Hindu Lord Vishnu Names For Your Baby Boy

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Lord Vishnu Names For Your Baby Boy

Indians are considered deeply religious and follow different gods and goddesses in various parts of the country. It thus becomes quite common for them to name their babies after a divine entity. All gods and goddesses are known by different names in different regions and even as per their forms. Lord Vishnu, is the one of the trinity and also bears the responsibility to protect all, has immense strength as well as power. He is worshipped in different forms like Venkateshwara, Narayana and Shree Hari in different parts and states of India.

Lord Vishnu is the master of existence and the supreme god amongst the Gods of Hinduism. He is also responsible for restoring order in the world. Since he is manifested in many forms, naming a baby after him can be beneficial for the baby. Names are not just not to be called but also become a part of the personality and are believed to reflect the qualities of the baby later in life. Parents prefer Lord Vishnu other names, synonyms of lord Vishnu or different names of Lord Vishnu. Given below are some of the names that can be chosen for the baby depending on their meaning.

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Unique Hindu Lord Vishnu Names For Baby Boy

Naming a baby can be a tedious and time-consuming process for parents. Indian parents and families prefer to name their babies after gods, goddesses, or their avatars. Every parent wants to look for unique names with different meanings. Some prefer Lord Vishnu’s names in Hindi, some prefer different names of Lord Vishnu in Sanskrit, while others may refer to god perumal names list for naming their little ones. People in the South look for Lord Vishnu names in Telugu and other South Indian languages, while those in Maharashtra prefer names of Vishnu Bhagawan, refer to Vishnu names in Marathi. The 14 names of Lord Vishnu are even preferred by few parents as well. Parents looking for the alphabet S prefer to keep Lord Vishnu names for baby boys starting with “s”.  Some unique names of Lord Vishnu are mentioned below with their meanings as well.
SL No Name Meaning
1 Aadhavan It means as brilliant as the sun
2 Adhrit One who does not require support but supports other
3 Adwith One who is the most powerful
4 Amitash Omnipresent
5 Amogh One who performs everything with a purpose
6 Amritaya One who will never die
7 Amurti Incorporeal
8 Anagh One who has not committed any sin
9 Anay Having no leader
10 Animish One who knows everything
11 Arkah Someone who is in the guise of the sun
12 Asan Lord Vishnu
13 Ashrith Someone who is always eager and ready to help
14 Devarshee Teacher of the god
15 Devesh Lord of all the Gods
16 Dhananjay One who Wins Wealth
17 Dhruv The one who never changes amidst everything that is changing
18 Eha It refers to here
19 Gahan It denotes the sky
20 Hrishikesh God of the senses
21 Inesh One who is the ruler of all
22 Iresh The Lord of the Earth
23 Jayant Always the victorious one
24 Jina It means to live
25 Jisnu It means the victorious one
26 Kumud It refers to a lotus
27 Madhav Goddess Mahalakshmi’s husband
28 Mahil One who has the quality of being warm, affectionate, gentle and considerate
29 Namish Well, mannered, respectful, polite
30 Nimish At the momen
31 Ojas Vigour
32 Paarthiv Son of the earth, Brave, Prince of earth, Earthly
33 Pradyuman Someone extremely wealthy
34 Prathit One who exists permeating everything
35 Reyaansh The first rays of the Sun
36 Rishik One who is full of knowledge; the rays of the Sun
37 Rivaansh A strong desire to succeed
38 Sameeran One who efficiently manages and is responsible for the running of all living creatures
39 Sarvaadih The beginning of all
40 Sarvah The only one
41 Shivah One who is forever pure
42 Shrish The Lord of wealth and prosperity
43 Sourish The Lord of the Suras or Devas
44 Sriyaan Being sensible; riches
45 Stavya One who is applauded and complemented by all.
46 Suhrit One who is a friend to everyone.
47 Trijosh a person who is full of positive energy and new ideas
48 Varish Sleeping on the ocean
49 Vidhu It means the intelligent one

Indian baby boy vishnu name

Lord Vishnu is an all-encompassing powerful deity in the Indian sub-continent. He is an integral part of the powerful trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Eshwar. If you are planning to name your male baby after this God, you have many options to choose from. Here below, we list the most popular Lord Vishnu names for baby boys. The names are sorted in alphabetical order, so it will be easy for you to choose if you have any specific preferences according to astrology or sentiment.
SL No Name Meaning
1 Aadhvan It means brilliant as the sun
2 Aashrit It means the ruler
3 Abhima It means one who destroys the fear
4 Abhoo It means the unborn
5 Achintya It means the incomparable
6 Achyut It means the imperishable one
7 Adama The one with strength and courage
8 Adbhuta Someone wonderful
9 Adeep It refers to the light of Lord Vishnu
10 Adhaata A name for Lord Vishnu
11 Adhoksaja It means the supreme one
12 Adhrit One who needs no support
13 Advith It means the focussed one
14 Agnija One born out from fire
15 Ajan It means the love of Vishnu and the unborn one
16 Ajitesh It means the unconquerable one
17 Akshar It means the immortal one
18 Amitash It means omnipresent
19 Amoghah The one who acts for a great cause
20 Amritaya It means the immortal one
21 Amurti It means spiritual and the beautiful one
22 Anagh One who has not committed any sin
23 Anant It means the infinite one
24 Aneesh It means paramount
25 Aniruddha It means the uncontrollable one
26 Anish It means the punctual one
27 Antak One who has the power to end everything
28 Anvith It is the one who can bridge the gap
29 Aprameyah It means the one who cannot be perceived
30 Arnav It refers to as vast as ocean
31 Arvind One with eyes like lotus
32 Asan It means easy
33 Ashrith It means the one who helps
34 Avyan It means perfect
35 Avyayah It means the one who is always the same
36 Avyukt It means the one with a clear mind
37 Badri It refers to the fullness of the moon
38 Bhaav It means the emotions and the feelings
39 Bhartaa It means the one who governs the entire world
40 Bhudav It denotes Lord Vishnu’s mastery over the world
41 Bhuri It means mighty
42 Chakradhar It means the one who carries a chakra
43 Dharesh It means the lord of the earth
44 Dharmaadhyaksha One who presides over dharma
45 Dhurya One who fights all problems
46 Dridhh It means strong and firm
47 Durariha The one who purifies the evil
48 Ekana It means strong
49 Esa It means salvation and desirable
50 Eshan It means shining
51 Gahan It means one who has depth
52 Garudadhvaj One who has garuda as banner
53 Govind One who is the protector of cows
54 Haraka One who takes away miseries
55 Hari It means the almighty
56 Hridev It means a portion of the heart
57 Ijya The divine one
58 Indrakarmaa One who performs auspicious actions
59 Iresh It means the lord of the earth
60 Ish It means ruler and divine
61 Jagadish It means the ruler of the world
62 Janardhana One who gives happiness to all
63 Jayant One who is victorious
64 Jayapal It means the king
65 Jyestha It means the eldest
66 Kaamah It means the beloved
67 Kanil It means power
68 Keshava The one with shiny hair
69 Koustab A gem on the chest of Lord Visnu
70 Kritan It means skilled and wise
71 Kshetrajnah It means knower of the field
72 Lohitaksha It refers to the red eyed one
73 Loknath It means the lord of the world
74 Madhusudhan It means the destroyer of the demon
75 Mahil It refers to progress and kindness
76 Mokshith The one who is liberated
77 Mukund One who gives freedom
78 Murthy It refers to the auspicious lord
79 Namish It means independent and determined
80 Nanda It means meritorious
81 Narsimha It means an incarnation of Lord Vishnu
82 Narayan The refuge of man
83 Nidhir It means the imperishable treasure
84 Nigraha It means having a firm control
85 Nikesh It means one who is infinite
86 Nitin It means the owner of truth
87 Padmanabhaa The one who has a lotus like navel
88 Prajapati It means the lord of all creatures
89 Pramod It means growth and delight
90 Pranav It means the divine sound
91 Pratishthit One who is dedicated
92 Pushkaraaksh One with lotus eyes
93 Rakshan It means the protector
94 Ramesh It means the preserver
95 Ranganath It means colourful
96 Reyaansh It means the first ray of the sun
97 Rivaansh It means a strong desire to succeed
98 Rohin It means blossom and rising
99 Sahasrajit One who conquers all
100 Sahishnu The one who forgives and has immense patience
101 Samarjit It means the winner of the battle
102 Sarvesh It refers to the one who controls everything
103 Satveer Is the champion of truth
104 Sharu It means passion
105 Sharvas The auspicious one
106 Shubhaang The beautiful one
107 Shreeman It means the respectable one
108 Shreshthah It means the glorious one
109 Srinivas Abode of prosperity and wealth
110 Sudhanvan One with a splendid bow
111 Sutantu An exotic name that means who can expand the universe
112 Svar It means heaven and sun,and also a mystical word pronounced before the chanting of gayatri mantra
113 Taran It means heaven
114 Trilokesh It means the king of three worlds
115 Trivikram One whose three strides cover the entire world
116 Udarathi It means the rising one
117 Udayin It means the prosperous one
118 Upendra It means brother of Lord Indra
119 Vaikhan One who devours the whole universe
120 Vasu It means wealthy and invaluable
121 Vedatman It means soul of the vedas
122 Venkat It means existing and divine
123 Vibhu It means strong and excellent
124 Vikram It means brave and courage
125 Vinit It means humble and polite
126 Viraj It means the king of the planet
127 Viresh It means the brave lord
128 Vishath It means the one who delivers
129 Vishokah The one who is cheerful
130 Vishodhan It means free from defect
131 Vishwakarma It means the creator of the universe
132 Vishvaksena One against no one can stand
133 Vishvam It refers to the greatest ruler
134 Vithal One who gives fortune
135 Yajnesh Lord of worship or sacrifice

30 Top Lord Vishnu Names For Baby Boy in Hindi

Lord Vishnu is a popular deity all over India and not just a few pockets of the country. If you are looking for Lord Vishnu’s name in Hindi to name your little one, look no further. We have the full list of Lord Vishnu’s names for baby boys in Hindi, again sorted alphabetically.
SL No Name Meaning
1 Abhijit It means the victorious one
2 Achyut It means the imperishable one
3 Adiraj It means the king
4 Advait It means the unique one
5 Akshaj It means a thunderbolt and another name of Lord Vishnu
6 Ambrish It means the lord of the sky
7 Bhaavan It means charming and brilliant
8 Chirjivin It means the one with long lif
9 Dhruv t means the eternal one
10 Govinda It means the omnipresent one
11 Harit It refers to a cultivator
12 Kalki It means the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
13 Kaushtubh It means a divine jewel
14 Kumud It means a lotus
15 Madhav It means the sweet one
16 Navavyuh It is another name for Lord Vishnu
17 Nimish It means transient
18 Niranjan It means pure and spotless
19 Srivatsa It means a beloved
20 Sudarshan It refers to the one who is good looking
21 Trisatya It means versatile
22 Tushit It means the satisfied one
23 Vaishnav It refers to the worshipper of Vishnu
24 Vardhaman It means growth
25 Vedatman It refers to lord Vishnu
26 Vedesh It refers to lord of vedas
27 Vidhart It refers to the creator
28 Vidhu It refers to the moon
29 Vikshar One who grows faster than the speed of light
30 Yagyesh Lord of yagnas

26 Best Lord Vishnu Names For Baby Boy in Sanskrit

Baby Boy Indian

The Sanskrit language is deep-rooted into ancient history and culture and is also the basis for most Indian languages. Most ancient scriptures are written in Sanskrit, and it is believed that the Gods conversed in Sanskrit too. Today, there is a growing trend of naming children in Sanskrit as a way to pay respect to Indian history and culture. To help you make an informed choice when naming your little one, we present a list of the top lord Vishnu names for baby boy in Sanskrit.
 SL No Name Meaning
1 Om Creation and the essence of Life
2 Pu Lord Shiva / Vishnu
3 Eha Lord Vishnu
4 Eka Matchless
5 Ish Master of the Universe
6 Ajan The Unborn; Love of Vishnu
7 Hari Almighty
8 Teja A Light Ray; Lord
9 Vasu Divine, Precious, Gem and Gold
10 Anagh Name of Lord Vishnu; Sinless
11 Anant Endless; Infinite and Lord Shiva
12 Inesh King of Kings; Strong King; Lord
13 Jisnu Victorious; Lord Vishnu
14 Kesav Name of Lord Vishnu
15 Riyan Door of Heaven
16 Sharu Lord Vishnu
17 Vaman Fifth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
18 Varah Blessing and an Epithet of Lord
19 Vibhu Lord Vishnu
20 Vihan Intelligent
21 Vinit Humble and knowledgeable
22 Viraj Resplendent; Splendour
23 Abhima One who Destroys Fear
24 Achyut Imperishable
25 Adhrit The One who don’t Need Any Support
26 Adhrta The unrestrained one

God Vishnu Names For Baby Boy in Telugu

Telugu is a predominantly spoken language in the Southern states of Andhra and Telangana. Naming baby boys after Lord Vishnu in Telugu is quite popular in these states. For the benefit of our Telegu speaking readers, we present our list of God Vishnu’s names for baby boys in Telugu.
SL No Name Meaning
1 Mu Admired one
2 Om It refers to the creator
3 Pu Lord Shiva / Vishnu
4 Che Name of Lord Shiva
5 Eha Lord Vishnu
6 Eka Lord Vishnu
7 Ish Master of the Universe
8 Durg It means impassable
9 Eesh Lord Vishnu / Shiva
10 Hari Almighty
11 Ijay Lord Vishnu
12 Adeep Light
13 Anagh Name of Lord Vishnu
14 Eshan Shining; Passion of the Sun; Lord
15 Gahan Sky; Lord Vishnu
16 Inesh King of Kings
17 Ranga Colourful; Another name of Lord
18 Reyan Fame; Gift of God; Lord Vishnu
19 Riyan Gate / Door of Heaven
20 Sadru Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
21 Sharu Lord Vishnu
22 Vibhu Lord; Lord Vishnu
23 Vilok Vishnu; Shiva; To See
24 Achyut Imperishable; A name of Vishnu
25 Adhrit The One who don’t Need Any Support
26 Adidev Supreme God; Lord of the Lords
27 Akshaj Ray of Sun; Immortal
28 Ashrit Helping Nature; Lord Vishnu
29 Asvath Strong; Name of Lord Vishnu; Also
30 Aviyan Lord Vishnu
31 Eashan Lord Vishnu / Shiva
32 Keshav Son of God
33 Lathik Lord Vishnu; Very Powerful
34 Likith Writer; Written; Lord Vishnu; Aim
35 Monith Name of Hari and Haran

List of Lord Vishnu Names For Baby Boy in Marathi

baby boy vishnu god

Naming baby boys after Lord Vishnu is popular not only in Andhra and Telangana but in Maharashtra too. we detail the names of Lord Vishnu for baby boy in Marathi. If you want to name your little one white the name of Lord Vishnu in Marathi, along with the meaning, do go through the list below.
SL No Name Meaning
1 Eesh Lord Vishnu / Shiva
2 Kunal Lord Vishnu
3 Svar Lord Vishnu
4 Vasu Divine; Precious; Gem; Gold
5 Adeep Light of Lord Vishnu
6 Anagh Name of Lord Vishnu; Sinless;
7 Anant Endless; Infinite; Lord Shiva
8 Anish Lord Kirishna; Supreme and Punctual
9 Avyan Perfect; Not Having An
10 Iresh Lord of Earth; Vishnu
11 Kesav Name of Lord Vishnu
12 Sharu Lord Vishnu
13 Vaman Fifth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
14 Vibhu Lord; Lord Vishnu; All Pervading
15 Vidhu It refers to the Moon
16 Vihan Intelligent; Morning Dawn; God’s
17 Vilok Vishnu; Shiva; To See
18 Yajna Worship; An Incarnation of Vishnu
19 Akshaj Ray of Sun; Immortal
20 Anvith Full of Love; Divine; Lord Vishnu
21 Avyaan Names of Lord Ganesha / Vishnu
22 Devesh Kind; Name of Jesus; God of Gods
23 Harvik God of Water; Lord Vishnu
24 Keshav Son of God; Lord Vishnu; Name of
25 Kritan Skilled; Clever; Wise; Lord Vishnu
26 Maahil Kindness; Lord Vishnu; The World
27 Mukund Lord Krishna; Name of Lord Vishnu
28 Namish Lord Vishnu
29 Narada Devotee of Vishnu
30 Kuna Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu is the preserver and protector in Hindu Mythology. The names of Lord Vishnu are the most common ones in Hinduism and naming a baby after any of his forms or names has a positive impact on the personality of the baby as it helps him develop the traits of his name.


1. What are the 14 Names of Vishnu?

The 14 names of Lord Vishnu in his different forms are:

  1. Keshav
  2. Narayana
  3. Madhava
  4. Govinda
  5. Madhusudana
  6. Trivikrama
  7. Shridhar
  8. Vamana
  9. Hrishikesha
  10. Damodara
  11. Padmanabha
  12. Sankarshana
  13. Vasudeva
  14. Purushottama

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