Baby Bath : Some Facts

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Maintaining personal hygiene of a new born baby as well as that of a little grown-up child is as important as giving him a feed. As food is required for a child’s growth and development, similarly, brushing teeth, bathing and changing clothes twice a day is also very essential. It’s a pleasure to watch your little one enjoying his bubble bath or just being in the tub playing with water.

Though daily bath for a child is essential, there can be some exceptions in case of a newly born baby. Instead of giving a proper bath, you can also give sponge bath to the baby, as per the doctor’s advice. In some cases, due to high susceptibility of catching cold or being in extreme cold weather, some parents resort to the method of sponge bath. In sponge bath, you use a wet towel to sponge the body of your child properly and then dry it up with a dry towel. It helps to maintain personal hygiene of the child even when he does not take a proper bath .It is essential to clean the private parts of the child regularly and carefully.

After your child begins to crawl, you need to be more careful about his personal cleanliness. If it is summer, then giving a bath twice a day might seem extremely essential. During winters, you can bring a tub of water to the room, switch on the room heater or a blower to maintain the temperature of the room and then bathe the baby.

Remember that you should always use baby soaps, baby bubble bath, baby powders, baby shampoos and baby creams for your child  since  they are specially designed to suit your little one’s skin. Never use any product that is made for adults, as it may be very harsh for the baby skin and can cause skin allergies and infections.

If you think you have a water baby, then you don’t need to give him much motivation to enjoy his bath. In fact, you would yourself enjoy watching him in his bath tub. But if your child cries in water or does not like it much, put some water toys in the tub like, rubber ducks and various other toys available in the market these days. When your kid sees them floating in the water, he might be motivated to join them.

Use a soft towel to wipe your child’s body. The body should be properly dried before any powder is applied. Use baby creams and lotions to make your child smell heavenly. If the baby is too small, apply a rash free cream, before using a diaper.  Clothe your child very gently as children often dislike the process of changing clothes. Distract his attention with something else before doing that, so that your child does not get cranky and you finish your task with ease.

Remember, parents have to make special efforts to bring change in the behavior of the child. Once that is done, have fun watching your child enjoying his bath, while shooting his videos and clicking some playful photographs for fond memories.

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