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The Baby : Week 4

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Baby week 4

Time for all those funny faces! The baby is taking an interest in the world now and you may show her some zigzag patterns and be amazed at those lovely smiles and coos being thrown at you. Talking to the baby, and imitating him at this time is good fun, babies also feel that their voice has power when you respond to them. Human faces attract the babies a lot. The baby knows his parents now, is more awake, and well, the crying is still the same.

Your Baby:

Your baby cries out for everything, but if you would have observed, he has different ways to cry to tell you of his varied needs. Short, long, scream like, or soft, each for a particular need. Using the hit and trail method, you will now know the baby time with the cries (wow!), and it will be easier to soothe him. Colic is inevitable, so by now you must have mastered the art of swaddling. He might be able to figure out his thumb or finger can be sucked too, when your breast is not around. Pacifiers are also good at this, and can be opted for. Gas is normal, and he’s passing a lot of it now, and so is spitting and blowout pooping. If you are worried about the skin, it will smoothen out in a couple of weeks, again, absolutely normal. The baby is also able to follow moving objects now, as you talk to him while moving from one end of the room to the other, his eyes follow you. The vision is still blurry, but hey, he’s catching on!

You, Mama

Something in you must have stirred by now, and since the baby lets you know how much he needs you, you feel a special bonding on its way. You feel connected, and you are joyous at this. At times you may feel guilty of not knowing how you look. Take it slow, for now just opt to sleep when you get time to, or take a massage if you can. If someone comes calling, meet people. Anything that will give you some moments of off from the baby will serve as a mind refresher. Not to worry, the baby keeps all his cutest moments safe for his mama.

However, if you still feel lost and disconnected and have suicidal thoughts, you need to call your OB right away as this could be post-partum depression. A little bit of help and you are all good.

P.S. Don’t be a mom who trusts no one with the baby. Let Dad get a hang of it too! Though the mother might know it the best, don’t leave the father out of the focus altogether. Take turns watching the baby. Talk and Communicate. A combined effort now, yields huge results later.

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