Biryani During Pregnancy – Is it Safe to Eat and Top Benefits

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Ambili Kartha

Biriyani During PregnancyPregnant women must be mindful of what they are eating. A balanced diet is essential to keep yourself and your baby healthy. So, Keep reading if you are a biryani lover but worried about whether you can have biryani during pregnancy.

Biryani is a globally popular Asian dish that most people love to eat. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about having biryani during pregnancy, including its benefits, side effects, and when to avoid it.

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What is Biryani? 

Biryani is a globally renowned Asian dish that originated from the Mughal kitchen. This dish takes time and practice, but all the effort is worth the taste and health benefits. India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and some other places are known to be the root of this mouth-watering dish. There are plenty of variations you can find worldwide that include various ingredients like potato, chicken, mutton, vegetables, fish, lamb, etc. 

Is it Safe to Have Biryani During Pregnancy? 

During pregnancy food cravings are common. While some women may go off stuff like eggs and non-veg during their pregnancy, others may crave it like crazy. When it comes to biryani, chicken biryani is the most popular version and a hit with many pregnant women. According to experts, well-cooked poultry meat served hot, in hygienic condition, is safe to eat from the first to third trimester of pregnancy. 

But, pregnant women should not consume broiler meat (as it is injected with hormones). Not only that, pregnant women must also avoid cold, processed meat and fried chicken because they can lead to several health complications. Also, if one is pregnant, they should avoid eating outside food, including biryani. So, all in all, homemade chicken biryani is a safe option for pregnant women. But, anything from outside, especially meat, should be avoided at all costs.

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Amazing Top 6 Benefits of Having Biryani During Pregnancy 

Top 6 Benefits of Having Biryani During Pregnancy 

Biryani has various beneficial properties. It is a popular dish made with different ingredients, and comes in multiple variations, each with its own unique flavor. Made with long grain rice, and exotic spices, with the addition of meat or vegetables is a wholesome meal. Here are some top benefits of having biryani during pregnancy-

1. Helps in Muscle Building And Overall Development

According to several studies, the chicken you eat with biryani can help to build body muscles and support overall growth. The amino acid present in chicken is highly beneficial for growing and strengthening body muscles. It is beneficial for both your and the baby’s health. 

2. Healthy to Eat

Home-cooked biryani is healthier than the outside one. It is cooked with healthy ingredients and spices. The best part is you can modify the recipe and make low-fat biryani at home. Also, the chicken used in biryani has lower fat than other meats and helps one maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy.

3. High-Protein

Chicken biryani cooked at home is rich in protein. Protein is essential for a baby’s growth, and the skinless chicken breasts used in biryani offer high protein. A 172 gm chicken breast can provide 54 gm of protein. 

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4. Boosts Metabolism 

Another essential benefit of having chicken biryani during pregnancy is that it boosts the metabolism and provides energy. Chicken is a source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, E, selenium, and thiamine. It is also high in antioxidants. All of this helps to boost the metabolism and energy. Having a balanced amount of energy and high metabolism is important during pregnancy.

5. Reduces Bad Cholesterol and Promotes Good Cholesterol

Homemade biryani is also helpful for maintaining the cholesterol levels in your body. High levels of cholesterol can cause several complications during pregnancy. But homemade chicken biryani can help to keep a healthy cholesterol level by reducing bad cholesterol and promoting good cholesterol.

6. Increases Blood Flow

Homemade chicken biryani also helps in increasing blood circulation. Chicken is a good source of zinc, amino acid, antioxidants, and iron, which are essential for healthy blood circulation. 

Are There Any Side Effects of Having Biryani During Pregnancy?

Side effects

If you are worried about whether eating biryani is harmful during pregnancy, then the answer is no. But it is advisable to avoid all kinds of outside food, including biriyani. The biryani cooked at restaurants and street stalls contains unhealthy amounts of oil, spices, and seasonings harmful to your and your baby’s health. It can cause gas, indigestion, and unhealthy weight gain, etc., leading to complications in pregnancy. If you still crave this dish, you can cook a  healthier version at home. 

When Should You Not Have Biryani? 

Biryani is a dish that is rich in calories. While a healthier and lighter version can be made at home by doing some smart substitutions etc. in the recipe, the fact is, it may alter the taste of the dish. And considering pregnancy is a time when cravings hit an all-time high, it may not sit well with your palate. Hence, it is better to eat biryani which is homemade but doesn’t overindulge in it, as it may taste heavenly but can harm the health. Also, there are certain conditions that one must avoid at all costs, especially the outside ones.

These conditions are-

  • If there are any complications in pregnancy and the doctor asks to avoid it
  • In case one is overweight
  • If one has indigestion or gastric/acidity problems 
  • In the event that one has a heart problem 

Biryani is a wholesome dish rich in protein, and vitamins, and has other beneficial properties. Since it’s a very calorie-dense dish, one may have to exercise caution while eating it. The homemade version is always preferable over the outside one, especially during pregnancy. So, if you are craving biryani, it is advisable to make it at home and then have it. Also, while eating non-veg, make sure it’s well-cooked and brought from a safe and hygienic source. Vegetarians can also enjoy biryani with the added benefits of vegetables and even cottage cheese.  Remember, it’s good to eat everything in moderation.


1. Does Biryani Cause Gas?

Yes, outside biryani is rich and full of calories. It is high in fat and spices and can cause indigestion issues. So, if you want to eat biryani, either make it at home or even if eating outside, make sure to eat in moderation.

2. Does Biryani Cause Constipation?

If one has poor metabolism, they can face constipation problems after having biryani, especially the restaurant style or biryani available at street vendors. It is better to have it only from hygienic and clean places, and better to consume it during the day as eating it at night can cause problems in digestion.

3. Can I Have Biryani Daily During Pregnancy?

Biryani is a rich and spicy dish, dense with oil and spices. Having it daily will cause problems in digestion, as it’s difficult to digest such heavy food easily. Hence, it is better to avoid having biryani regularly. 

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