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Baby walking is one of the important developmental milestones. Walking enables babies explore the world around them. In general, babies begin to walk between 9 to 15 months. Some babies take much more time to achieve their milestones. It is entirely normal, and you need not worry much about the delay.

In this article, we shall discuss more how babies develop their walking skills age-wise and how you can lend a helping hand for them to walk.

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How Babies Develop Walking Skills

Mobility is essential for babies to enable them to realize their capabilities. Babies begin to move slowly from immobility and then start walking over some time. Here´s how babies develop walking skills from birth to 18 months.

Birth To 2 Months

Your little one has just come out into the world. They are still trying to have better head-neck control and keep their head up. The legs are not yet strong to support them. You can try holding them by their arms and notice that they push their legs hard against the surface. It is known as stepping reflux and lasts until the first two months. Keep encouraging your baby and continue tummy time to strengthen the core development.

3 To 6 Months

As they grow up, their muscles become more robust. By the time they become 4 months old, you may find them doing little push-ups, keeping the hands close to their chest, and lifting the head up. They are also working on coordination and trying to grab things around them.

Some babies can roll over both sides and try sitting up. Most babies love bouncing by the time they become 6 months old. You can hold them by their arms and bounce them on your thighs. It is a great muscle movement activity that helps strengthen the muscles and legs.

7  To 11 Months

Most babies begin to crawl between the seventh to tenth months. It is also possible for the babies to take more time to begin crawling. They may do different types of crawling, including classic Crawl or commando crawl.

Once the babies begin to crawl, the next step is to catch hold of any furniture and stand up. Ensure that there are no obstacles for your little one to crawl and go to the nearest furniture to stand up alone. Some babies also learn the art of bending their knees down to sit. It is more complicated than it is said. It takes quite a lot to master the milestone.

12 To 18 Months

When the little one turns one, they may become a master in crawling. They begin to move quickly over the house. You may notice them trying to move from one piece of furniture to another by holding on to them. They may also stand without any support for a few seconds.

Along the learning path, they may also try to master scooping and squatting. Once they learn to scoop, they will bend down and take the toy in the standing position. Encourage them to walk more with your support. They will start walking without any support very soon.

Ways to Help Your Baby Start Walking

Walking is a natural process that babies can master on their own. It is something that can be taught and learned. But, parents need to take part in encouraging the babies to master the art of walking. Here´s what you can do to help your baby start walking.

  • Allow them to have plenty of tummy time. Tummy time helps babies to develop core muscles. Tummy time is when babies begin to develop and strengthen their muscles.
  • If you notice that your little one enjoys any movement activity, encourage them to do more of that activity – for instance, jumping on the thighs.
  • When your baby starts moving, ensure the room has adequate space for them to move. Keep their way free from hassles.
  • You can encourage the little one to walk, but to hold both hands and make them walk towards you.
  • You can give them walking toys to use as support.

Note: When we say walking toys, ensure not to use baby walkers, where babies sit inside a small space with wheels around. It is proven to be unsafe by pediatricians. You can use the ones the babies need to push along to walk.

Baby Products That Can Help Baby Walk

The best baby product to help your baby walk is the push-up toys. Several push-up toys come along with music and games to improve the baby’s brain development. Your babies would love to push them with music and eventually start walking quickly.


1. What Is Considered A Late Walker?

The following are some of the indicators of late walkers.

  • When your little one cannot sit up by 9 months
  • When they cannot stand without any support for 12 months
  • Not walking steadily by 23 months
  • Continuously walking on toes
  • Consistently late in achieving other milestones, including lifting head, rolling over, and sitting.

2. What Causes Delays In Child Walking?

There are several reasons for the delay in child walking, including the following.

  • Neurological Disorders
  • Muscular Issues
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Familial Maturational Delay
  • High Muscle Tone
  • Intellectual Disability

3. Does Late Walking Mean Autism?

No. Late walking does not necessarily mean autism. But, autistic children usually have delayed developmental milestones.


Babies must develop their muscles, balance, and coordination as they walk. Give them their own time to develop. While some babies achieve milestones with ease, others might take some time. If you notice any symptoms of late walking, it is better to consult your doctor and diagnose the reason for the same. Early detection can help save future destruction.

Happy parenting!

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