Toddler Behavior : Tips and Tricks

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Toddlers have most amazing behaviour issues as they pick up everything they see, hear and feel. In a nutshell, a toddler’s behaviour keeps on changing each day. You cannot expect any child to behave in a certain way all the time. There are so many behavioural changes which takes place in a kid that sometimes it becomes difficult for parents to understand why their toddler behaves in certain way. At times he/she will play happily while at others he might be behaving cranky, clingy or absolutely withdrawn. He may start hitting, biting, kicking or lying, running away, screaming or even resort to throwing tantrums. Do not worry unless such symptoms continue for 10-15 days regularly; in which case you must consult your doctor once to make sure your child does not have any internal problem which he/she is not able to tell you. Sometimes a particular kind of deficiency may also cause irritating behaviour among toddlers for which a paediatrician will be able help you.

In general if you observe irritable behaviour in your child, try to understand the child’s perspective and cool him down calmly. The most important thing to remember while dealing with a toddler’s temper tantrums is not to loose your own temper. Yes! If your kid feels you have a short temper or raise your voice every time something needs to be done, he will surely imitate and behave the same way.. Up to some extent aggressive behaviour is a part of your toddler’s emotional growth. If he keeps on fighting with the other kids all the time it surely needs your intervention but in a cool and calm way. Make sure you make him aware when he does something wrong but in a proper way. Take him away for 1-2 minutes when he fights. Let him cool down and provide him loving guidance.

There may be a number of reasons for the behaviour changes of your toddler. It may be due to early rising, attachment to a particular toy, any fear or just growing up changes. In any case the important point is how to handle them? The following tips may make your job easier:

1. Bounding Too Many Rules: Discipline is good and necessary for every kid but too much of rules and regulations may affect their creativity. Allow them to play freely, Stop over parenting. You may watch them from distance for any kind of danger. Too many rules also make a child irritated.

2. Be Firm When Required: Few things which are actually not tolerable should be made clear to him at the very first time when he does it. For example if he hits you or any other elder person at any point of time, explain them clearly such behaviour is not good and should not be repeated. If he still repeats it warn him that the concerned person will not speak to him.

3. Gentle and Similar Behaviour: Each time he commits mistake, behave exactly the same way you did before. Be patient and calm, do not start counting how many times you have explained a particular thing before. Gradually he will accept that the particular action should not be repeated as it is not good.

4. Each Kid is Unique, Accept This: All kids are different which you must understand. Do not except him to behave like you or any other kid. He is different individual with some other unique qualities which you should discover and encourage. This will help in increasing positivity and confidence among child.

5. Stick To Schedules: There needs to be proper routines for kids whether it is TV time or play time or bed time.

6. Know Your Toddler’s Limits: You can better understand what your child is capable of and what he/she cannot do.

Try to handle every situation with calm and positive way so that your kid can learn the same.

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