Top 8 Fun Board Games For Kids

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“Time is a game played beautifully by children,
It is we as adults,
who misses all the fun;
Let’s give these kids a vision,
To play and win with their own envision.”
Kids are the most energetic and playful souls that the world is blessed with. Unfortunately, nowadays, they are becoming lethargic because of increased screen time on gadgets. This not only harms the child’s behavioural characteristics but also restricts the brain’s and overall development. So, what’s the way forward? Turning their screen time onto the board, games can act as one of the remedies. Fun board games for kids affect positively on their overall development. Read on to find some of the best board games for kids, which can build a strong starting base.

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 How to Choose a Game your Child Will Love

Because there are a wide collection of board games intended for children, when it comes to selecting board games for your little one, there are some factors to be taken care of.  Find out the tips for selecting a board game for preschoolers

1. Consider Their Interests

The base in which the game is formulated should be a subject or character that the child loves. For example, a child who is interested in geography would like to play a board game based on the name of places, one who loves the Disney characters would like to play the games with that background. Remember, children have different likes and dislike. Therefore you have to put their interest first.

2. Choose A Game That Help To Enhance A New Skill

Board games that touch each and every topic is available in the market. There are heaps of games which will train your child a new skill.  Using them wisely will help to strengthen the weakness of your child. For example, if the child is weak in math, science or GK, buying them a board game that requires skills will eventually develop d the child’s interest in that field in a healthy and funny way.  Interacting board games will help an introvert or reserved child to become more social.

3. Helps To Enhance Sibling Bonding

Choose a board game they can share with their siblings. This will help to improve their bonding. The only thing you have to keep in mind is you have to choose games that suit all age groups.

Ultimate Collection For Best Fun Games For Kids:

1. Bingo

This is a game made for kids of 5 and above years of age. It is all about numbers in this game. It comes with a board which has to play wheel and bingo cards which has 25 squares. Anyone can spin the wheel. The number on which it stops is the one the players will look in their bingo cards. The one who hits the first 5 in a row calls it a Bingo!

2. Explore The World

Explore the world is the game designed for children aged seven and above. This game explores the world, thereby promotes the geographical learning abilities along with reading and listening skills. It can be played with 2-6 players who have to read and answer questions to cross the world. Players will guess the different countries’ flags to move ahead in the game using travel cards. It is certainly one of the fun board games for kids.

3. Monopoly

Monopoly is the king and the most popular board games for kids. It is the classic game with a varied version for different age groups. Themed monopoly, monopoly junior, despicable me, adventure-time, Fortnite and the obvious, frozen are varieties of Monopoly. Kids from 5+ age can enjoy playing the game. It promotes strategy making, planning, financial knowledge and patience capacity in the young ones. The main aim is to buy and sell properties from the other players using fake currencies to pay for hotels, homes etc. The one who bankrupts the opponents and wins the money is the ultimate winner.

4. Scattergories

It is a new board game for kids of age eight and above. Scattergories can be played with a maximum of 6 players. The game starts by rolling a letter die. The sand timer starts next, and the players have to write as many words as they can (starting from the letter appeared on the dice) as per different categories mentioned in the category list. Points are calculated on those words which are not common amongst the players. The one with the highest points is the winner. Enhancing quick thinking ability and spelling the words correctly makes Scattergories one of the fun board games for kids.

5. Cranium

Cranium is designed for the kids of 7+ age. It requires 4-16 players to team up and complete the tasks asked on rolling the die. Wordplay, acting or sculpting, puzzle-solving are few hints that the players might have to perform. The unpredictability, excitement and enthusiasm make it fun board games for kids and families who look to be competitively creative.

6. Dobble

Dobble is a game played among 2-8 players who are 4+ of age. It is a fast-paced short game suitable for every occasion. The players have to quickly Snap and match the symbols they have with those they see on the board. The faster they are, the more they score. It is a standard game with a modified version of Snap to be in the list of best board games for kids.

7. Splendour

Splendour is one of the fun board games for kids created to promote strategy making and planning skills of the age of 10+ children. Give your kids a mysterious experience of being a jeweller merchant. The players have to earn development card by acquiring precious stones and use development cards to collect more gemstones. Design your jewellery from these earned gold and gems. The one who becomes the well-known merchant wins.

8. Pandemic

Pandemic is the game of collaboration and strategy making for the young ones of 13+ age. It is a worldwide bestseller best suited for kids with a busy lifestyle. In this game, you all win, or you all lose. The players are the avengers to eradicate four types of diseases which are spread across the world. With different specialization, the players have to save mankind by finding a cure for the disease before it wipes the human race. It comes with fantastic expansion packages making it a classic game.
The games, as mentioned above are few of the best board games for kids, which not only entertains the family but also creates a competitive, enthusiastic and fun learning environment. The board games brighten up a lazy day at home. Few give the freedom to imbibe the creativity and innovation to the game and sharpen their visionary skills. On the other hand, there are also games which are extremely helpful for educating a child of younger age in a fun and engaging way. Different perspectives and ideas get involved together, which intensifies the communicative qualities. All this cannot be experienced if the child plays on gadgets with almost no social surroundings.
So, give kids the basic and authentic medium of indoor games. Let their childhood be as resourceful as it can be to build a powerful base besides the academic qualifications.
Let yourself and your kid enjoy the moments of togetherness.

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