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Grandma’s Tips To Being Pregnant!

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Well, we present below some tips from Grandma’s from all over the world and being passed on generations to generations.  We hope you could use some of them, and smile while reading others!!

  •   Just don’t go about planning and planning. Do it. The more science has advanced the more doubts one has.
  •   Don’t take away all the fun from your physical relationship. Its not a clock work.
  •   Stay cheerful and stay happy. No one likes cribby, crying babies!!
  •   Eat right, think of the baby growing inside you and swallow your taste buds.
  •   Don’t just eat!! Now with machines, you don’t need to do any housework, yet take a walk, exercise, and cook for yourself sometimes. Our times were easier….all on our own,,, J
  •   Everyone around you understands you are pregnant, and maybe uncomfortable. But its your pregnancy and you have to take care of yourself, – first and on priority
  •   If you want a baby shower, make sure you have fun and are able to relax. Ask people to leave all the difficult birth stories behind!
  •   Meditate. Yoga. Relax. You are not the only one, neither your child is the only one!
  •   A baby does not need everything available in the malls. Shop sensibly, shop only for the necessities, and shop economically.
  •   Labor is indeed hard, but is manageable. Panic is your greatest enemy.
  •   Pack up only the required stuff for the hospital. It is not an exhibition place!
  •   Small sizes outgrow babies very soon. Just that you know!
  •   Trust your instincts. You are the mother, you will always know.
  •   Babies need love most of all. Love them from your heart, and everything else smoothens out.
  •   No two kids are same. There is no science behind comparison. It is an act of foolishness.
  •   Raise the baby like partners, do your best as a parent.

Well, that’s all from the Granny’s kitty!!

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