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Your Child is More Vulnerable to Air Pollution than you – An open letter from a father

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The alarming reports about the rising levels of pollution in Delhi have had us all extremely worried about the health of our families. The ban on the sale of firecrackers or the odd-even scheme of vehicle movement on the roads of NCR does not seem to bring too much relief.
As a father of two young children who almost always want to go out and play, Delhi’s air is a big concern for me. It’s funny how earlier, the outdoors was seen as a great place for inhaling fresh air. And now, we can’t let our children out for too long without masks. It is sad and unfortunate that things are getting further complicated. According to an analysis of pollutants and particles in the air, the indoors are also no good because pollutants measuring 2.5 micrometers in diameter are lurking inside our houses and these can cause more damage to the health of our children.
In recent months, I have had to rush to the pharmacy more than ever before because of my kids’ abnormal sneezing and frequent complaining about a burning sensation in their eyes and throats. It was heart-wrenching to see my otherwise healthy 8-year-old on inhalers and nebulizers. Initially, I suspected it to be an effect of the changing seasons but after multiple visits to the doctor, I know better. The presence of extremely harmful pollutants in the air is the main reason behind the allergy-like symptoms amongst children and adults alike but there are several reasons why I am more worried about my children:

  • Air pollution can cause irreversible damage to children’s lungs.
  • Pollution can lower a child’s IQ.
  • Pollution has proven to cause problems like epilepsy and diabetes in children and even trigger the onset of multiple sclerosis as they grow.

Children’s lungs are the last organs to completely develop and their constant activity levels demand a higher intake of oxygen. Considering this, it only means that they are breathing in more of the dangerous pollutants than we adults. In addition to that, children have smaller lungs and narrower passageways which further increases the risk for them.

What is the Solution?
Shift, relocate, or change jobs and cities?
Yes, we have been asked to take this extreme step by friends, colleagues, and even doctors, considering the fact that we cannot do much when it comes to the implementation of policies aimed at controlling outdoor pollution. However, we also need to understand and note if there are other ways to tackle this issue? Check a few things that we as a family have started paying more attention to:

  • Paying special attention to cleanliness

We ensure regular cleaning and vacuuming of indoor upholstery and furnishings to get rid of allergens and dust mites that aggravate the allergic symptoms.

  • Avoiding high-pollution hours

We keep track of the most vulnerable times of the day when pollution levels are the worst. These are the times (usually morning and evening peak hours) when we do not allow the kids to play outside.

  • Pollution monitoring at the school

We have spoken to our kids’ school authorities to monitor the pollution levels in and outside the schools and take measures to maintain higher levels of hygiene at all times.

  • Gardening

Several indoor low-maintenance plants act as natural air purifiers. Examples include aloe-vera, areca palm, and the rubber plant. Including greenery in your homes, whether on the windows or the balcony, can make a huge difference in the way we inhale. So, we have developed gardening as a fun family activity.

  • Breathing purified air indoors

We have invested in an indoor High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) air purifier to ensure clean air when we are indoors. The purifiers work round the clock to ensure we get clean air, whether we are working or sleeping.

  • Putting our faith in Pureit Air Purifiers
    A combination of world-class air-purification technologies and HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting system of Pureit Air Purifiers is designed to remove 99% of harmful pollutants from the air within an hour. In addition to that, the purifier also absorbs air-borne bacteria, viruses, and allergens. We were particularly drawn by the purifier’s ability to clean the air every 13 minutes. I was comforted by the inbuilt indicator which displays the air quality after purification. Other features offered by Pureit include.:
  • 2X Purification: Pureit Air Purifiers with their dual fan and filters help give 2X purification in less time.
  • Air Purity Indicator: It measures the air quality once every 2 seconds to display the quality of air in your room.
  • Intelligent Automatic Operation: Sensing the room’s air quality, it automatically increases or decreases speed of purification to deliver pure air in the shortest time possible.
  • Multiple modes of speed and timer: You can take charge of the air purity in a room by opting for the most convenient speed and timer modes.
  • Child Safety Lock: You can make sure that the purifier settings are not disturbed by children or pets by locking all the keys of the system.
  • Low power consumption and ultra-quiet performance: The purifier consumes only as much power as a ceiling fan and works without making any loud noise.

We all know that many solutions are beyond our reach and there is not much we can do when it comes to infrastructural changes. However, a few careful baby steps can be taken to ensure a clean and healthy environment for our children. I have pieces of evidence and experiences around me that gave me the confidence to go ahead and install an Air Purifier in my home.  The health of my kids was one big reason for me to take this step and I really don’t think we need a bigger reason than this, to invest in air purifiers to keep our homes and hearths safe, clean, and pure.
Get to know the product for yourself: Pureit Air purifier

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