Sleep During Pregnancy – First, Second and Third Trimester

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Sleeping Position during pregnancyIt is very surprising that even the most bustling woman can be a victim of dormancy during pregnancy. But it is not a great deal. You will experience different sleeping patterns throughout your whole pregnancy.

The First Trimester
The Need For A Nap

The first trimester will bring you towards more snoozing state. This is because the level of progesterone hormone will take a rise in your body and you will urge for short light sleeps at regular intervals. You might encounter the problems of lethargy and tiredness, which can exacerbate your health. It is advisable to grab naps whenever you can as the increased levels of progesterone can bring you sleepless nights.
You may find yourself peeing more often, and this is alright. The urge to hit the toilet is very pronounced during the first trimester, which will disturb your sleeping pattern.

Sleeping Position During First Trimester

You need to choose the right sleeping position during your first trimester. Sleeping on your left side will run the blood and nutrition to your womb, thus reaching out to your baby. This is the best time to get accustomed to such sleeping style as with time, your hips will increase in sizes and cause you non-comfort while sleeping. As your womb grows due to the baby, it exerts pressure on your gall bladder and causes more urine to pass. In order to escape this disturbance at night, try and avoid drinking less in evenings.

How Do I Know If I Am Sleeping More Than Required?

Sleeping more is not a concern. It won’t harm you or your baby in any way. But if you ignore your body’s demand of sleep then you might give invitation to pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure.

The Second Trimester
Relax and Enjoy When You Can

Having done with your first trimester, your second trimester will not be as difficult. You will feel less tiresome and sleepy as compared to first one. You will be more relaxed and the fact that the morning sickness is also going away will make you feel more energetic. However, you will be having complaints of leg pains, choked nose and misfit dreams.

Sleeping Position During Second Trimester

Leftfrequent urination. Apart from leg stiffness, indigestion and heartburn, you are likely to face our baby’s kicking and wiggling. This will keep you vigilant throughout the nights.

The Best Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Sleeping on the sides during pregnancy

  • Sleeping on the left side is hugely recommended during pregnancy, since it benefits the baby by improving the blood flow by applying less pressure on the vena cava. This also helps in supplying the essential nutrients to the placenta, and the assists the kidneys to perform better by eliminating waste efficiently. This in-turn implies that you will have less of those swollen feel and legs
  • Sleeping on the back – Well, during pregnancy, you will not be able to sleep on the back, especially after a few weeks of pregnancy. Since in this position the weight of the uterus lies on the spine, intestines, and back muscles, you could fall prey to back-aches, hemorrhoids, and impaired circulation. This could be uncomfortable, and the baby might not get enough nutrients through blood

It is advised to start training yourself to sleep on the left side during the early days of pregnancy; for the transition will take some time, especially if you have been in the habit of sleeping on your back or on your stomach.
If you are worried about lack of sleep during the last weeks of pregnancy harming your baby, the answer is no. But high levels of exhaustion and tiredness cannot be ruled out for you. There is a possibility of going into a longer labor if you sleep less, or even a caesarean if you have extreme sleep deprivation.

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