Top 50 Positive Affirmations For a Healthy and Peaceful Pregnancy

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Written by Ajanta Biswas

Ajanta Biswas

Positive affirmations for pregnancy

Positivity in life is very much important. And its importance gets higher when you go through a sensitive period of your life called pregnancy. Sometimes praise, a positive vibe, or some positive words work magically and you feel suddenly light or strong or confident. But why depend on others for feeling worth it? You can do it to yourself by chanting positive affirmations during pregnancy.

Affirmations are the choices of some positive words or phrases that bring a sense of confidence and positivity when you hear them. Your body and mind change a lot when you are pregnant. The insecurity of gaining weight, skin problems, and the fear of impending child labor result in stress and negative thoughts in many women, especially first-time mothers. So to stabilize your mind throughout your pregnancy and prepare it for the final day you need affirmation words for pregnancy.

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What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are those small but impactful positive words or phrases that you can use as your daily mantra to motivate and embrace yourself. These are the statements that you can utilize intentionally to develop a sense of positivity in you. In a world full of criticisms few words of affirmation are extremely important especially when you are pregnant.

Pregnancy is a stressful period when you constantly worry about whether everything is going to be smooth for you or not. Many women fear the pain of child labor and complications during labor.

That is why the rate of cesarean C-section deliveries is getting so high. If you are also feeling worried in and about your pregnancy then chant affirmations as a mantra whenever you feel low or stressed and you will see the difference.

What Are Birthing Affirmations?

pregnant woman looking at her belly

Birthing affirmations are sentences or statements especially designed to remove negative thoughts and instill a positive mindset regarding the birthing process. Generally, birthing affirmations are short in length so that you can easily remember and chant them before and during the process of labor.

These short and impactful birthing affirmations help to increase the confidence of the mother in her capability to endure labor pain. They will help to subdue your fear and help you stay calm and composed in the labor room.

It is scientifically proven that affirmations leave a positive impact on our mind because of neuroplasticity, our brain’s ability to adapt and change according to the situation.

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Do Pregnancy Affirmations Work?

Yes, positive affirmations during pregnancy work magically to relieve your mind from stress and make you mentally strong. According to NCBI, self-affirmation reminds the person of some psychosocial resources which are beyond the specific threat or fear the person is facing at that moment.

As a result, it will allow you to focus on positive reinforcement rather than worrying about the negative consequences. In simple words, pregnancy affirmations will make you remember the happy moments of your life or the possible happy outcome that you will get if you surpass the fear of the present.

When you repeatedly say those positive words to yourself, the thought process of your brain changes too. When you hear the same words positive or negative your brain starts believing them and it creates a path of neurons. That is why it is said that “your words become your world”.

Benefits of Reciting Positive Affirmations During Pregnancy

happy and positive pregnant woman standing with her hands on belly

There are multiple benefits of reciting positive words during pregnancy. You need to repeat the affirmations every day like a mantra. The affirmations will uplift your mind and soul positively.

Here are some benefits of reciting positive affirmations during pregnancy

1. Boosts Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is very much needed when you get pregnant. Otherwise, your bodily changes may lead you to feel insecure.

Reciting affirmations about the strength and beauty of your body and mind will boost your self-confidence. Then you can tactfully handle the criticism from others.

2. Helps Combat Fear 

The fear of any mishap or complication in pregnancy often hampers the mental peace of pregnant women. You need to remember that the future is unknown to everyone and nobody can change fate. So why worry about it? You need to live life in the present. Affirmations keep you remembering this mantra of life again and again until you win over your unnecessary fears.

3. Calm the Mind

Affirmations make your mind calm and composed. Each time you take a pause, look in the mirror and say some positive words to yourself and breathe, your mind gets calm and stable. 

4. Makes You Energetic

Women suffer from loss of energy during pregnancy. Although there are physical reasons behind it, your brain is also responsible. Affirmations will deliver a flow of positive energy into your brain. You will feel energetic in doing work and keeping yourself productive instead of laying on the bed.

5. Makes You Optimistic

The positive words of affirmation will make you more optimistic. They will change the viewpoint of your life. Instead of thinking about the risks or negative aspects of doing something, you will begin to imagine the positive outcomes.

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List of Top 50 Affirmations For Pregnancy

happy pregnant woman embracing her bump

Now that you know the benefits of affirmations during pregnancy, it may come to your mind what could be the best affirmation lines for you. Here are the top 50 positive affirmations for you during pregnancy.

Choose the ones that go well with your situation and chant them to yourself whenever you need positivity.

  1. I know how to take care of myself during pregnancy
  2. I will make the right choices for myself and my baby
  3. I am beautiful even when I am pregnant
  4. My changing body is proof of how powerful I am
  5. Everyone around me is my loved one who will take care of me whenever I need
  6. I will openly accept the help of others
  7. I will take help and advice from my friends and family whenever I need
  8. I trust my body’s ability to nourish my baby
  9. My body is so much more than what it looks like
  10. I need to stay calm, relaxed, and confident
  11. I breathe in positivity and send it to my growing baby
  12. I will take rest and spend more time with me and my baby
  13. My pregnancy will make me a stronger and better person
  14. Birth is powerful and it will empower me
  15. My partner loves me in all of my shapes and sizes
  16. With each deep breath, I feel my baby growing inside me with peace
  17. Self-care is what keeps me going
  18. I will follow my instincts and I am ready to accept my feelings
  19. I trust my feelings and instincts to do what is best for my baby
  20. My baby is completely safe and secure inside me
  21. My baby’s birth will happen at the right time
  22. I fully accept whatever I experience
  23. I can overcome any challenges that come on my way during pregnancy
  24. I will eat nourishing and healthy foods that are important for my baby’s growth
  25. I am blessed to bring forth a new life in this world
  26. Pregnancy suits me perfectly
  27. I have love and acceptance of my changing body
  28. My body knows the natural procedure of birthing
  29. I trust my body for it is capable of giving birth
  30. I embrace the idea of healthy pain during labor
  31. My body has a natural ability to give birth easily
  32. Strong contractions will help my baby enter the world
  33. My baby’s position is perfect for a smooth birth
  34. I trust my doctor and his/her decisions during labor
  35. I chose my medical team and I trust their care
  36. My hospital has all the necessary medical help for me and my baby
  37. I accept my labor with full of positivity
  38. My baby and I will be perfectly fine during the labor
  39. I have the strength to bear the pain of childbirth. It’s going to be alright.
  40. My baby will come out healthy and strong after my labor
  41. My baby knows all is well
  42. I will breathe slowly to ease my tension
  43. My mind is free of stress and fear and it knows everything about my baby’s birth
  44. I will welcome my baby with joy and happiness
  45. Today is the day I finally get to see my baby
  46. I will hold my baby with full of love
  47. I will raise my baby with good values and care
  48. I will do my best as a mother
  49. I have a supportive partner and together we can be the best parents
  50. I am Ready!

So to conclude it can be said that affirmations can only deliver positivity in your life. It may work for some and for some it may not be that much effective but there is no harm. The effectiveness of affirmations will depend on how truly you believe the words you are uttering to yourself.

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