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Top Ten Amazing Toddler Board Games For The Tiny Tots

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Toddler Board games are a perfect and inexpensive way to keep your children involved and spend their time in fun learning. Whether it is a weekend or any other day, these toddler games are the best way to spend time together with kids. The toddler board games are one of the easiest and simple ways to make your kids understand and learn basic principles of life. Family board games improve the bonding with the child and teach them how to work together as a family to overcome a common obstacle.

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Benefits Of Board Game For Toddler:

Board games can influence the intellectual and social development of the toddler. Board games can be both engaging and educational for your little one. Board games help to develop vital skills like decision making, social interaction, and critical thinking. These skills will eventually mold them to evaluate, overcome, and survive real-life challenges. Here are some of the benefits of board games for toddlers.

  • The concentration and memory of the toddler improve significantly as they have to memorize the rules of the game and play accordingly when their turns come.
  • Patience is another important factor that the board game teaches the toddler. They have to wait patiently until their turns come.
  • The board games based on strategy require quick and effective moves. This, thereby, improve the toddler’s decision-making skills.
  • Board games enhance toddler coping skills. They will eventually learn how to deal with losing a game. This makes the kid understand the importance of fair play and sportsmanship.

Best Toddler Board Games That They Love To Play

It is time to unplug the screens and introduce your toddler to some fun-filled board games. From learning to thinking, there are a variety of toddler board games which have been evergreen including:

1. Scrabble

Remember how even in your childhood, on weekends and on picnics, this game used to be only medium to bring everyone at a place and convert the whole evening into one full with glee and learning. Although the scenario has changed a lot, the game has remained the same, from arranging the letters and forming words to self-creating words, scrabble has always been one of the most loved games by kids.

2. Chutes and Ladders

This board game has been the boredom savior since its origin. Whether your kids are on holiday trips with you, in school picnics, or just chilling at home in their leisure time, they cannot resist themselves from playing it if mentioned to them. In this game, the count from 1 to 100 is arranged in a manner that has ladders and chutes on it. To reach each block, the dice is to be rolled. The kid who keeps patience and plays according to the rules, wins.

3. Monopoly Junior

This game gives kids a whole new experience that is to have something to control, and that is their cash. They have chances to put their money where they like to, and thus, it helps them in making decisions. This toddler board game inculcates a sense of decision making in kids and is an excellent option to choose for playing.

4. Memory game

In his game, the kids play memory tasks using cards, which is fun, and the one who can remember the most is declared a winner. Memory game increases the remembering capacity of the brain and also concentration. Again, one of the classic board games kids can ever come across.

5. Snail’s Pace Race

This game is a perfect example of ‘Slow and steady wins the race.’ In this board game, each player gets to roll the dice and steadily see which snail wins the race. The one with most patience and is cooperative wins the race. A superb free toddler game to make kids learn the importance of perseverance and success after that.

6. Shopping list memory game

The game includes filling the shopping baskets first according to the items on the list. It is a simple but right way of increasing memory and has a lot of fun altogether. No child resists playing this game as it comes with a lot of gala time for them.

7. Feed the Woozle

The kids act as Hunger saviors for the goofy woozle who has to be provided with food. To play this game, the players have to roll the dice. The number shows the number of pieces of food to be fed to the woozle. The challenge begins when that number of food is to be balanced on a spoon across the room. In all, the fun toddler learning games among all for the kids.

8. Educational Insights Shelby’s Snack Shack Counting

It is one of the best toddler board games, which makes the toddlers learn how to count and also introduces them to the unpredictable nature of possibility. The kids are provided with two spin wheels, one with which you can decide whether to steal, lose, or collect bones. The other one to determine how many. Shelby, the pug buried her bones in the sand and now wants your help collecting them. One who digs up the most bones will win.

9. Colorama

All kids love to create a colorful world of their own, the one full of rainbows, blue sky, flowers, mountains, their home where they could live with their favorite superhero, playgrounds, and everything. This game helps them know more about colors and shapes and is loved by toddlers a lot. The game includes rolling the dice and finding a space for the shape on the board and is very helpful in making kids learn shapes and colors.

10. ‘I Can Do That ‘ Card game by Dr. Seuss

A habit which is very important for kids to inculcate is to initiate and take the lead in tasks given to them. This game stands perfect for toddlers as it involves a lot of physical activity. The cards come with challenges written on them, and it comes with a lot of hilarious laughter as the tasks are sometimes enjoyable to perform and act.

Some Final Words

Toddler Board games prove to be a great source of learning and the increasing thinking capability of kids. A fun way to boost the creative thinking of toddlers, board games have now become one of the beautiful ways to make kids learn with fun. With the increase in technology, these toddler games online are easily accessible from any part of the world. So, next time you are looking for what to use to make kids learn with fun, do look up to these fantastic board games for them.

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