8 Things An Expecting Wife Wants Her Husband To Do

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During pregnancy, expecting mothers are emotionally and physically weak. They undergo hormonal changes which causes mood swings. Their mind is occupied with several worries and questions about baby’s future, health and the relation with the baby etc. It is not only the future that worries them, but also the physical changes their body undergoes that make them feel low and unattractive. During this phase, supportive role of the partner is very important. The partner should spend maximum time with her and be her strong pillar of support. All they want is love and concern from their partner. By ignoring their needs, and love, expecting mothers can be a victim of depression
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  • Little Things Husband Can Do
  • 8 Things An Expecting Wife Wants Her Husband To Do

Little Things Husbands Can Do

Try to be caring and motivate her. Whenever she is feeling low and stressed, take her out for a walk and exchange each other’s thoughts and worries. Try to cheer her up by talking about good times, moments and stuff that makes her happy. Always remember, the more your partner stays stress free, the healthier will be the growth of the baby. Ignore the mood swings and help her cope with them. Do not lose your patience while dealing with her. Participate in maximum activities with her like, walk, exercise, birthing classes or help her in reading about baby care. Make her feel that you are actively waiting for the baby too.
Remember that your wife is going to carry your baby for nine months and it is not easy as it may sound. So, it is essential that you pamper her by doing little things like giving her a nice massage, painting her toes, cooking a meal for her, letting her, watch her favourite show on the television or take a nap while you take care of the kitchen, compliment her about her looks from time to time. All this will make her feel special and you will agree with us that she deserves all this and much more.
You can also show your caring side by reminding her of the medicines she needs to take during this period. Keep her medicines handy next to her bed on the night stand so that she does not miss her daily dose of medication. This will make her feel loved and cared for.

8 Things An Expecting Wife Wants Her Husband To Do

So what does your expecting wife want you to do? Here are 8 tips that husbands can keep in mind to make their pregnant wife feel happy.

  1. Take her out- Your wife might be bored staying at home and resting most of the time. Take her out for a movie or dinner during weekends; it can be a good change for her and you both can spend quality time together
  2. Go for baby shopping together- It is the best way to bond with her and your baby. Actively participating in baby shopping will give immense delight to your wife and she will be looking forward to share the beautiful moment of baby arrival with enthusiasm
  3. Spend quality time- Create a calm and romantic ambience at home and spend quality time with her. Pamper her and make her feel that even after the physical changes her body is undergoing, she will still remain attractive and beautiful for you. With your assurance, she will be motivated and will be less insecure about her future
  4. Go for romantic walks- Going for walks with your pregnant wife is not only good for her health as it will keep her physically active but it also helps to develop a bond with her. You can hold her hand while taking a walk together and this will make her feel romanticpregnant happy couple
  5. Change your habits for her- Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol or caffeine drinks in front of her if she is an addict. Alcohol can be very dangerous for your unborn baby, so it is better to help your wife quit drinking alcohol completely and also cut down on her caffeine intake
  6. Take care of her healthy diet- Take care of her and keep a track on her diet. Do not let her feel unattended by you during the time of pregnancy. Make sure she eats healthy food and takes maximum rest. Also try and satisfy her pregnancy food cravings
  7. Bond with your baby- Try to build strong bond with your unborn baby by keeping your hand on her belly or by talking to your baby. This gesture will help you build strong bond with your baby and your wife
  8. Go for regular doctor visits- If you accompany her to the doctor visits and take interest in her health and growth of the baby, she will appreciate that and it will make her happy and nice that she has a caring and responsible husband

Always remember, during pregnancy, your wife is super sensitive and tender, make sure you make her feel happy and relaxed. Try to understand her fluctuating moods as she is going through a tough phase of life. With your emotional and physical support and love, you can help her feel secure and beautiful. If you will distance yourself from her, then it can affect your relation in the long term. Stay happy and make your partner happy too!!
So all those loving husbands out there, this is the time to show that you really care for your wife. Do share with us in the comments section below your take on the necessary things to do for your pregnant wife.


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