microwaves, mixers, juicers, toasters, etc. should remain unplugged, with their cords out of your child’s reach. Garbage bins or bags, lighters and matches should also be kept away from the children. You should also pay attention that there is no stool or chair for a child to stand upon and touch these harmful things in the kitchen. The refrigerator magnets are really small and seemingly insignificant things but children can accidentally swallow these if they are within their reach.

2.Bedroom and Bathroom: The most common thing for a child is to fall down from the bed or the crib while he/she is sleeping so make sure that the crib is locked safely. If the child sleeps on a bed then he/she should sleep between the parents. The curtains are generally harmless but if your toddler pulls the curtain a little too hard then they might fall down along with the curtain rods so pay attention to these little things. You should also make sure that all the cupboards are properly locked or bolted. The drawer, if any, should all be properly locked. Make sure that the top of your dressing table is all clear of the creams, perfumes and make up so that your child does not accidentally drink any of them. In the bathroom, medicine cabinets, should also remain closed and out of reach. Make sure any electrical appliance like hair dryer, curling iron, etc. is kept at a high place. All bleaches, detergents and cleaning agents should also be kept out of reach and locked. Never leave your child unattended if you are giving him/her a bath, no matter how important a work is or even if you have placed your child in a bath ring.

3.Rest of the house: Make sure that you child does not try and taste any bit of paint that might be peeling or cracking off the wall. All doors and windows should have proper locks. Be careful about your child bumping into any of the furniture corners. Secure the stairs by either putting a small rail gate or by making sure that the child never wanders off towards them alone. Make sure the child never goes near the gas cylinder or stove. If you have a garden then pay attention that your child does not go near plants as they might get bit by a bug. And if you have any pets then do not leave your children with them unattended because no matter how lovable they are, they are still animals. The pets might not do it on purpose but your child still runs the risk of getting hurt by them.

4.Basics for Childproofing the House:

  • Make sure you have non slippery mats in bathroom and the rest of the house.
  • Never leave the child in the tub alone, always check whether he is fiddling with the water taps etc.
  • Cover all electrical outlets with safety covers or hide them behind furniture
  • Never cook holding your baby.
  • While on the gas burner, make sure all pot handles are turned back.
  • Ensure not to leave any glasses, plates, cups etc unattended on table/stool corners.
  • Use door knobs or handles to protect your baby’s hands.
  • All cutlery to be secured.
  • If you smoke, keep away all lights and cigarettes properly locked.

Simple steps like these will ensure your child’s safety. This is not the responsibility of only the mother, but all house inmates should be alert and keep these things in mind. A baby accident is the last thing one would want, so be on the go by childproofing the house.

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