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Valueable Tips For Escaping The Morning Rush

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Effectively planning can make your mornings organised.

In homes where both husband and wife are working, morning rush is a common concern. Though both the parents are in a rush to complete all household chores in the morning and then reach office on time, it becomes more hectic for the women of the family. The mothers especially, are always seen panicking in the morning between getting the kids ready for school and managing other routine chores before leaving for office. Here are certain tried and tested tips that can help you ease the morning rush:

Set the Early-to-bed Rule: To set a routine time for the kids to go to bed is the most important task as it helps the kids to have complete sleep and get up early. This will also make you sleep on time and get up early.

Get the Clothes Ready for the Morning: It becomes easier for you to manage things in the morning if your clothes are ready. Not just yours but also of your husbands’ and your kids’. If the kids’ school uniform is ready, ironed, and neatly set, even your husband can dress up the kids in case you are busy with other things. You also do not have to waste a second to think what to wear to the office.

Pack the Bags a Night Before: If you have set your kids’ timetable and the bag is all ready to be taken to school, all you need to do in the morning is to keep the lunch boxes and let them go without having to worry. Only if you have taken care of the notices that have been signed, assignments completed etc. Similarly if your bag is also set for the office, you also have to just pick up your bag and leave without giving it a second thought about missing something.

Make Preparations for Lunch: After you are done with your dinner; make a plan and get preparations readied for the next morning. If the vegetables are cut or the dough kneaded, then you require less time to prepare breakfast and the school lunch for your kids.

Always Keep Readymade Stuff for Emergencies: There may be days when you miss the alarm or get up late due to any other reason .You should always have readymade stuff available at home. Juices for breakfast, ready-to-cook dishes and fruits should be stored and available in your refrigerators.

Rely more on Handy Snacks: Cooking for snacks should be restricted for weekends. Even for breakfast , depend more on options like milk and corn flakes, bread with butter or cheese, juices, eggs and sandwiches that are easy to cook and do not require much time. This will make things simple for you.

Make a Schedule: Since you have hundreds of responsibilities on your shoulder, it is human to forget or miss a few. So the best way is to make a to-do list for the next morning each night before going to bed. It will help you to complete all your tasks well in time with fewer possibilities of mistake.

Share Responsibilities: If you share your responsibilities with your partner, you will have lesser work for yourself and all the work will be done in time. So remember to assign tasks to the other family members as well. Children should also be assigned responsibilities which they can handle easily.

Check Before Leaving: Just take a look at everything and check before you leave home to make sure that you have not forgotten any task that had to be done. Check with your to-do list, if you have completed all your morning tasks.

Refrain from Shouting and Loosing Your Temper: Well, shouting or loosing your temper will only handicap your ability to think right and wise. Avoid panicking – the only thing you will get is ruin your peace of mind.

Following these simple tips will turn you into a supermom. Your kids as well as your partner will be happy with you and your day will have a hassle free start. Just the thought of finishing our morning tasks in time, makes us so happy…… Imagine!!

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