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Winter Care For Toddlers – Keep The Colds and The Flu Away!

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Winter wear for toddlers
As winters arrive it is important to keep your toddler away from getting cold, flu and keeping him healthy and warm. Illnesses spread quickly; and infants and toddlers are susceptible to catch them easily during this season even before we realize.
If you think that keeping your toddler away from people with coughs and cold is enough, then you are wrong. If you wrap him up in a blanket all day and do not let him go outside that does not help either. However, a little care and keeping a few simple things in mind will help you keep your bundle of joy comfortable, warm and healthy. Read below to find out how can you do it

Health Care

The drop in temperature indicates you need to take care and protect your toddler against the cold season.

  • Dehydration is something which is quite common during winters. Since it is a dry season, the body needs to be hydrated, so make sure your kid is drinking enough water or fresh fruit juices
  • Use a bath soap which is mild and has moisturizers in it. A soap rich in vitamin E and milk which will help keep skin soft and tender
  • Teach your toddler to wash hands regularly. Use lukewarm or hot water if he finds the water chilly. Germs spread easily through unclean hands and washing hands will ensure least chances of getting cold, flu, etc. Also teach him not to touch his ears, eyes and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Keep your child protected by giving him all his vaccinations on time
  • Apply moisturizer or make sure your child does it after his bath
  • An oil massage before a hot bath helps to keep your child’s skin soft, tender and healthy
  • Keep a regular check on your child’s diet to keep him healthy. During this season a variety of green vegetables are available. Make it a point to include them in his diet
  • Winters do not mean you keep your child in a blanket all day! Instead, make him wear warm sweaters and jackets, put on hats and gloves and let him carry out his regular games and playtime
Common Winter Illnesses

The most common illnesses seen in toddlers during winter is RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) infection, which causes pneumonia and bronchitis, rotavirus, sore throat, cold, flu, diarrhea, meningitis, eye infection, nose bleeding, hypothermia. Also remember the weather outside does not cause cold and flu, but the viruses and germs that cause these common illnesses tend to spread during the winter through other children and adults.

Hygiene and Safety

Unlike newborns, toddlers tend to get very dirty in a short span of time, but the baths should not be more 2 times and not exceed more than 10 minutes. A mild soap should be used and make sure it is cleansed completely and not left on the skin as it may cause skin irritation and redness. The next step is to immediately dry properly, moisturize within 2-3 minutes after the bath so that the skin is hydrated. Teaching your toddler to clean his hands, face and legs during the day after playtime, meals or after having a snack will keep him clean and avoid any kind of germs entering the body through the skin, eyes and ears.


Winter Essentials
Dress your child in warm clothes, many thin layers of clothes, booties, gloves and the hat will keep him dry and warm. Also, always dress one additional layer than what you wear during winters. Keep pillows, quilts away as they cause suffocation and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) for infants. A soft, and light blanket is the most preferred thing to be used in the night, but if you prefer a traditional blanket, then make sure it is tucked in the mattress and is only as far as your child’s chest. Always cover your child’s head with a hat when outside as majority of heat is lost through the head.

Outdoor and Indoor Care

The toddler should be allowed to play for 60-90 minutes outdoor but if the weather isn’t good enough or it is extreme cold then the time should be cut down. In case you stay somewhere where it snows, then give more time to indoor playing. Keep a check on your child though. During the winter while playing many kids do a silly thing of touching their tongue on cold metals, tell your child not to do so. As winter approaches get your appliances checked, doors and windows should be checked for gaps, if any, and weatherstrips can be applied to cover them. Generators, cooking stoves emit carbon monoxide, which is poisonous and affects children easily arrange for alternative heating solution incase there is no power.

Boost Immunity

Winter dresses for toddlers
Have your toddler consume dates, almonds, cashews, walnuts etc which are natural body warmers. Vitamin C in particular, is known to be very effective in fighting germs and also to help prevent cold and which can be found in green leafy vegetables, berries, citrus fruits, guavas, tomatoes, melons, papayas etc. Broccoli, carrots, mushrooms are good choices for boosting immunity. Legumes, beans, green leafy vegetables should be made the part of his regular diet. Warm drinks and warm foods are the best during winter. Water can also be had lukewarm.
By merely keeping these few things in mind you can keep your toddler healthy, safe and warm this winter. And lastly, a warm snuggle would make your child sail through winters easily!

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