Top 10 Tips For Internet Safety For Kids

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Internet Safety for kids
As a parent you are bound to be worried about what your kid does on the internet especially with so many incidents around involving cyber crimes. Though you cannot deny the strong source of knowledge the internet is to your kids you also cannot just sit back and relax while your child spends a few hours using the internet. It is not a problem when your kid is little enough and he asks you to do the research for him but is definitely a problem if he knows to type well. It means he has access to the whole world. Internet has its hazards; maybe he wants to see the meaning of ‘Lego’ and instead mistypes ‘Legs’. This might lead him to some unwanted websites.

Why Is It Important To Have Internet Safety For Children?

So there is a school project and you help your child out by taking printed versions of all animals he needs. The children of today are versed with laptops and tablets alike, and know the ‘internet’ from a very early age. Moreover, for a child internet is just about typing anything and getting answers and printable pages and pictures. What a child does not know is the internet’s bad and phishing areas, viruses and online privacy, security and cyber bullying – to name a few. As a responsible parent of a child who has access to the world’s biggest power, it is both challenging and extremely important to have a clear, internet safety plan at home. You need to teach your kid about social etiquette, online security, privacy, cyber crimes and what not. And here’s how to begin.

Top 10 Internet Safety Tips For Kids

So, the point is, when you have a kid at home who uses the internet, make sure he follows certain rules and at the same time you too have out put some strict restrictions on them.
internet safety
Here are 10 very important tips for your kid’s internet safety: pregnancy pillow

    1. Have a discussion with your child: Start a casual discussion where in you can try to know which things they like to surf online. Is there anything they like to keep private, which websites could be safer to surf, should they befriend strangers, etc. This discussion will give you an idea if your child is getting involved in any unwanted websites or not. Continuously keep talking to your kids about internet safety. Educate them about the good and bad aspects of internet
    2. Take Charge: Give your kids the freedom to use the internet but give them a deadline. Give them a few hours only when they can use the internet. This will give them limited time to browse the internet and lesser opportunities to check out unnecessary websites
    3. Be in it together: Take interest in what they are searching on the internet. Maintain your emails, chat accounts and be active on social media. If they concur that you are technologically sound they will think twice before checking out prohibited websites. Become a Parent who surfs the internet along with their kids
    4. Teach your kids to protect their privacy: Ensure that your kids never share their personal information on the internet or any social media. Talk to them about the benefits and dangers of internet. Ask them to follow simple guidelines like-
      • Not to give away their phone numbers or pictures to strangers online
      • Not to open emails from email addresses they don’t recognize
      • Never agree to meet anyone whom they have met online
      • If your child has a new online friend, insist on being introduced to him
    5. Use software(s): There are a lot of blocking and filtering software available in the market, which will give you another layer for protection. These softwares can help you shut out websites that simply should not come up in search results, give you parental controls and can even store snapshots of activity which you can access at a later stage. Install them in your computer. It will be of great help

Parental internet safety

  1. Keep track of what they are browsing online: Make yourself aware of the various ways to ensure browser securities by setting restrictions which will enable Google to block sexually explicit content, nudity and violence. A number of filters would enable you to make your child’s internet surfing experience free from unpleasant surprises
  2. Keep it kids safe zone: For young kids, you can simply set parental controls to showcase the websites for young and curious minds. Confine the internet to web addresses that only pops with child-safe sites on everything from TV, movies, music, and games to world history and other subjects. This will simply eradicate the other websites from popping up
  3. Be approachable to your kids: Don’t be too strict with your kids. This will make them think twice before they ask you about any apprehensions about the internet. Always maintain a healthy talk with your kids so that they can discuss any new discoveries they have made online with you without any fear of being punished for wandering astray on the internet
  4. Location matters: Keep the computer in a common area rather than in a room. The lesser privacy you give them the lesser the chance that they will browse prohibited websites. Keep your family computer in the hall or dining area where you always can keep an eye on the browsing activity. A central location will ensure that the use is easily monitored
  5. Take your child in confidence: Last but not the least, let your child know that you are not spying on him; rather you are concerned about his safety and security. If you communicate the aspects properly to them, they will understand your concern and act accordingly

The internet is a vast space and you are your child’s only security. You have to take an active part in your child’s internet use. Let him know that his searches will be reviewed by you and yet he has the freedom to browse the internet. Don’t trump their excitement off using the internet, just guide them how to use it properly without getting involved into unwanted activities. You kid is smart enough, he will definitely cooperate.

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