500 Top Modern Tamil Baby Girl Names With Meanings

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Top 500 Tamil Names for Baby Girl with MeaningsNaming a baby is a fascinating milestone for parents. It is different in all cultures and traditions. The Tamil language is one of the oldest and has an amazing collection of names that are closer to traditions and not influenced by modernity. Most of the names have a Tamil base. Some traditions and cultures consider the birth of a girl to be auspicious, as is the arrival of Goddess Mahalakshmi. Goddess Laxmi marks wealth and prosperity, and as per Hinduism, a Hindu Tamil girl is named with the birth nakshatra. Every padhaa of the nakshatra corresponds to a Tamilian letter. Many people keep this letter as the first letter when searching for Tamil Baby girl names.

Some parents choose numerology or astrology as well. With changing times, however, some parents also look for a mix of traditional as well as modern or trendy names. Numerological significance is achieved by choosing a name that results in a number that is the sum of the letters used in the name. A compilation of some names of different religions, modern as well as traditional, is given in the below article.

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Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names

Tamilians hold a naming ceremony called the ‘Thottil’ ceremony. This takes place two weeks after the baby is born and comprises friends, family, and near and dear ones. All these people repeat the name of the baby three times, after which the father writes the baby’s name on a plate of rice.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aksara Script 
2 Amudha  Sweet 
3 Asmika  Beautiful Soul 
4 Athira  Jasmine 
5 Balini  Strong 
6 Bhaskari  Bright like sun
7 Buvanisha  Piece of Land
8 Cauvery  Name of a river 
9 Dakshinya  Goddess Parvati 
10 Devasena  God Karthikey’s wife 
11 Devashri  Name of a Goddess
12 Dhanaya  Deity of Wealth 
13 Gagini Goddess
14 Gandhini  Fragrant 
15 Gopika  One who protects cows 
16 Harinika  Goddess of Vasu 
17 Harshini Joyful
18 Hema  Golden 
19 Hemasri  Golden Body 
20 Hemlata  Golden Vine 
21 Ishita  Skillfull
22 Jeevani  Life
23 Jithanya  Champion
24 Joshika  Youth
25 Kadambini  An array of clouds 
26 Kairavi  Star
27 Kajjali  Black Eye Liner 
28 Kala Art
29 Kalaimagal  Goddess Saraswati 
30 Kaniksha  Golden 
31 Karuli  Innocent 
32 Kimatra  Attractive
33 Kirtika  Famous
34 Krishika  Prosperity
35 Madhu  Sweet Girl 
36 Madhuksara  One who showers honey 
37 Mahima  Reputation
38 Manju  Snow Fall 
39 Monisha  Wise 
40 Nangai  Cultured Girl 
41 Navanika  One who is always young 
42 Navina  Young Baby Girl 
43 Nidhiksha  Gem
44 Nikhila  Perfect 
45 Nipuna  Ideal
46 Nivisha  Emotion
47 Ojasvita  Brightful
48 Oviya  Artist
49 Parimala  Good Smell
50 Parthavi  Goddess Sita 
51 Pavithra  Holy and Pure 
52 Poojita  One who is worshipped 
53 Poorvaja  Elder Sister 
54 Pramila  Arjun’s wife
55 Pranaya  Leader 
56 Rachna  Creation
57 Renu  Particle 
58 Sahaja  Natural 
59 Sajani  Caring and loving 
60 Sampriti  Attraction
61 Samyukta  Goddess Durga 
62 Sanjana  Smooth 
63 Sastika  Lord Murugan
64 Shashini  Moonshine 
65 Shaswati  Immortal
66 Shini  Shining 
67 Srishti  Universe
68 Suchitra  Good Picture 
69 Swarna  Golden Female 
70 Tajana  Princess
71 Tanisi  Goddess Durga 
72 Tanushka  Goddess of Gold
73 Tanvika  Cute 
74 Tanvitha  Tamil Goddess
75 Tarika  A star
76 Taruni  Young
77 Teja  Bright like sun
78 Thanyasri  Affinity 
79 Tharanika  Goddess Earth 
80 Tharunika  Young Lady 
81 Thirumagal  Goddess Lakshmi 
82 Thushitha  Goddess Saraswati 
83 Tirtha  Holy Place
84 Tishya  Auspicious Star 
85 Titiksha  Patient 
86 Trinayani  Goddess Durga 
87 Udayasri  Raising Sun 
88 Umaiyal  Goddess Parvati 
89 Umeshwari  Goddess Parvati 
90 Usharani  Dawn
91 Varshika  Tamil Goddess
92 Varunika  Goddess of rain
93 Vikasni  Goddess lakshmi 
94 Vinisha  Wisdom
95 Visalini  Goddess Saraswati 
96 Vismita  Amaze 
97 Yachika  Demand 
98 Yadita  Lord of the night 
99 Yakshitha  Wonder Baby 
100 Yashini  Having Fame 
101 Yeshna  Happiness

Hindu Tamil Baby Girl Names 

hindu Tamil Baby Girl Names

Tamil names are generally close to their traditions and inspired by cultural values, goddesses, their attributes, etc. Given below is a compilation of pure Tamilian names, which are sorted alphabetically with meanings. Some of them are given below:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aaba  Light 
2 Aadarsha  Wealth 
3 Aadarshini  Idealistic 
4 Aadharsha  Ambitious 
5 Aadhavi  Earth
6 Aadhilakshmi  Goddess Lakshmi 
7 Aadhini  First 
8 Aadhya  The First power
9 Aadrika  Apsara 
10 Aakashini  Sky 
11 Aaradhya  Worshipped like a god 
12 Aaravi  Peace 
13 Aarini  Fearless
14 Aarthi  Worship
15 Aarudhra  Lord Shiva 
16 Aashi  Happiness
17 Aashika  Lovable 
18 Aashvi  Blesssed 
19 Aasmitha  Pride 
20 Aathirai  The Sixth Star
21 Aathmika  Soul
22 Aathvika  Matchless
23 Abhi  Fearless
24 Abhijita  Victorious 
25 Abhirami  Goddess Parvati 
26 Abi  Simplicity 
27 Abidha  Compassion
28 Abinaya  Acting 
29 Achala  Mountain 
30 Agamya  Wisdom 
31 Agana  Fearless
32 Aishwarya  Wealth 
33 Akalya  Bright 
34 Akhilnila  Aromatic and Cool
35 Akila  The World 
36 Akilan  Intelligent 
37 Akshara  Goddess Saraswati 
38 Akshaya  More Beautiful
39 Alli  Flower that blooms at night 
40 Aloha  Luminous Girl 
41 Ambika  Goddess Parvati 
42 Amirtha  Friendship 
43 Amirthakala  Delightful 
44 Amodhini  Pleasurable 
45 Amrapali  A devotee of Buddha 
46 Amudhini  Immortality 
47 Anandhi  Joyful 
48 Anasuya  With no evil intentions 
49 Anbarasi  The best in Love 
50 Anika  Brilliance 
51 Anishka  With no enemies 
52 Anuja  Younger Sister 
53 Arshitha  Blessed 
54 Ashika  Beloved 
55 Athidhi  Infinite 
56 Athira  Prayer 
57 Athrika  Humility 
58 Ayushka  Life 
59 Barsha  Patience 
60 Bhamila  Comfortable 
61 Bhaskari  The Sun 
62 Bhoomija  Born from Earth 
63 Bodhana  Clever 
64 Charmi  Charming 
65 Charuchitra  Beautiful 
66 Charukesi  Beautiful Hair 
67 Chinmayi  Blissful 
68 Chitrika  Spring 
69 Darshini  Blessed 
70 Deepa  Goddess Lakshmi 
71 Deepanjali  Dedication 
72 Devaki  Divine 
73 Devamathi  Godly minded 
74 Devika  Goddess Lakshmi 
75 Devishi  Goddess Durga 
76 Dhajina  Rise 
77 Dhanam  Divinity 
78 Dheera  Fearless
79 Eesha  Goddess Parvati 
80 Eshanya  Goddess Parvati 
81 Gnanisha  Mountain of Knowledge 
82 Gunali  Gentle 
83 Gunashya  Brave 
84 Haima  Goddess Parvati 
85 Harini  Goddess Lakshmi 
86 Harshada  Giver of Happiness 
87 Hasitha  Smile 
88 Hegini  Profit 
89 Hetha  Culture 
90 Hiranmayi  Girl like Gold 
91 Ibha  Hope 
92 Janavi  Lovely
93 Kalpitha  Creativity 
94 Kuyilli The sound of the quill 
95 Lona  Beautiful 
96 Maasila  Pure 
97 Madarsha  Wisdom 
98 Nidhika  Treasure 
99 Omkari  Goddess Parvati 
100 Palakshi White 
101 Pradeepa  Light 

Christian Tamil Girl Names

christian Tamil Baby Girl Names

After the birth of the child, the Tamilian people celebrate this occasion in a grand manner. There are two types of names given to babies, one is the Vivahara and the second is Ragasiya. It is believed that Vivahara name is known to all, but Ragasiya is only known to family members. The latter is kept to protect the child against all negativity in life. However, not all religions follow it anymore and names are now kept on the basis of ancestors, birth stars, gems, etc.

Giving names to ancestors is also practiced, as they believe the soul of the former always protects the child. Some such Christian Tamil baby girl names are given as follows:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aahana  Existence 
2 Aamaal  Hope 
3 Abigail  Imagination
4 Agnes  Holy
5 Ainsley  Courage 
6 Aisha  Wife of Prophet Muhammad 
7 Akhila  Total
8 Ambaal  Hindu Goddess
9 Ananya  Matchless
10 Andrea Courageous 
11 Anjalena  God’s messenger 
12 Ariyana  Holy Woman 
13 Arulmarai  The God’s word 
14 Ashlin  Helpful
15 Chaaruvi Light 
16 Chalama Goddess Parvati 
17 Chanasya Delighting
18 Chanda The Moon
19 Chandani A river 
20 Changuna A good woman
21 Channaka Beautiful Lady
22 Charahi  A bird 
23 Chellam  Darling 
24 Elavarasi  Princess
25 Emma Universal 
26 Erika  Health 
27 Ezhil  Beautiful
28 Glory  Honour
29 Hima  Snow 
30 Iniya  Sweet 
31 Isha Ruling Goddess
32 Jabina  Worshipper 
33 Jannet  Friendly 
34 Jasmine  Pure Hearted
35 Joishi  Light 
36 Kajolin  Eye Liner
37 Kayalvizhi  Eyes like fish 
38 Kristina  Leader 
39 Laya  Rhythm 
40 Lumina  Brilliant Light 
41 Madhi  Brilliant 
42 Malarvizhi  Flower eyes 
43 Marina Pertaining to sea 
44 Mary  Mother of Jesus Christ 
45 Merlin  Peace- Lover 
46 Nabhya  Central
47 Nairuthi Rises of World


Naitee A little gift
49 Naivedhi Prasad offered to God
50 Nakiska Star
51 Nalika Lotus Flower 
52 Namya  Pureness
53 Oviya  Beautiful Art 
54 Philomina Loved One 
55 Risha  Saintly 
56 Rithya  Lucky 
57 Sadrishili Like that
58 Sadvita Combination
59 Selia  Heaven 
60 Sierra  Strength
61 Thabitha  Beauty 
62 Thamarai  Lotus Flower 
63 Venilla  White Moon
64 Viyola Violet 
65 Yaazhini  Tamil Instrument 
66 Yakesha  Representative of God 

Modern Tamil Girl Baby Names

Modern infant Girl

The Tamil language is one of the oldest languages and has many traditions. Yet with changing times, people have started looking for names that have a mix of a modern touch and a traditional essence. In neo-civilized society today, parents wish to keep names that are not after any ancient figures, gods, or goddesses. These days, short names are more in trend, even though they might be a part of an old traditional name only. But the short names sound cooler and have the same meaning. Some such names are given as follows:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aadhira  Moon
2 Aapti Fulfillment 
3 Abinaya  Expression
4 Aishwarya  Prosperity 
5 Alagu  Beauty 
6 Alamelu  Goddess Mahalakshmi 


Amritha  Nectar
8 Anagha  Sinless
9 Anisha  Continuous 
10 Arya  Noble 
11 Aswathy  Star 
12 Athulya  Incomparable 
13 Azhagi  Beautiful 
14 Chandana  Sandalwood 
15 Chitra  Picture 
16 Daksha  The Skilful One 
17 Dhanalakshmi  Goddess of Wealth 
18 Divya  Divine 
19 Durga  Goddess Durga 
20 Elakkiya  Literary 
21 Esha  Desire 
22 Girija  Goddess Parvati 
23 Haima Goddess Parvati 
24 Haimi Golden
25 Hamsa  Swan 
26 Hamsanandi Supreme Happiness
27 Hamsikha Saraswati
28 Haneesha Beautiful Night
29 Haripriya  Beloved of Lord Vishnu 
30 Haritha  Green 
31 Iditri Complimentary
32 Isha  Goddess
33 Ishani  Goddess Durga 
34 Janani  Mother 
35 Jaya  Victory 
36 Jeevitha  Life 
37 Kala  Art 
38 Kamala  Lotus 
39 Kanchana  Gold 
40 Kani  Lovely and beautiful 
41 Karpagam  A fragrant tree


Kavya  Poetry 
43 Kshama  Forgiveness
44 Kushi  Happiness
45 Latha  Creeper 
46 Lekha  Writing 
47 Madhurima  Sweetness
48 Mahima  Greatness
49 Malathi  Fragrant 
50 Manasa  Mind 
51 Manjari  Bunch of Flowers
52 Manjula  Soft 
53 Manya  Worthy of honour 
54 Meena  Fish 
55 Megha  Cloud 
56 Mihika  Mist
57 Paajas Goddess Laxmi 
58 Padmal Lotus 
59 Pahal Beginning
60 Pahi Petal of a flower
61 Pakhi Bird
62 Pakshalika On the right path
63 Palakshi White
64 Palguna God’s name
65 Panavi Happy
66 Panita Admired 

Traditional Tamil Baby Names For Girls

cute baby

If Indian names are to be seen, Tamilian names come in one of the best lists of names. Most of these names are after goddesses, queens, and famous personalities. The meaning of the names chosen varies as per culture. In the Tamil language, the names of queens are generally used for calling a baby. Parents who wish to keep traditional Tamil names refer to the family tree for inspiration. This is more like a tribute to where you belong. It is common to use the names of goddesses though this practice is very rarely followed now.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aadharshini  Idealistic 
2 Aadhya  First Power 
3 Aashi  Hope 
4 Abilasha  Desire 
5 Anasuya  Non-Jealous
6 Arasi  Beautiful Queen 
7 Arya  Queen 
8 Ayanna Beautiful Flower 
9 Banhi  Fire 
10 Bhanumati  Shining 
11 Bhavika  Cheerful 
12 Deesha  Direction
13 Devika  Little Goddess
14 Dhivyaa Queen of Universe 
15 Eila  Earth 
16 Eshal  Flower in Heaven 
17 Ganika  Name of a flower 
18 Gayathri  Good Character 
19 Gitanjali  An offering of songs 
20 Gitika  Small Song 
21 Hiral Bright 
22 Ishika  Queen of water and mountain 
23 Karvi  Moonlight 
24 Kusum  A beautiful Flower 
25 Maalini Beautiful as a Flower 
26 Manju  Charming 
27 Miral Reigning Queen 
28 Naadha Sound
29 Naavya Worth Praising
30 Nabah Nobel High
31 Nachni Dancer
32 Naidhura Goddess Parvati 
33 Naimisha Transient 
34 Nainisha Sky
35 Nainshi  Beautiful like Eyes
36 Nairiti Apsara
37 Naisha Special
38 Navya  Beauty of Queens
39 Neepa  Name of a flower 


Neha  Love and affection 
41 Noorja  Lotus Flower
42 Parul Graceful
43 Pushpa  Flower 
44 Raasya With essence 
45 Rachi East
46 Ragavi Sings with raaga
47 Rahel Path guider
48 Raisa Princess
49 Rajanna The king 
50 Rakavi  Queen of songs 
51 Rina Beloved
52 Rusha  Blooming Flowers
53 Rutuja  Queen of Seasons 
54 Sakshi  Purity 
55 Sanni Lily Flower
56 Srini  Love 
57 Srithi  Referring to God 
58 Sumaya  Beautiful
59 Surani  Beautiful Queen 
60 Swetha  Lovely 
61 Tanvee Slender
62 Tharni  Beautiful
63 Vanu  Queen of forest 
64 Vennila  Moon


Yadvi  Goddess Durga 
66 Yuthi  Juhi Flower

Tamil Girl Baby Name List Starting With Letters A to Z

baby girl from tamil nadu

With changing times, Tamilian culture has started adopting names that have a good mix of tradition, modernity, and religion. A few names that are sorted alphabetically with the proper meanings are given as under:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aadia  Being a gift 
2 Aadita  First 
3 Aaghnaya  Goddess Lakshmi 
4 Aakshya  Immortal 
5 Aalaya  Home 
6 Aamaya  Night Rain
7 Aanamara  Modest 
8 Aapti  Success
9 Aaradhi  Suitable for Worship 
10 Aaranya  Goddess Paravati 
11 Aaria  Goddess Parvati 
12 Aasrita  Goddess Lakshmi 
13 Aatreyi  Glorious 
14 Abhidha  Sound 
15 Aboli  Name of a flower 
16 Adah  Adornment 
17 Adhikshitha  Supreme God 
18 Adhishree  Exalted 
19 Adhrita  Supportive 
20 Adrishya  Perception
21 Adshaya  Immortal 
22 Aeshna  Wish 
23 Aheli  Pure 


Ahi  Cloud 
25 Aja  Unborn 
26 Ajastha  God 
27 Ajeeta  Invincible 
28 Ajira  Rapid 
29 Akanya  Example of peace and humility 
30 Akhira  Elegant 
31 Baani  Earth 
32 Bageshri  The name of a Raga 
33 Bahulya  Plentiful 
34 Baidahi  Goddess Sita 


Bairavi  Goddess Durga 
36 Baivavi  Wealth 
37 Bala  Young Girl 
38 Balaprada  The bestower of strength
39 Chaaruvi  Light 
40 Chainika  The chosen one 
41 Daayini  Giver 
42 Dajshi  Glorious 
43 Dakshaja  Daughter 


Dakshata  Skill
45 Eashta  Beloved 
46 Ecchumati  River
47 Eershita  Goddess Saraswati 
48 Ekansha  One 
49 Faloni  In charge
50 Feral  Untamable 
51 Gamya  Beautiful
52 Ganavi  Melody 
53 Ganika  Jasmine Flower 
54 Haimavathi  Goddess Parvathi 
55 Haiya  Heart 
56 Hanika  Swan 
57 Hanisha  Beautiful Night 
58 Ibbani  Honey 
59 Idenya  Praiseworthy
60 Jaashwi  Proud of Self 
61 Jabeen  Affection
62 Jagvi  Worldly
63 Kaahini  Youthful
64 Laashya  Dance performed by Goddess Parvati 
65 Maagha  Name of a Nakshatra 
66 Maalavi  Princess


Maalya  Mass of Flowers
68 Naadha  Sound 
69 Nahar  The Day 
70 Odathi  Refreshing 
71 Oditi  Dawn 
72 Ojal  Vision
73 Paarthivi  Daughter of the earth 
74 Padmagriha  who resides in a lotus 
75 Quarrtulian  Mercy of God 
76 Raadhani  Worship 
77 Raasya  Full of feelings 
78 Raavee Awesome 
79 Saadhaka  Proficient 
80 Saahana  Raga 
81 Saanjali  Hands clasped in a prayer 


Saatvika  Goddess Durga 
83 Saavi  Goddess Lakshmi 
84 Sabita  Beautiful Sunshine 
85 Sadhvika  More Polite 
86 Sadvita  Combination
87 Sagari  Of the Ocean 
88 Sagnika  Passionate 
89 Sahaja  Natural 
90 Taalika  Calm
91 Taamasi  Night 
92 Taananya  Daughter
93 Taiunaya  Congratulate
94 Ubika  Growth
95 Vaahila  Name of Air 
96 Wamika  Goddess Durga 
97 Yaadhavi  Goddess Durga 
98 Zalak Instant Appearance 
99 Zanisha  Dispeller of ignorance
100 Zankrut  Auspicious 

Thus, Parents must choose names that signify beauty, trend, and divinity as well. These names must be on the basis of numerology and nakshatras for the baby to be successful, happy, and prosperous, overall, a lucky bet for the future.

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