150 Top Lord Hanuman Names For Your Baby Boy

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150 Hanuman Names for Baby Boys 

Naming a baby is a herculean task for the parents. The name is one identity that stays with the child for years to come. The name also signifies what kind of person the child will be. It is important to do thorough research and choose the right name for your little one. Naming a baby on the basis of the sun sign or with any alphabet of that sun sign is common in Hinduism. 

It is common for parents to look for names that are capable of reflecting their values, religion, culture, etc. Some such names are associated with Gods and Goddesses. However, names after Lord Hanuman are widely chosen for his valor, bravery, strength, courage, compassion, wisdom, knowledge, etc.  Lord Hanuman has many virtues and there are over 100 names that can be given to a baby boy for him to possess these virtues. Parents also believe chanting the name of Lord Hanuman also helps in keeping evil at bay. Let us have a look at some of the names of Lord Hanuman that are a good choice for a baby boy’s name.

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Top 150 Lord Hanuman Names For Baby Boy With Meanings

Baby boy Hanuman names

The powerful Hanuman God was a great devotee of Lord Rama. He was blessed with unflinching dedication, courage, selflessness, and strength. His devotees worship him for success, protection, good health, and strength. He also has the power to remove obstacles and relieve suffering.  Some different types of names associated with Lord Hanuman for baby boys are given below with meanings. Some are exceptionally long ones as they depict the meaning within themselves as well.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aabhaan  Unbreakable, Lord Hanuman
2 Aanjaya Unconquerbale
3 Aashu  Lord Hanuman 
4 Abhayram  Lord Hanuman 
5 Abhyant Fearless
6 Adhilesh  Lord Hanuman
7 Aeraj Son of Wind
8 Ahobal  Mighty, Lord Hanuman 
9 Ajesh  Humour
10 Ameeraj Lord Hanuman
11 Ananjay  Infinity 
12 Anantkya  Boundless
13 Angathan Lord Hanuman
14 Anij  Symbol of God Hanuman
15 Anil  God of wind 
16 Anili  Lord Hanuman, descendant of Anili
17 Anjai  Unbeatable
18 Anjaiah  Unbeatable courage and bravery
19 Anjan Lord Hanuman
20 Anjanesh  God hanuman
21 Anjanikumar Son of Anjana 
22 Anji  Lord Hanuman or one who is blesssed
23 Atulit  One who cannot be comparison
24 Bajrang One with a steel like frame 
25 Bajrangbali  Strength of a diamond
26 Bajrangi  A fighter that fights for the sake of god
27 Bal Bheem  The most powerful one
28 Balvant  Poweful and strong
29 Bhadrang  Hanuman
30 Bhakthav  Protector of Devotees
31 Bhavishya  Future
32 Bhimsen  Hanuman
33 Chaturbhave  Four armed
34 Chaturbhurj  The four armed one
35 Chiranjeevi  Immortal 
36 Danta  Calm
37 Dheera  The one with immense courage
38 Dhula  Name for Lord Hanuman
39 Eeraj  Wind born
40 Gadaa Weapon of Lord Hanuman
41 Gajanand  Lord Hanuman
42 Gunsagar  Ocean of virtues
43 Gyansagar  Ocean of knowledge
44 Hanmanthu Rama;s great devotee
45 Hanu  Jaw and chin, sweet name for Lord Hanuman
46 Hanuma A wave, Lord Hanuman 
47 Hanumant  The one with disfigured jaw
48 Hanumesh  Lord Hanuman 
49 Harvin Winner
50 Hemdev Lord of Wealth
51 Hetvik  Another name for Lord Hanuman
52 Iraj  Wind born
53 Iraputra  Wind son
54 Iraveta Lord Hanuman 
55 Iri  Son of Wind
56 Janisut  The name for Lord Hanuman
57 Jitendriyay One who conquers all senses
58 Jyanshu Name of Lord Hanuman
59 Kamrupin Beauty, Lord Hanuman
60 Kantesh  Lord Hanuman 
61 Kapees Lord Hanuman
62 Kapeeshwar  Lord of monkeys
63 Kapi  Monkey, Lord Hanuman 
64 Kapih  Chief of all monkeys
65 Kapindra  King of monkeys
66 Kapish  Devoted to God
67 Keshto  Lord Hanuman 
68 Kuchit  A word from Hanuman Chalisa
69 Lokapujya Worshipped by universe
70 Maanvish  Another name for Lord Hanuman
71 Mahabal One with immense strength
72 Mahakaya  Gigantic
73 Mahatapas Great medidator
74 Mahatapsi  The great medidator and saint
75 Mahatejas  The radiant one
76 Mahatman  Supreme Being
77 Mahavira Most Valiant 
78 Mahavit  Name for Lord Hanuman
79 Mana Beautiful
80 Manojvaya  Powerful and strong like the wind
81 Manooj Energy of Mind
82 Manti God Hanuman’s another name
83 Marut God of wind 
84 Maruti  Son of Marut, the wind god
85 Neeya  Bright and powerful
86 Panchavaktra Five faced
87 Pavan  Father of Lord Hanuman, purified
88 Pavanaj  Lord Hanuman
89 Pavani  Hanuman
90 Pavanputra  Son of wind
91 Pavansut  Son of the wind
92 Pavantmaj  The monkey hero 
93 Pavi Lightning
94 Pawanesh  Timeless
95 Pingaksha  One with yellow brown eyes
96 Pingalaksha  Pink-eyed
97 Prabhava  The effect , Popular lord
98 Prabhave  Popular lord, brilliant, majestic
99 Pragnya  Scholar
100 Prasanam Cheerful
101 Prashanth One who is peaceful
102 Pratapavat Known for bravery
103 Pravi Lord Hanuman, Truth
104 Raghuvar Beloved of Lord Rama
105 Rajabhaksha Name for Lord Hanuman
106 Ramabhakta  Devoted to Lord rama 
107 Ramanjan Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman
108 Ramasevak  Worshipper of Ram
109 Ramdutt Another name for Lord Hanuman
110 Ramdutya  The messenger of Lord Rama
111 Rameshththa Devoted to Lord rama 
112 Ritam  beautiful
113 Rudransha  Part of Shiva
114 Rudransu  Lord Hanuman 
115 Rudraya  Born of Lord Shiva
116 Sachiva  Minister
117 Sameertanuj  Son of wind god
118 Sanjoy  Victory , Triumphant, Lord Hanuman
119 Sanju  Triumphant
120 Shanta  Peace
121 Shantaya  Calm and composed
122 Shaurya  Mighty and brave 
Valinat and mighty warrior
124 Shreeansh  Part of Lord Ram 
125 Shrihaun Another name for Lord Hanuman
126 Shrimate Revered
127 Shrishail  Mountains
128 Shritik Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman
129 Snehang Oil offered to Lord Hanuman
130 Srimath  Wealthy, Richness
131 Sripad  Another name for Lord Hanuman
132 Suchaye  Virtuous and innocent
133 Suracharita  Worshipped by celestials
134 Tejas  Most radiant
135 Urjit  Full of valour and energy
136 Vagmine  A great speaker
137 Vajraksha Sturdy like metal
138 Vatatmaj  Lord Hanuman 
139 Vayujat  Lord Hanuman 
140 Vayunand Lord Hanuman 
141 Vayunandan The son of wind god
142 Vayusut  Son of wind
143 Vijitendriya  Controller of senses
144 Vikram  Thought, Develop
145 Vishvesh  Supreme Being
146 Vritik A modern name for Lord Hanuman
147 Writam Name of Lord Hanuman
148 Yogi Saint 
149 Yogine  Saint 
150 Yunay  Powerful and energetic

Qualities of Lord Hanuman

Qualities Of Hanuman

Lord Hanuman is the epitome of strength, loyalty, bravery, and selflessness. He is also blessed with many other qualities that can help a parent decide the name for their baby boy. A few such qualities are

  • Strength and humility
  • Wisdom and Bravery 
  • Always at the service of his master
  • A great friend
  • Listener and an ideal guide
  • Unmatchable spirit 
  • Pure Soul
  • Dedication and Loyalty 
  • Selflessness and Courage
  • Sympathy and dauntlessness
  • Commitment and Faithfulness

Thus, out of the list of the different names, parents of baby boys can decide what virtue of the Lord they want to instill and can choose a name likewise. There is a great choice ranging from commonly heard names to old-style and unique names. 


1. What is the Name of the Son of Hanuman?

The name of Hanuman’s son is Makardhwaja, and the wife of Hanuman is Suvarchala Anjaneya.

2. What is the Name of 5 Head Hanuman?

Panchmukhi Hanuman is the name of 5 Head Hanuman.

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