When Can I Join The Gym After Delivery?

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When Can I Join The Gym After Delivery? is the common query many doctors hear from the new mothers. After the baby is born, new mothers worry about losing all the pregnancy weight that they have gained in the course of 9 months. You may want to hit the gym or a treadmill as soon as the baby is out, for you have been dying to Getting Back In Shape. But things are not so fast paced, and there are certain guidelines when it comes to resuming an exercise regime after delivery.
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  • How Soon Can I Join The Gym After Delivery?
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  • Which Exercises Would Be Best For Me After Delivery?
  • Why Can’t I Take Up High Impact Exercises After Delivery?
  • Will Breastfeeding Help Me Lose Weight?

When Can I Start Exercising After Delivery?

Primarily, this depends on the below factors:

  • Your pre-pregnancy weight
  • Activity levels during pregnancy
  • You labor experience
  • Any other postnatal complications

All in all, it depends on how active you were when you had your baby and how was your labor. If you were maintaining a healthy body weight with regular exercising, and your labor was a smooth one, you can start some light exercises and stretching after a few days post the delivery.
However, if you did not exercise before or during your pregnancy, had an assisted birth or a cesarean, you should give your body at least six weeks of rest before getting into any exercising routine. A lot of women also experience the issue of leaking their urine, for which it is necessary that pelvic floor exercises be taken up gradually so that when you start exercising, you do not leak. Click here to read about easy ways that will help you lose your pregnancy weight.

How Soon Can I Join The Gym After Delivery?

Like stated before, you need to measure your strength against the desire of losing your weight. In any case, you will be squeezed for time with your baby’s persistent demands of milk and diaper changes. If you’d want to hit the treadmill really soon, you should set your exercising goals fairly low. If you can walk on a treadmill for about half an hour at a moderate speed without exerting pushing yourself after several days of delivery, you can consider light stretching and some yoga to start with. Yes, you would badly want to shed off those pounds, but you must resist the urge to push yourself out of your comfort zone and physical limits. Build up on intensity and duration of your exercises slowly and gradually, remembering to participate in the least strenuous activities. Find out 7 exercises for saggy breasts after delivery. 

When Can I Start Swimming After Delivery?

Swimming has often being considered as a perfect exercise to relax and lose weight. If you are a keen swimmer and want to take up swimming after the baby, it is advised to first check it with your doctor. It is important that you are not having any bleeding (lochia) and have been like this for at least 7 days. This is so as swimming with lochia may put u at a risk of developing an infection. If you have had a c-section or had stitches, you might even need to wait longer. You should always consult your doctor before you decide to take a plunge at the pool.
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Which Exercises Would Be Best For Me After Delivery?

To begin with, walking should be alright after a few days of delivery. You can even take your baby along in a push chair and take light, simple walks. Gradually, you may build pace and walk better, faster. Gentle stretching can also be done, provided you are not straining any muscle. Pelvic floor exercises are particularly helpful to get the strength back in the area, and you may take up low-impact Yoga. If you experienced back pain during pregnancy, a go-ahead from your doctor is a must.

Why Can’t I Take Up High Impact Exercises After Delivery?

To accommodate the baby and later delivery, joints and ligaments in a woman’s body become lose and stay lose even after some time post the arrival of the baby. This means your co-ordination and strength would be at diminishing levels and this could lead to accidents and falls. Your pelvic floor is also weak following delivery and until it has recovered, you may strain the muscles by indulging in high impact exercises such as aerobics or sit ups. It is advised that you wait a few months, to the tune of 3-6 months, before you take up high intensity and high impact exercises.

Will Breastfeeding Help Me Lose Weight?

It does, if you are complementing it with a balanced diet. Pregnancy creates layers of fats that are actually used up when you breastfeed, without you compromising on your or your baby’s health. You end up burning about 330 calories per day when you breastfeed, and if you are eating healthy, balanced food, this will help tuck those fatty layers away. A little exercise will also speed up weight loss. Breastfeeding also benefits mothers in more ways then you thought! Find out here.
However, you must take things at your own pace and not resort to crash dieting. Women who do so may drop a few pounds, but also let toxins build up in breast milk. Nevertheless, breast milk is still the healthiest food for your baby. Remember, you have just given birth and have been through a tremendous experience. Your body needs time to recover, so does your mind. Give yourself some time and get into a fitness regime when you and your body are ready. Do not get carried away by weight-loss stories and take up exercising gradually. You can find 10 easy ways to reduce belly fat after delivery here.


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