When Do Toddlers Start Jumping?

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Written by Smita Srivastava

Smita Srivastava

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A toddler is a powerhouse of energy. Their curiosity knows no bounds as they are eagerly exploring the world around them. And if you thought that your work increased once they started walking or running, wait till they graduate to jumping! As a parent it is a joy to watch the toddler transition to jumping. And, like most parents, you might be desperately waiting for the day when your toddler starts jumping with their little feet. 

Jumping is not only a fun activity for toddlers but is also an important developmental milestone. It helps to strengthen their muscles, improve their balance and coordination, and develop their gross motor skills. But when do toddlers start jumping?

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Jumping – A Developmental Milestone

Jumping is a complex skill that requires a lot of coordination and strength. It is imperative that toddlers learn to jump correctly as improper jumping can cause injuries. Therefore, exposing your toddler to different activities to learn to jump is crucial. When your baby turns 1 year old, they gradually learn to shift body weight from one foot to another. These are the first milestones that show that their bodies are preparing them to stand steadily on their feet. 

At 18 months, your toddler can start moving at different speeds. When they reach the age of 2 or above, your little one may start to hop or jump in one place. Jumping is a difficult activity for toddlers as it requires body weight awareness, balance, body strength, coordination etc. But, like the adage goes, ‘practice makes a man (in this case, toddler) perfect’ once they get the hang of it, there is no stopping them. 

When Do Toddlers Start Jumping?

Generally, toddlers start walking on their toes between 12-18 months. They start trying squats to pick up things from the floor. Somewhere between 24 to 36 months, toddlers begin to get their feet off the floor and start trying to jump. 

They will start by first attempting to jump or hop in one place. This is usually done with one foot. Once they are comfortable with managing their weight and balance with one foot, they may then attempt to jump with both feet off the ground. And, once they get better at it, then you may expect your toddler to attempt more daredevilry like jumping from small heights! 

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Tips and Activities to Encourage Jumping

When toddlers start jumping trampoline may be a good option for practice

Each toddler is different and may take their own time to attempt and perfect jumping. Sometimes, they may need a gentle nudge from you to start jumping. There are a few ways that you can adopt and encourage your toddler to jump. 

1. Hopscotch 

This is an excellent game that involves hopping in a pattern. The pattern will be drawn on the ground. Hopscotch helps to improve the coordination and balance of the toddler’s body. 

2. Hoop Jumps

The hoop jump is an excellent activity that helps toddlers learn how to jump. Try to create variations such as one-foot jump, two-feet jump, and alternate feet jump. It can be fun to help your tiny one learn to jump. 

3. Hurdle Jumps

You don’t need to go outside or buy any expensive equipment to help your toddler learn to jump. Use colored tapes and create different lines with them on the ground. Teach your baby to jump over the lines. Moreover, you can spice it up by adding hurdles. 

4. Therapy Ball Jumps

A therapy ball is very useful for toddlers because it helps to increase the core strength required for jumping. Parents can use this therapy ball to help their little ones learn jumping skills. Foremost, stabilize your toddler on the therapy ball against a wall. Support your toddler along with downward pressure on their hips. Encourage them to bounce on the ball gently. The practice helps to strengthen extremity joints and help them jump properly.

5. Trampoline Jumps

The trampoline jumping activity is very useful for toddlers. Bouncing on a trampoline involves nearly all muscles of the toddler’s body. It helps to develop core strength and muscle strength and improve body posture. Just be sure to follow all toddler safety measures when using a trampoline. 

Precautions to Take While Toddler Starts to Jump

It is important to ensure safety when toddlers start jumping

Toddlers have immense energy and jumping is an activity they thoroughly enjoy. As a parent, while you may be happy to watch them perform this skill, it is also important to secure the surroundings to avoid injuries. Some useful tips that help to create a secure playing environment are:

  • Make a separate space inside your home for your toddler to move around freely
  • Let them practice their jumping on the mattress and cushions. This way, they will learn about jumping and also be safe from injuries
  • Take your tiny one in an open park and let them jump freely on the green grass
  • Keep the surroundings clutter-free
  • Be attentive and monitor your toddler while playing so they do not end up hurting themselves 

What to Do if Your Toddler is Not Jumping?

While some kids enjoy rigorous activities, others prefer to sit and play. There is no set timeline for your toddler’s developmental milestones. No one can predict exactly when do toddlers start jumping. But if your toddler doesn’t start jumping even after the age of 3 years, it is better to consult their pediatrician once. The doctor can check and assess the reason for this delay in your toddler’s progress. But, all said and done, always do remember that each toddler progresses at a different speed. So, please don’t worry unnecessarily and compare your toddler to others. 

There is nothing more joyful for a parent than watching their toddler grow well and reach their milestones. Jumping is a milestone which once achieved can be both a happy and frightening time for the parents. The key is to encourage your toddler to practice jumping till they can get good at it. And, then creating a safe environment around them to keep them out of the harm’s way. And, sooner or later, your toddler will perfect this skill. 


1. Is Jumping a Toddler Milestone?

Jumping is a standard milestone for toddlers. They achieve this milestone at the age of 2 years or later.

2. Do Autistic Toddlers Like to Jump?

Yes, autistic toddlers also like to jump. It would be a fun and interesting game for them. Moreover, jumping helps stimulate sensory input.

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