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The Initial years of the child’s life need a lot of important decisions. Though these decisions may seem temporary in nature, for the child, they would create a lifelong impact. As parents, we all wish to provide the best education to our little ones. By education, we mean to emphasize the compulsory skills one must possess to thrive better as a human being and build a stronger community. It should not only focus on the compulsory primary education that one receives in school. As the child starts to walk and fumble to call and seek attention, it is time that you plan the next few steps of your child’s early education. Choosing the best pre-school for your kid is his first step towards a brighter future.

Why Join a Preschool?

A Pre-school is often the first experience of a child in a structured environment where s/he would learn social and interpersonal skills. Parents always seek to provide the best for their child, and nothing can be compared with having a good head start in the child’s first step towards learning. The most effective way to ensure quality education is to enroll the child in a pre-school program.

Online Learning During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic entirely changed the education system. Students and teachers were forced to move online, which had its own repercussions in the initial stage. However, with time, the schools, students as well as parents got a grip of the situation and now online learning seems to be here to stay! Many parents, who are still apprehensive about sending their kids to schools physically, are opting for online education since their kids are getting the same education with safety. The schools have also adapted and amended their syllabi in a way that can be easily understood by the students as effectively as in physical schools. Pre-schooling programs are also offered online in various forms.

Benefits of Online Preschool

Online Preschool

1. Immediate learning effect:

Parents who plan to enroll their kids in the online preschool program need no previous arrangements.

2. Variety of topics:

From music to numeracy and literacy the kid gets to learn different interesting subjects using the medium of technology.

3. Different learning styles:

Every kid has their own unique learning style. In the online preschool curriculum, the same subject is conveyed to the kids in different learning styles, which makes learning a fun activity.


For young minds, nothing compares with having their close ones nearby when they are starting a new journey. The learning atmosphere, if comfortable, makes a strong impact on the pace of learning too.

5. Self-paced learning content:

All kids of the same age may not have the same learning pace of a particular subject. Thus, the online mode would not burden them. Instead, the child can set their own pace of learning.

Types of Online Preschools Available

A Pre-school or a Play School is the first learning space that makes the transition to compulsory primary education a smoother process. Every child is innately born with numerous skills that need to get polished with time to shine bright in the near future. Online Preschools are classified into ‘Blended Learning’ and ‘Fully Virtual Learning’ based on the format of delivery and approach.

If you are looking for the best online preschools in India and looking for the right choice, then go through our article in detail.

Blended Learning Model:

This is the best model of learning for preschoolers to get the best of both the worlds. In this model, there are ‘Learning Kits’ that help in activity-based learning while periodical virtual live classes for a small batch assist in conceptual learning. Additional support is provided to parents in the form of webapps, pre-recorded sessions and live webinars. These programs are very similar to pre-school programs that enroll students for an annual program, provide assessments & course completion certificates. We have curated the popular platforms in India that offer blended learning programs.


Flintoclass is an online learning program designed to offer exciting methods of learning. The lessons are crafted into various activities and a monthly learning kit is delivered to the doorstep. Step-by-step instructions for the learning activities, pre-recorded sessions by experts and dedicated student counselors are all part of the program. The curriculum is designed to help the child foster interpersonal, social, and emotional skills. Kids get to learn phonics, fine motor skills and learn through engaging story-based content.

1. Curriculum Details:

Programs Age Group
Playgroup 1.5-2.5 Years
Nursery 2.5-3.5 Years
Lower Kindergarten 3.5-4.5 Years
Upper Kindergarten 4.5-6Years

2. Key Areas Covered:

Programs Key Pointers Covered
Playgroup Early Literacy, Early Numeracy, Social & Emotional Development
Nursery Early Literacy, Early Numeracy, Social & Emotional Development
Lower Kindergarten Thematic Learning, Phonics, Pre-match concepts, Counting, Tracing & Writing
Upper Kindergarten Thematic Learning, Words, Sentences, Numbers, Sequencing, Grouping & Writing


2. Klaytopia:

Klay school which has about a decade of experience in Pre-schools has a blended learning program called Klaytopia. In this program the concept-based activities and puzzles are delivered in a Monthly Learning Box. There is a digital gamified learning portal for pre-recorded video lessons. Assessment charts and Certificate of completion are also provided. The program is designed to help the children to experience age-appropriate content in multiple ways which helps to accelerate their learning.

1. Curriculum Details:

  1. Programs:
Programs Age Group
 Toddlers 2- 3 Years
PreK 3 – 4 Years
K1 4 – 5  Years
K2 5-6 Years

2. Key Areas Covered:

Programs Age Group
Toddlers Speech, vocabulary; personal, social and emotional development ; development of fine and gross motor skills.
Pre K PSED skills, pre-writing skills, phonological awareness and numeracy concepts
K 1 PSED skills, pre-writing skills, phonological awareness and numeracy concepts
K 2 Working in groups, identifying number patterns, writing simple sentences and continuing to apply knowledge gained.



Elly@Home Logo

Elly@home is a home-schooling module for preschoolers introduced by one of the renowned preschool brands, Little Elly which has 15 plus years of experience in early education. The curriculum is well-rounded and combines both hands-on learning activities and live classes. The learning kits with activities are delivered at the doorstep.  Live interactive online classes are conducted by exclusively trained teachers. A healthy teacher-to-child ratio is maintained during live classes. Parents are supported with web applications, recorded sessions & webinars to help them use this module effectively. The web application brings all the resources of the module together i.e., daily activities, worksheets, videos, podcasts etc.

An annual curriculum plan is followed for all the grades and a program completion acknowledgment & certificate is provided. They also provide an option to move to their nearest Little Elly preschool once the offline classes resume.

1. Curriculum Details:


Programs Age Group
 Playgroup 1.5 + Years
Nursery 2.5+ Years
Lower Kindergarten 3.5+ Years
Upper Kindergarten 4.5+ Years

2. Key Areas Covered:

Programs Age Group
 Play Group Self Help Skills, Personality Development, Self Esteem, Talking & Listening, Reading, Numeracy, Gross & Fine Motor Skills, Art and Music
Nursery Self Help Skills, Personality Development, Self Esteem, Talking & Listening, Reading, Numeracy, Gross & Fine Motor Skills, Art and Music
Lower Kindergarten Self-Awareness, Self Help Skills, Gross & Fine Motor Skills, Talking Listening & Understanding, Connecting to the world around, Art & Music
Upper Kindergarten Self-Awareness, Self Help Skills, Gross & Fine Motor Skills, Talking Listening & Understanding, Connecting to the world around, Art & Music


4. Kara4Kids:

Kara4kids Pre School

Kara4kids is an online preschool that has diverse online models for parents to choose from. You can choose a virtual model where classes are conducted in the online mode, while the hybrid model combines both homeschooling and virtual models. The third is the homeschooling method, where parents are responsible for delivering the materials and enriching the child.

Programs Age Group
Playgroup 2 Years
Nursery 3 Years
Lower Kindergarten 4 Years
Upper Kindergarten 5 Years

5. ClassMonitor:

Classmonitor is an activity-based learning kit for homeschooling the preschoolers. The learning kit is designed for the kids between the age-group of 1- to 5.5-year-old kids with over 250+ activities for the entire year of learning. Along with the kit a year long subscription of digital guide comes as complimentary. The web app has additional resources for the parents. Parents can connect with the community of educational experts and other parents.

Programs Age Group
Playgroup 1 to 2.5 Years
Nursery 2.5 to 3.5 Years
Junior Kindergarten 3.5 to 4.5 Years
Upper Kindergarten 4.5 to 5.5 Years
Programs Age Group
Playgroup Literacy Skills, Numeracy Skills, Rhymes, Stories, Pre-writing Skills
Nursery Literacy Skills, Numeracy Skills, Rhymes, Stories, Pre-writing Skills
Junior Kindergarten Literacy & Numeracy activities, Introduction to Shapes, Colors, Shapes, Human Body, Rhymes & Stories
Upper Kindergarten Advanced Literacy & Numeracy activities, Rhymes, Stories etc.

Of the above Blended learning modules some of them like Flintoclass and Classmonitor focus on the activity boxes to deliver the learning. Kara4Kids and Klaytopia modules are designed with an emphasis on flexibility for the parents. Whereas, Elly@Home brings in a holistic approach towards blended learning by providing virtual interactive sessions along with learning kits, pre-recorded content and a web application.

Fully Virtual Learning:

These are pre-schools which hitherto delivered early education in a classroom set up but have now transitioned to remote learning model. They have created virtual classrooms using Google meet, Zoom or Microsoft teams. They have tweaked the same curriculum that they followed in the offline schooling mode and made it suitable for virtual learning. There are regular combined live classes conducted for each grade and they conduct periodical assessments & follow the academic year calendar.

1.   Kidzee:

Kidzee follows the Early Childhood Care and Education policy and is one of the largest preschool chains in Asia. It has a 4-stage learning program from Nuvo to Playgroup, Nursery, and Kindergarten. The holistic development of the child is the primary goal in this type of education model. It has a decade-long legacy in nurturing young minds and shaping them for a brighter future. Let us take a look at its curriculum in detail.

Programs Age Group Duration
Nuvo 1-2 Years 2-2.5 Hours
Playgroup 1.5-2.5 Years 2.5 Hours
Nursery 2.5-3.5 Years 2.5 Hours
Lower Kindergarten 3.5-4.5 Years 3.5 Hours
Upper Kindergarten 4.5-5.5 Years 3.5 Hours
Key Areas Covered Activities Involved
Encouraging positive peer interaction Story Time
Promoting cognitive development Water Play
Opportunities for fine and gross motor development Sand Play
Language Readiness Creative Time
Theme based Concept Time Library Time
Math Readiness Celebration of festivals

2.  Eurokids:

EuroKids Online Pre School

Eurokids is a very well-known pre-school chain in India that provides effective homeschooling options now along with their virtual class model. It follows the Montessori and PlayWay methodologies and follows a good teacher-student ratio. Additionally, the chain also focuses on the kid’s language, motor, and cognitive skills development. The kids-friendly equipment and healthy learning atmosphere make it an ideal preschool. EuroKids also provide free demo classes before enrollment to get a better overview of their detailed learning programs.

  1. Curriculum Details:
Programs Age Group
Playgroup 1.8-3 Years
Nursery 2.5-4 Years
Lower Kindergarten 3.5-5 Years
Upper Kindergarten 4.5-6Years
Key Areas Covered:
Mathematical ability
English speaking ability
Accurate Pronunciation of complex words
Reading ability


3.Footprints FootPrints Preschool

  1. Curriculum Details:
Programs Age Group
Playgroup 1.5-2.5 Years
Nursery 2.5-3.5Years
Lower Kindergarten 3.5-4.5 Years
Upper Kindergarten 4.5-6Years


Mindseed is an online preschool dedicated to providing high-quality education to children aged 2-6years.Parents get to choose the different education plans based on the child’s interest and growth. Mindseed has an award-winning curriculum that focuses on sensory development and fosters critical development in the child. Parents can book a trial before enrolling the students. Children enjoy 3 live sessions everyday.

Programs Age Group
Start Early 18 Months+
Playgroup 2-3 Years
Nursery 3-4 Years
Kindergarten 4-6 Years

4.Podar Jumbo kids:

Podar Jumbo Kids

  1. Curriculum Details:
Programs Age Group
Playgroup 2Years
Nursery 3Years
Lower Kindergarten 4 Years
Upper Kindergarten 5 Years


Every school follows some predefined values and goals which are designed to provide the best for your kid. But all kids are unique and no one else other than you as a parent would know your child better. So, look for the different developmental signs your child is displaying and choose an online preschool where the child’s requirements are all met and skills are honed.

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