Trying To Get Pregnant : Facing Roadblocks?

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If you are above 35 years and have been trying to get pregnant since six months continuously with unprotected, well- timed sex, you should consult your doctor. For those below 35 trying for one year is a sufficient time before you go to doctor. There may be some fertility issue which a doctor may diagnose. But do not get upset as there are various treatments available these days for such problems.

It can be female infertility or male infertility or both. There are various reasons for being infertile; age, lifestyle factors, impending disease, drug intake and accidents. Men above 40 are less fertile as compare to the men below 40’s.Similarly as women move to touch their mid 30’s their fertility declines. Women could face problems in conception due to irregular menstruation cycles, intense pain during cycles, being underweight or overweight, having some past medical history. Infertility in men can be due to low sperm count, premature ejaculation or any prostate related problems. It may also be due to unhealthy lifestyle or issues with sperm quality. At personal level there are a few ways which may help in overcoming this issue sometimes. Adopting healthy lifestyle choices helps men increase their fertility rates. However, irregular sperms, presence of antisperm antibodies and blockages in their ejaculatory duct , some common causes of male infertility, can be easily diagnosed and treated accordingly.  Similarly, missing periods, earlier abortions, ovulation problems, poor egg quality are common infertility causes against which treatments can be taken by women.

It is essentially vital to avoid stress and follow a balanced, happy and a  healthy lifestyle. Hormonal imbalances can also effect fertility in men and women. This may be overcome by meditation and yoga techniques under proper guidance. Take fertility enhancing diet, many natural nutrients and vitamins boost fertility. Also, infertility is not a women specific thing, it is not viable to blame women blindly! There are many fertility tests which can identify where and what the problem is. For men the tests are X-ray, Mucus penetrance test, Hamster-egg penetrance assay. Women may go for Hysterosalpingogram, Laparoscopy, and Endometrial biopsy.

The stage of infertility needs to be handled very carefully and through mutual cooperation. You both as a couple should support each other emotionally. Do not start blaming each other when you are not able to make a baby on immediate basis. Try to work on root causes, once you know about it. Be confident about your partner’s love and devotion to you. Do not get misguided by what others say about all this. In case there is some problem that is not addressed medically, and you start feeling that nothing is working, route your priorities to different channels, having a baby is not the last thing in life to do. Many couples have conceived when they are least expecting it! There are other ways you may enjoy parenthood if you want. Adopt a child legally who really need parents and family. This way you will do well to society and yourself.

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