When Should You Introduce Baby Swings to Your Baby?

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When Should You Introduce Baby Swings to Your Baby

Babies love to swing. Apart from keeping babies entertained, swings for babies also give a short break to parents from their parenting roles. But when can babies start swinging? What types of swings can be safe for your babies and what are the benefits and dangers, if any? These are some of the factors you need to know before you get your munchkin on to a swing. 

Your baby can safely swing in a bucket-style infant swing once they are able to sit with or without support at about six months of age. You can continue letting your baby swing in it till they are older. Remember, not all babies may enjoy swinging, some babies may not get comfortable till they are a year old.

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What is a Baby Swing?

A baby swing is a bucket-type of chair that is well-padded and suspended with the help of a frame. There will be enough straps and other safety measures to ensure that your baby stays in place when swinging and doesn’t have to face any untoward accidents. The frame will allow the chair to swing back and forth and keep your baby swinging and in motion.

Baby swings can be a blessing for parents and caregivers who want a quick break from carrying the baby around or entertaining them throughout the day. Just leave your baby in the swing for a few minutes and you will see that the most grumpiest baby can start giggling. But remember, you must constantly monitor your baby even when the baby is on the swing. Despite your best efforts, there are chances for mishaps to happen. 

Are Baby Swings Safe For Babies?

Are Baby Swings Safe For Babies?

Baby swings can be safe for babies when used at the right age. The swings must meet all the safety requirements. If you are planning to buy a baby swing for your home, you need to pick a branded product that has met all the necessary safety requirements and has safety features too.

If you are taking your baby out to swing in the park, you have to ensure that you only make them sit in swings for babies and not swings meant for older kids. Ensure that the frames and the chains holding the swing in place are all sturdy and the swing seat doesn’t have any damage that can cause injury to your baby.

When Should You Introduce Baby Swings to Your Baby?

Babies can safely sit on a baby swing once they are around 6 months old and can sit at least with some support. Some babies may be ready to sit on a swing as early as 4 months. But make sure that your baby enjoys sitting on a swing. If they seem to cry and howl, do not force them. You can try again in a few days.

Babies nearing one year of age really love swings and they are the most comfortable since they can sit alone confidently and also love the to-and-fro movement.  

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Safety Tips For Babies While Using Baby Swings

Tips For Babies While Using Baby Swings

Every parent or caregiver putting their baby into a baby swing should follow certain safety tips.

  • Supervision is a must. Never leave a baby alone on a swing if you’re not around.
  • Do not let a baby fall asleep in a swing. Swinging movement can sometimes rock babies to sleep.
  • It is not safe to feed a baby on a moving swing as it may lead to the chances of choking in the throat of the baby.
  • Buckle up the strap properly. But also make sure that despite all the harnesses, your baby is able to sleep properly.
  • Always follow the instructions or guidelines mentioned on the package box of the baby swing regarding the age and weight limits.
  • Don’t leave the baby unattended on the baby swings as the baby may harm itself.
  • Keep a check on the rusting or the grip of the strap should be strong enough to hold the baby’s weight.
  • Baby swings belong on the floor. They are not made to be placed anywhere else.
  • Always keep mobile phones, pets or toys away from the baby during the swing sessions.
  • Make sure the baby swing is well-built so that the baby may fit in properly.
  • Always use the proper inclined position on the swing.
  • Do not put the baby swing on a high-level surface like the counter of your kitchen, dining tables, stairs etc.
  • Dress your baby comfortably and ensure that the clothes don’t have parts that can get stuck into the swing and cause problems.
  • If seating your baby in a swing in hot weather, test the seating surface to make sure it is not too hard.
  • The area under and around the swing should not have rocks or any surface that can cause injuries in case your baby happens to fall.

Swings are popular among babies since they love the back and forth rocking movement, something similar to what they experienced in their mother’s womb. But when choosing swings for babies or putting your baby on swings, you should pick equipment that is safe and sturdy. Always keep your eye on your munchkin and let them have the fun of their lives under you monitoring.

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1. At What Age Should Babies Stop Using Swings?

If your baby is not pleased on a swing or if your baby exceeds the weight limit mentioned on the swing, you can stop using the swing permanently.

2. How Long Can the Baby Stay in the Swing?

Limit your baby’s swing time to not more than 30 minutes as it may affect the neck and back positioning of the baby.

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