Tips To Deal With A Fussy Eater

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If only raising kids was an algorithm, many would have figured it out. Children can sometimes be fussy, and especially so when it comes to eating! A finicky child can be troublesome to deal with. He/she would be picky in what or what not to eat. Apart from causing a great deal of inconvenience to you, a finicky child would be more likely to suffer from issues related to inadequate nutrition. Thus, your child would be best served if he/she would be made to have a healthy and nutritious diet.

No two children are the same. This holds true even while trying to make your child eat. Following the mentioned steps can help a great deal in this regard.

  • Diverse Menu – While trying to feed a choosy child, it is important to have variety on the plate. This way, your child has a lot to choose from. The ingredients can be served in different preparations too. Prepare a list of preparations that your child is likely to enjoy. In this list, try to innovate, incorporating more of vegetables and fruits. Try not to repeat the same dish on successive days.
  • Be Creative – Appearance plays an important role. Try to improve and create a colorful dish. Taste depends a lot on the smell as well. Try to make a dish creative. Include innovative cutting procedures to bring out lively shapes in salads.
  • Know The Tastes and Preferences – Observe carefully what your child prefers. Even in a preparation consisting of several items, you may find that your child selectively eats only a handful of items. Try to include more of these in everyday diet. For example, if your child likes broccoli, use it in other dishes so that your child would be introduced to different flavors.
  • Divert His Attention Elsewhere – This technique can be of great help. Keep something to keep his/her mind off the food. Music can be helpful in this regard. Another useful technique for infants is by making strange noises. As the attention diverts, the baby can be made to ingest the food in a subtle manner.
  • Rewards – You can try coaxing your child into having something by rewarding him with small gifts. Though this can develop into an unwanted habit if carried out for a long time, occasionally this technique can be great.
  • Consult a Nutritionist – A nutritionist would be able to guide you on ways to combine different elements of a balanced diet and taste. This way you can have the best possible combination of food items for your baby.

Only a handful of the techniques given above may work for a child. At the same time, it is important to remember that only you would know how to make your child eat. Do not make eating an ordeal. Make your child enjoy the food that he/she is eating.


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