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Let Go Of Unhealthy Life Choices

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Unhealthy-Lifestyle-Choices-To-Avoid-During-PregnancyA woman’s body is most vulnerable and prone to risks during pregnancy. Unhealthy lifestyle choices of the mother can also go a long way to impede proper development of the fetus. It is very important to modulate one’s habits and lifestyle in order to ensure the development of a healthy baby with a good immunity. Here is a list of some unhealthy choices a woman should avoid while she is pregnant:

1. Neglecting a Proper Diet: A pregnant woman and her baby receive the maximum amount of essential nutrients from the food that she eats during pregnancy. So, it is extremely important to keep your diet in check, as what you eat will directly affect your child’s health. By eating unhealthy food, you don’t just put yourself at risk but also expose your baby to some of the most harmful and irreversible health issues. Some of the food items that you should avoid eating during pregnancy include:

  • Junk food items
  • Caffeine-rich drinks like tea, coffee, sodas
  • Sea-foods containing high levels of mercury,
  • White breads and white flour
  • Ready-made fruit juices
  • Raw sprouts
  • Alcohol

2. Lack of Adequate Physical Activity: You are not advised to run a marathon but light bouts of exercise will help you to keep fit during pregnancy. Exercising has many advantages– it will make you look good, feel good, help in preparing you and your body for baby’s birth, and will also help you to maintain a healthy weight. It is, however, very important that you consult your OB/doctor before beginning any exercise routine because women with a high blood pressure or any other complication maybe advised not to exercise or may be prescribed certain specific exercises only. You can try a variety of exercises such as walking, running, aerobics, yoga, dancing, pilates, biking, etc. But you should remember to not push your body beyond the limits. Listen to your body when it asks you to stop. It is also wise to avoid any exercise routine which includes bouncing, leaping, sudden change of directions and risk of an abdominal injury. If you feel any sort of dizziness, lightheadedness, heartbeat acceleration or uterine contractions, you should immediately stop exercising and consult your doctor.

3. Unnecessary Stress: Pregnancy brings with it many changes that lead to stress and anxiety. Common causes of stress include hormonal changes, medical issues, worrying about labor and childbirth or ways to  take care of your baby. A little amount of stress is normal but too much stress may lead to medical problems such as premature birth and low-birth weight of the baby. What is required is that you talk to your partner as well as the doctor and resolve any problems that you may have. You should eat healthy, get a good amount of sleep, and exercise to reduce stress levels.

4. Problems At Home: A woman’s family and friends are her greatest source of support. It is necessary that she is not exposed to any kind of negativity at home. Partners should try to ensure psychological peace and harmony during pregnancy. Any sort of mental stress or negativity directly affects the baby’s mental and physical development. If required, you should take professional counseling to ensure that you stay safe and healthy.

Live a healthy lifestyle and have a healthy, happy pregnancy!

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