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10 Amazing ways to deal with stress when you are Ovulating

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This six letter word is responsible for all the damage nowadays, be it health issues or even difficulty in conceiving. Can you guess what it is? It’s stress! Chronic stress has the capacity to even affect the ovulation process.
Do you know how? It changes the signals that go to the hypothalamus, which is the center of your brain. This part of your brain regulates the hormones that tell your ovaries to release eggs every month. If you have a lot of stress, then beware. You may be ovulating less regularly, and hence you will find it more difficult to conceive and even find out when you are the most fertile.

So here are some amazing yet simple ways to deal with stress when you are ovulating:

  1. Talk to someone and lighten up: You might be someone who keep-s everything in your heart and doesn’t share your problems with anyone. But that’s not a good idea. Consider talking to a friend, colleague, or a coach or counsellor and offload whatever bothers you. You wouldn’t believe it, but at times, even if you aren’t getting a solution to your problem, just sharing with someone is good enough.
  2. Try something to relax yourself: Different relaxation techniques work for different people. You could try Yoga or deep breathing; or may be some kind of meditation, chanting some mantra or simply listening to a calming music. Some alternative therapies could also work for you.
  3. Me First Attitude: Think for yourself first and set your priorities. You need to take care of yourself too – so be selfish there. So may be your boss at office wants you to take some extra work or responsibility; don’t always say a yes to be nice. Learn to say a polite no and avoid unnecessary pressure and stress.
  4. Writing a journal: Research proves that writing your thoughts and feelings in a journal helps in relieving stress. Just sit down and write all your thoughts on a paper. You will be surprised how journaling helps you to take all of those complex and negative thoughts out and you feel much lighter.
  5. Join a group of people who listen to you or make you positive: You could talk to a friend who encourages you or choose someone who ‘listens’ to you without judging you. You could also join some local support group or some online forum that helps you to connect with some like-minded women who are in the same boat as you.join-a-group-when-stress
  6. Change your environment: Step out; go for a walk; do some fun-filled activities. Some ideas are – plan a picnic with your spouse, extended family or friends, or join some sport or simply go for a walk or swim. Getting some fresh air is a good idea to bond and relax and also reboot you.
  7. Fix a bedtime routine: Having an eight-hour sleep is a necessity but equally important is the fact that we maintain a fixed routine for it. If you keep switching your time of sleep and waking up, you will end up feeling more drained and that affects your body too. It’s a good idea to de-clutter your bedroom and have a calming environment that relaxes you. It’s also nice to take a warm shower, or drink some warm milk before you tuck yourself in.
  8. Plan your me-time: Figure out some time out of your busy schedule for your own self. Do some activity that you enjoy like reading a good book, listening to music or simple enjoying that cup of your favourite tea or coffee. Did you know that just about six to seven minutes of reading some good book can slow your heart rate and lower the tension?plan-meal-time
  9. Be gentle and loving to your body: Who doesn’t like the pastries and the yummy Chocó lava cakes? But all those sugary desserts and caffeine that most of us consume when we are stressed actually doesn’t help us. It makes it worse and we end up getting unhealthier. Having a small meal every two hours is a better idea. You could also consider checking your iron, calcium and vitamin D levels and then get some vitamin supplements from your doctor accordingly.
  10. Have some exercise routine like walk or swim: Do you know that going for a swim could lower your stress hormone levels? Yes, swimming regularly makes you sleep better, have more optimistic thoughts and thus be away from anxiety and stress. In fact working out is the best available stress relievers. Just a 30 minute walk can bring positive changes in your brain and reduce all the stress you might be facing.

Besides the above points, you must also visit a fertility specialist or doctor on regular intervals if you have been planning a baby. So take that break you deserve. It could be a short vacation, a road trip or some volunteer work! Do whatever makes you happy and kick out the stress.

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