Top 6 Essentials For Your Nursery

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Setting up the perfect nursery for your new arrival may seem easy until it actually comes down to figuring out what you need. There are lists upon lists of “essentials,” but many are filled with extra pieces that you can skip, especially if you’re on a budget.

However, there are still quite a few pieces you need to prepare your nursery properly. The following list should guide you towards creating the nursery of your dreams. It will serve as a comfy safe place for you and your new baby.


1) Nursery glider

This may not seem essential at first glance, but you definitely need to buy a comfortable recliner for new mama. It’s incredibly important to have this space to breast feed, soothe, and spend quality time with the newborn. A new mother will be tired and in pain as it is, so providing a comfortable spot to care for your baby is essential to their wellbeing.

The rocking motion is very soothing for babies, so it’s perfect for when they just wont fall asleep or have stirred in the night. This way, once they finally drop off, they can be quickly and carefully placed back into their crib.

2) Crib/Bassinet & Bedding

Obviously your new baby needs a comfortable place to sleep, so finding the right crib or bassinet is essential. There are countless options on the market, so with a bit of digging you’re sure to find one that suits your space, needs, and baby.

With this comes bedding, which can include a fitted crib sheet and a blanket and/or quilts. Pillows should not be used until the child is at least 1 year old, as they can cause suffocation.

Adding a mobile to the crib may calm/distract your baby and help them to fall asleep.

3) Dresser/Storage

With a baby comes lots of cute clothes, and this means you’ll need somewhere to store them all. You can use an ordinary dresser, perhaps one that you already have, or purchase a new one specifically designed for nurseries.

These sometimes include a changing station on top, which is both budget and space friendly.

4) Baby Monitor

Putting your baby to bed doesn’t mean you can switch off for the night. You need to be able to constantly monitor your baby.

They may be unable to sleep for a number or reasons and will likely cry out for their parent’s help and attention. The baby monitor will immediately alert you, so you can figure out how to soothe them back to sleep.

Some new monitors are also equipped with a camera, so you can see them as well as hear them. This way you can know exactly what’s going on and that they’re definitely okay without having to disrupt their sleep.

5) Changing Station & Diaper Pail

This is arguably the least cute part about babies, but it needs to be accounted for nonetheless. When changing your baby’s diaper, having a proper changing station and a readily available diaper pail is essential.

As mentioned above, many dressers made for nurseries come with a changing station built in. You may also choose to get a separate changing table/station depending on your needs, space, and budget.

A diaper pail allows you to discard dirty diapers without having to leave or move your baby during the diaper changing process. This helps the whole process run smoothly.

6) Night Light

Some adults are still afraid of the dark, so it’s no wonder that it can often spook babies too. Having a night light in their nursery should help them feel safer and more comfortable when the lights go out. This could be very helpful for a baby that is reluctant to go to sleep on their own.

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