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Your Baby- Month 3

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So far, our coverage of the monthly developments of the baby has been up to the second month after birth. During both these months, the baby does not show much indication in development. All he/she would seem to do is eat, sleep and poop. If you are a parent, your nights would be plagued by crying sessions. Frequent diaper changes are unavoidable and you should remember the dates when vaccines need to be administered to the baby. The baby would grow at a remarkable rate in the initial weeks on a diet sustained only by milk.
What most babies can do
Baby in Third MonthAs the second month of the baby nears completion, you should be able to observe some distinct responses. The most important among these is the mobility that your baby would begin showing. This mobility may be in the form of uncontrolled movement of the limbs or the body. The baby would try and swing his/her head sideways. At times, the movement would manifest by cycling motion of the lower limbs or clapping of the hands. Almost each of these is involuntary. The fragile neck should strengthen out by this time. Each of these movements means that the baby is gaining bodily strength. Also, the baby should be able to recognize the basic environment around him/her. Objects that have not been seen before would grab his/her attention. Certain images or sounds may act as trigger to induce crying or smile. By the third month, it can be expected that the baby would recognize the parents or those in the immediate vicinity. He/she would indicate the recognition by making certain expressions or a rare smile. Besides, reflexes would be advanced. The hair on the head would grow thicker. Facial expressions would be common as well. Read about sleeping behaviour.
What some babies can do
From the third month, the baby would make attempts at making sounds. These would only faintly resemble the human language but nevertheless, it is the beginning. The baby would experiment with sounds like gurgling and the clicking of the tongue. An occasional syllable or two can be uttered. This is also the time when the hearing sense begins to develop in a more complete manner. Thus, your baby would be able to respond to calls or other sounds. During this phase, most parents look for cues when the baby would begin to speak. It is always good to be hopeful and neither is it impossible for a child to utter human speech in three months. But it is rare and there is plenty of time for that. Toys would become unavoidable from this phase onwards. Since day time sleeping becomes less, it is essential to have something to keep the baby occupy. By this time, the baby should indicate preferences.
What few babies can do
In rare cases, the baby shows phenomenal development. He/she may be able to topple over and lay on his/her stomach. A minute percentage of three month babies would be able to make distinct sounds. These may not be random. Instead, these may be imitations of words that adults speak around the baby.
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