Taking Babies to Playground – How it Helps in Baby’s Development

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Written by Aparna Hari

Aparna Hari

Parents are excited to take their babies out but mainly confused about when they should take them out. They usually think only toddlers can go to the playground. But this is not always true. Babies who are comfortable outside can enjoy being on the playground. Taking babies to playground stimulates their development. It is also exciting for parents to introduce all the things they enjoyed at a young age. 

 Your baby will enjoy strolling around on a pram even if they are not able to play and both of you can make new friends. You can make your baby sit on a buckle-style baby swing if there is any. It will help to develop their sense of balance. You can try this when your baby’s head is stable, has started to be awake more, and is interested in seeing the surroundings. Take daily trips with your baby to the playground.

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When Can You Start Taking Your Baby to The Playground

You can think about taking babies to playground once they are around 4 months old or once you get a go ahead from the pediatrician. Your baby will not be able to play but will enjoy being in the surroundings. The babies enjoy seeing other kids play around and enjoy being outside. Ideally, you can take your little one to the playground once they can hold their heads and back steadily.

Which Playgrounds Can You Take Your Baby to?

Not all playgrounds may be suitable for babies. So, what kind of playgrounds will be suitable for a baby to play in? Here are some pointers for you.

  • You can take your baby to a playground with provision for baby swings and places where your baby can relax and recline. There should be support with the high back.
  • Other baby-friendly equipment such as small slides and climbing equipment can be an added bonus.
  • If there are no baby friendly play equipment, your baby can spend some time watching other children play. But ensure to keep your baby at a safe distance from playing kids to avoid unforeseen accidents.

What Should Your Baby Wear When Going to The Playgound?

You should dress up your baby according to the weather. The following dresses will be ideal for your baby according to the weather:

  • It would be ideal to dress your baby in a full-sleeved top and full pants. You can choose the material depending on the weather. 
  • Prefer light cottons during summers and warm clothes during the winter.
  • Have a baby raincoat handy if you are taking your baby out to the playground during the rainy season.
  • Fully covering your baby with clothes will reduce the risk of getting hurt during unexpected falls and keep your baby safe from mosquito bites.

Letting Your Baby Play With Sand in The Playground

Sand is a lot of fun for babies. They like to taste sand too. When your baby can sit without support, you can take him/her to the sandpit on the playground or you have to sit down with your baby if he/she is too small.

At this age, your baby will grab as much sand as possible and put it into the mouth. This is their idea of playing in the sandbox. But you ill need to be careful as sand might contain small stones, pet poops, cigarettes, glass, and all kinds of harmful things that baby may put in the mouth. You can bring sand toys and play with your baby so that he/she does not put sand in their mouth. Don’t leave your baby unattended in the sandbox.

Care must be taken to ensure that sand doesn’t get into your baby’s eyes as it can cause corneal tears, irritation and other problems. Do not let them rub their eyes, instead wash the eyes with water immediately. Take your baby to the doctor of needed.

Letting Your Baby Play on Slides in The Playground

Babies can use a slide at 8 to 12 months of age. The appropriate slide for them at that age is the low indoor ones where parents can help them to slide down. They are too small to slide all alone.

You can make your baby sit on the lower part, hold them and help them slide down. When your baby is above one year, they will be able to slide all alone. They will be able to climb up and down a plastic slide without your help. At that age, you can consider your baby using a park or playground slide. However, it is important to keep an eye on them when sliding down.

Safe Use of Baby Swing in The Playground

Your baby can use a swing from four months itself but make your baby sit on a swing with a high back. It is safe for your baby at that age. When your baby turns six months you can try swings with a lower back. But it is important to be careful. You should push the swing slowly and gently. Baby swings must have enough back support so that your baby doesn’t get hurt or face other issues.

The above points give a clear idea about what to consider while taking babies to playground. Just because your baby is tiny, it does not mean they cannot go to the playground. Taking babies to playground will help to develop motor skills, and social skills and build muscles. But do check for safety before your baby starts playing at the playground.


1. Why is it Important to Check For Safety at The Playground?

Babies and children get injured every year because of a lack of supervision and safety measures at the playground. So, it is important that parents check the surroundings before they let their babies play and make sure that the equipment are baby-safe and age-appropriate.

2. What to Carry to The Playground For Babies?

You can carry a water bottle, handkerchief, something to eat for your baby and yourself, sand toys, extra clothes, diapers, a blanket to breastfeed your baby, and a waterproof blanket to change diapers.

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